Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter VII: The Ghosts of Olympics Past

40 Autumn 1926 – Oxford, Bodleian Library, Special Exhibitions

Much to Lyta’s surprise, the “Tribute to the Olympics” exhibit was fascinating. The sign on the door said that it was travelling all over the Humanist Alliance. It had already been through the western cities and was now moving eastward, to Oxford, Perth, and Raleigh. It was just luck that she happened to be in Oxford at the same time as the exhibit.

She took her time. Torgath would no doubt be researching most of the day, probably on more difficult subject matter than the one in front of her. There was a scale model of the Gropius Olympic facilities, trideos of finalist matches going back decades, reproductions depicting evolution of the gold medals… Lyta found whole thing riveting.


Interlude! Since Brock was not able to come to last night's game and finish Operation: Oxford DA offices, we backed up the timeline two days to our day off from planning. Awkward conversation ensues!

Friday, September 20, 2013


Plan, plan, plan, that's all we do. This week's session comes to us courtesy of Operation: Oxford DA Offices. Which isn't an impossibility on the level of, say, rescuing Christina Katchelli from the CEF diamond mines, but it's certainly not the easiest thing we've ever done either.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter VII: Tunnel Rats

35 Autumn, 1926

They jogged along the tunnel, staying close to the side to avoid the crates hurtling along on their almost-silent rail carts. Lyta consulted the map that was helpfully included on Bhakir's PDA. Between that and the memory of her last sojourn through the tunnels, she was pretty sure she knew where she was and, more importantly, how to get out without been noticed, at least not too much. The tunnels didn't seem to be monitored closely -- people didn't generally come in here -- which meant that she was willing to risk a little conversation to alleviate the monotony of running.

"That was good," she said to Fennec, who jogged along behind her. "Objective accomplished, no confrontation. My kind of op."

"You an' me both," said the redhead.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter VII: The Best Laid Plans...

Okran Radsley is a largely built man with a barrel chest and thick, strong limbs. His hand clasps another’s with firm assurance. His strength envelops his counterpart’s frequently smaller hand in a friendly gesture that still conveys a certain threat of controlled strength.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter VII: Forming Up

38 Autumn, 1926

Lyta’s head throbbed. For the last two days they had been discussing logistics, plans, contingencies, equipment lists, infiltration and exfiltration points, and all the rest of the tiny details involved in an op of this complexity. They had taken on more complicated jobs before, but rarely on such a short timeframe and never in a location with such constant surveillance.

Lyta walked the streets of Oxford trying to clear her head. She bypassed the Oxford Institute for Physical Advancement – the formal gymnastics did not interest her, and she didn’t want to run into the perky trainer who seemed so keen on getting her to restart. She wanted to run the buildings, but stopped herself. She had promised it would only be the one time, and so far it had been. She walked aimlessly, trying to figure out what to do with herself.

Friday, September 13, 2013


This week we introduced our newest player character, Fennec: a tomboyish Badlander about Lyta's age who specializes is "salvage operations." Also, we did a job that went off mostly smoothly. You know this can't last.

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter VII: Emerging

In the empty plains two men were near a campfire at sunset.

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