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Back from hiatus and back to our old tricks! This week, Our Heroes (tm) continued to follow the webbled dog north to New Baja. Or, more precisely, lost the trail of the webbled dog in New Baja. Easy come, easy go.

[Georges the GM reminds us of where we left off.]
Georges the GM: “You guys had reconciled… Well, maybe ‘reconciled’ is too strong a word.”

[Ti has left the PCs to their own devices for the time being.]
Zac: “I can’t wait until we get back to the old abuse!”
Brock: “Maybe we could achieve a new dynamic if some of us would do our fucking jobs.”
Georges the GM: “And there it is. Just like old times.”

[We consider our next course of action.]
Lukas: “Is there any reason we’re not approaching Benelice?”
Lyta: “There’s that thing with her dad.”

[Speaking of Thamo Matoux…]
Georges the GM: “I don’t think there was a denouement for Thamo’s head.”
Zac: “Oh, wait, it’s still in my bag!”

[Ti has left the party to its own devices. But the question is, does he trust us?]
Zac: “I bet Ti’s a quarter-mile behind us.”
Georges the GM: “That sort of paranoia does not befit Fennec.”

[Our plans are somewhat curtailed by the realization that Ti took our second vehicle.]
Brock: “So, after all that discussion, we just follow them.”

[We enact our ‘follow and lead’ plan by the expedient of Lukas buying us a second vehicle.]
Zac: “I have no idea how much money I have at this point.”
Brock: “You’re supposed to be better at this.”
Zac: “I dunno – I just got a free car!”

[As usual, when Benelice’s caravan stops for the night, Lukas and Fennec sneak forward to surveil.]
Georges the GM: “The two of you move close to the longrunner…”
Zac: “This is what got us caught last time, isn’t it?”
Georges the GM: “…and you hear a voice behind you that says, ‘don’t move.’”

[Lukas and Fennec are caught by two of Benelice’s caravanners on patrol, a woman and a man. They tell the intruders to put down their weapons and take a walk over to the caravan. Lukas has other ideas.]
Zac: “Are you really gonna called-shot this person with a sfika dart in the dark with a hip shot?”
Brock: “And not just her!”

[Lukas prepares to shoot.]
Brock: “If I hit her in the face, we’re gold.”
Zac: “And if you fail, I can just surrender.”

[Lukas shoots the woman with a sfika dart. He has a margin of success that is enough to make her woozy but not to immediately knock her out.]
Zac: “You sure you don’t want to hit her twice?”
Brock: “No, because you’re gonna tackle her.”

[We’ve been playing for slightly over an hour at this point.]
Julie: “Are we even into the first paragraph of your game notes?”
Georges the GM: “No.”

[While all this is happening, Torgath is up ahead of the caravan and unable to immediately help.]
Georges the GM: “How far away is Torgath?”
Zac: “Thirty-five plot miles.”

[Having taken out the two carvanners, the next obvious question is what to do with them. First step: get them out of line-of-sight of the camp.]
Fennec: *struggles to move the caravanner*
Lyta: (on comms) “Anything I can be helping you with?”
Lukas: “Just hold the fort for now.”

[The plan ultimately seems to be to leave the caravanners in the desert with enough food and water to reach the nearest homestead, but without radios. Torgath, as our outrider, will bring them. In other words…]
Lukas: “Just to be clear, you’re advising that we send our two hostages alone with Torgath into the desert?”

[Torgath is upset at the insinuation that something might happen to the caravanners on his watch.]
Ariel: “When was the last time I killed someone for no reason?”
Brock: “It’s not that there’s no reason, it’s that your reasons are not always intelligible.”

[While Torgath brings our hostages into the desert, the rest of us prepare to move forward. Since Benelice might have left people on the road to look for her missing colleagues, we decide to disguise ourselves.]
Fennec: (pointing to her face) “If you wanna do something with this, you can make it as ugly as you want.”
Lukas: “How can I pass that up?”

[Night two of watching the caravan, sans Ti.]
Georges the GM: “What is tonight’s plan?”
Brock: “Torgath is in charge of all sneaking from now on.”

[It turns out Benelice has beefed up security around the caravan.]
Georges the GM: “They’re not paranoid because someone really is out to get them.”

[Even though the caravan never entered New Baja, the next ping we get from the webbled dog is from inside the city. There’s just one small problem with following it…]
Brock: “The problem is we didn’t technically leave New Baja the last time.”

