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Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter VII: The Best Laid Plans...

Okran Radsley is a largely built man with a barrel chest and thick, strong limbs. His hand clasps another’s with firm assurance. His strength envelops his counterpart’s frequently smaller hand in a friendly gesture that still conveys a certain threat of controlled strength.

His nearly bald head sits atop a thick neck, while what hair he has is shaved as short as the stubble on his large jaw. His deep grey eyes sit under generous brown eyebrows; when focused in ire, they convey the same menace of one of his enormous hands. He doesn’t look like a man you want to test or even disappoint.

The dichotomy that is Okran Radsley becomes apparent a few minutes after retrieving your bruised hand from his clasp when you feel the man could be a fiend for life. He’s easy to trust and easier still to like. He’s always casual and carefree and his relaxed disposition is usually infectious. He swears, makes off-colour remarks, and generally behaves in a way which, while typically Humanist in its happiness, seems exceptionally boisterous and unreserved. He likes stories and alcohol and likes them better when mixed.

When Lyta, Lukas, and Todd pulled up to Fennec’s ‘flat’ for the first round of planning, Okran showed up with plans and a keg. Someone joked there might not be enough to make it through the planning and Okran assured them, with a wink and a smile, that it just had to get them to lunch!


The Department of Administration’s Oxford headquarters is situated in the central ring next to the Bodlein library. It is surrounded by a small park that is lightly wooded on the eastern side and manicured grass with a parking lot on the western side. Gates allow vehicle entry to the north and south. Seven watchtowers surround the building. The lawns and woods are covered by cameras that go thermal at night.

The building proper is divided into three wings around a central courtyard. Each wing can, in case of breach, be sealed off from the others with security gates. While external security is maintained by HIRA, the internal security is independently operated from the third floor command center. The DA employs a mix of 20 Commoner private security and between 6 and 12 Protectors.

There is also an automated defense system which can be operated independently of human control. This system has a number of armed wheeled drones, ceiling mounted defense pods, and the ability to control the environmental controls.

The objective for the operation is threefold: The computer core must be accessed on the third floor of the north wing. This is also where the security command center is. Access is granted via a sophisticated vault door; however this can be defeated by mechanically accessing the door’s timelock and resetting it while the whole security system of the building goes into a diagnostic.
Once inside the mainframe, use a terminal to manually type in the search parameters given to you by Radsley and copy that data onto a portable drive.

The Transportation and Productivity physical archives need to be accessed and specific documents located and copied. These are located on the second floor of the west and south wing respectively. Copying the files requires scanning them with a polarizing scanner as they are on copy proof paper that reflects all light, thereby defeating regular copiers and cameras.

Finally, a systems terminal must be reprogrammed on the ground floor of the south wing. This entails disassembling a computer terminal, removing the hard drive, shadowing the drive onto a purpose-specific one you have brought with you and reconstructing the terminal. You then need to boot the system to make sure it is operating properly and power it down again.

Internal and external security synchronise hourly so the window of opportunity for infiltration, penetration of the systems, and exfiltration is 59:59 minutes. Since the intrusion is certain to be noticed at a later point, a red hrring must be planted to make it look as though none of the three targets were in fact the reason for the break-in.

As with all government buildings, communications are highly centralized. All external communication from the building are shunted through two hardlines. This includes cellular communication. Radio frequencies are jammed inside the building except for special frequencies reserved for security.

There is one major vulnerability to the camera system. All the external cameras managed by HIRA point away from the building, and the DA’s camera’s are internal and at doors; however there is no blanket coverage of the majority of the outside of the building.

To assist with the operation, Radsley can provide the timing for the security synchronisation, full building specs, a 15-minute security shut down which will disable all locks and allow access to the secure vault-like mainframe. This will blind the internal security as it goes into a systems diagnostic; however it has no effect on the automated independent security system.

Radsley can also provide the team with the internal radio frequency, uniforms and security badges with rfid which should protect the team from the automated security system as long as a lockdown isn’t activated. The badges are not sophisticated enough to actually bypass security points with restricted access such as the mainframe security command and archives.

OxDA Grounds
Structure view

1st floor

2nd Floor

3rd Floor

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