[Fennec gets in touch with Lenny Green, the chief of police and one of Ti’s kith network. He agrees to help us get into the city without the problems that would normally incur.]
Georges the GM: “Are you bringing any weapons?”
Zac: “No, because we already have weapons stashed in New Baja.”
Georges the GM: *raises eyebrow*
Brock: “…Yes.”

[As we are all going through individual quarantine procedures, we are approached by MILICIA telling us to come with them. Torgath is his usual obfuscating self.]
Zac: “Is there any reason he’s messing with the process of us getting into the city?”
Brock: “Welcome to my life.”

[We are taken to an interrogation chamber, where we are met by Lenny Green.]
Fennec: *looks around for cameras*
Lenny Green: “Yeah, this is a very… low-tech room.”
Brock: “It’s the place they take people to beat them.”

[Lenny fills us in on some of the stuff that happened since we were in town last cycle, including the fact that Pascal Pigeon turned up dead by garroting a few days after we left.]
Fennec: “He have a lot of enemies?”
Lenny Green: “Call them aggravated acqaintances.”

[More on Pigeon.]
Lenny Green: “Last time he was in town, he was seen with a bunch of shady outsiders.”
Fennec: “The rest of his team?”
Lukas: “Or us.”

[We feel out Lenny Green on Riley Markus, whom we believe helped Benelice move the dog. And perhaps also the person who killed Pigeon.]
Lenny Green: “Riley’s on the level.”
Fennec: “What level, though?”

[We fill Lenny in on some of our suspicions.]
Lukas: “We think Riley has some compromised connections.”
Lenny Green: “Connections like what?”
Torgath: “His girlfriend’s dad is super-sketch!”

[Lenny stands by his opinions.]
Torgath: “Do we trust Green when he tells us to trust Riley?”
Lukas: “No.”
Fennec: “You’re asking the wrong person – Lukas doesn’t trust Ti.”

[We continue to fill Lenny in on the broad brushstrokes of what we’re doing. Very broad.]
Lenny Green: “If he’s on the wrong side of this, whatever ‘this’ is…”
Lukas: “It’s bad.”

[We try to figure out what might have happened to the webbled dog.]
Lenny Green: “There are only two ways in and out of New Baja… officially.”

[Lenny agrees to help us. First step, trying to case out Riley’s place.]
Ariel: “I take an overwatch position.”
Brock: “Let us remember that 100% of the times you’ve done this to Riley, he’s caught you.”

[Lyta and Fennec check out Riley’s place.]
Georges the GM: “Are you looking for anything specific?”
Zac: “A dog?”

[We head to Downtown, the xenophobic under-town of New Baja, where we received the last ping from the dog. Lukas steps into a nearby shop to attempt to get more information. He, Lyta, and Fennec are posing as UMF lighting specialists hoping to gain a contract to improve the lighting systems in Downtown.]
Shopkeep: “Badlanders workin’ for the UMF?”
Lukas: “Sometimes you gotta go where the money is.”
Shopkeep: (skeptical) “If that’s what you care about – money.”
Zac: “I think you stepped in something there.”

[Lukas doubles-down on his story.]
Lukas: “Gotta feed the little ones back home.”
Julie: “We do not look old enough to have little ones.”
Brock: “They’ve just gotta be really little.”

[The shopkeep, Marv, suggests that Lukas check out a local B&B, the closest thing Downtown has to a hotel. It’s run by a woman named Judy.]
Lukas: “Marv told us—”
Judy: “Marv’s a no-good, two-timin’…”
Lukas: “—that there’s rooms to let.”
Judy: “Oh! Why didn’t you say so!”

[Lukas rents two rooms from Judy.]
Brock: “A quick breakfast. Continental. Whatever that means on a planet with no oceans.”

[We return from our trip to Downtown knowing that the dog had indeed been there, that Benelice almost certainly handed it off to Riley, but that it is no longer there.]
Fennec: “I hate feeling like…”
Lukas: “Like we got fucked?”

[We discuss our next move, which almost certainly will have something to do with Riley. Lukas suggests letting the cops bring him in for questioning instead of having us knocking down his door.]
Lyta: “We never have the cops on our side.”
Torgath: “You wanna take advantage of it?”
Lyta: “Yes!”

[Zac sums up the session.]
Zac: “We’re good at a lot of things, but one thing we’re really good at is being stonewalled.”

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