Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Interlude! Since Brock was not able to come to last night's game and finish Operation: Oxford DA offices, we backed up the timeline two days to our day off from planning. Awkward conversation ensues!

[Since Brock was unable to come, we contemplate our options for the evening's session.]
Ariel: "How about you just say the rest of the op goes smoothly and we move on?"

[We back up the timeline two days, to 40 Autumn, to our day off from planning.]
Georges the GM: "It's a lovely day."
Julie: "It's always a lovely day in the Humanist Alliance. The pamphlets say so."

[Torgath is going to the library to do some research, and Lyta joins him because she has nothing better to do. Serendipitously, there's an exhibition on the Olympics happening in the same building as the library.]
Georges the GM: "You figure they probably did the Olympics exhibition in the most boring way possible."
Julie: "It is a library."
Torgath: "Libraries are awesome!"
Lyta: "...Whatever you say."

[Torgath is looking for some books on webbling technology. On the downside, the book is not where it should be. On the upside, he runs into Fennec.]
Georges the GM: "Roll notice, Ariel."
Zac: "Not me?"
Julie: "No, he's noticing that you have the book he wants."

[Torgath and Fennec: the awkward conversation begins!]
Torgath: "You read too? No one else reads."
Fennec: "Well, I read technical manuals."
Torgath: "That's a start. Can you teach the others?"

[Torgath notices what Fennec is reading. Fennec notices that Torgath is interested in the same reading material he is.]
Fennec: "So, you're looking up webbling technology?"
Torgath: (unconvincingly) "Oh, is that what that is?"

[An inevitable question in any conversation with Torgath.]
Fennec: "Do they need to nail your head to keep it from flying away?"
Torgath: "...I don't get it."

[Lyta's done with the exhibition and comes back down to the library. She encounters Fennec.]
Fennec: "Yeah, I ran into Grizz."
Lyta: "I'm sorry."

[Lyta and Fennec talk about Torgath.]
Fennec: "Can he..."
Lyta: "So long as the job doesn't involve talking, he's great."
Fennec: "Yeah, I gathered that."

[Lyta glances over at the articles on webbling technology that Fennec is reading.]
Fennec: "You know that crate of lobotomized Easterners you brought?"
Lyta: *glances up at the probable cameras* "I have no idea what you're talking about."
Zac: "Right... damn Humanist Alliance."
Ariel: (as Fennec) "You know, that illegal package we totally don't have."

[Fennec tries to cover her slip-up. Badly.]
Georges the GM: "Yes... they're stupid exchange students from the East. That's how dumb your lie is."

[Fennec's research leads, somewhat surprisingly for her, into GREL and Sand Rider genetics.]
Zac: "Assuming I don't have any background in complex genetics..."
Georges the GM: "Which we can safely assume."

[Lyta glances at the titles of the articles Fennec is reading, which involve GRELs, Sand Riders, and a number of names that have come up in our researches before.]
Lyta: (lying) "Yeah, that means nothing to me."
Georges the GM: "Roll theatrics."
Julie: "Two."
Georges the GM: "Zac, roll human perception."
Zac: "Botch. I'm already looking at the articles. It's a shame I didn't make that roll -- it would have added to the sense that everyone's hiding something from me."
Julie: "We are."

[After a morning of research, Our Heroes (tm) go for lunch to the Eagle & Child cafe.]
Julie: "I get whatever's good and I pay four times the normal price for it."
Georges the GM: "That's how it works."

[Fennec wants a comforting beer that reminds her of home. The waiter recommends something from Raleigh.]
Julie: "Raleigh's where Tatant is, right?"
Ariel: "What?"
Julie: "The Tatant Reeducation Facility. Where we don't want to be sent."
Georges the GM: "It's where Radsley's from."
Julie: "That explains so much."

[Lunchtime conversation ensues. Kinda.]
Fennec: "What brings you to the library?"
Torgath: "Books."
Fennec: "I gathered that."

[While having lunch...]
Georges the GM: "Roll tactics."
Zac: "Botch."
Georges the GM: "You are botching beautifully tonight!"

[Lyta and Torgath notice that they're being watched. Closer inspection reveals that they're Krak Bhakir's guys.]
Lyta: "Nothing's gonna happen in a public area."
Torgath: "So we should go to a non-public area and beat the crap out of them?"
Lyta: "No!"
Torgath: "You're no fun."

[We walk out of the cafe. There are more of Bhakir's guys waiting out there.]
Georges the GM: "Roll combat sense."
Ariel: "Eight. I sense the combat coming."

[Not only are there more guys, but there's a van with even more people coming after us. We escape into a nearby alley and climb up a fire escape.]
Ariel: "What's on the roof?"
Georges the GM: "More roof."

[Combat ensues.]
Julie: "Keep in mind they have guns and we don't."
Ariel: "I'm not worried about that."
Georges the GM: *scoffs*

[Lyta brings up the rear. As she's about to climb up to the roof, she finds herself in the primary blast radius of a flash-bang grenade that was launched up ahead of her.]
Julie: "Being flash-banged is the worst."
Ariel: "Better than being exploded."

[We all get up to the roof, and Lyta and Fennec climb down a different nearby fire escape.]
Georges the GM: "You could actually jump down the fire escapes."
Julie: "Or could, if I wasn't flash-banged."
Georges the GM: "Well, yes."

[Torgath, meanwhile, runs along the rooftops in an attempt to draw fire away from Lyta and Fennec. He too has been flash-banged, but not as badly as Lyta.]
Zac: "I'm a little worried about you guys."
Ariel: "We're fine."

[Torgath reaches the edge of the roof. Rather rapidly, in fact.]
Georges the GM: "Roll athletics."
Ariel: *botches roll* "...Should I reroll that?"
Georges the GM: *boggles*

[Lyta and Fennec enter an open window adjoining the fire escape.]
Julie: "I'm gonna follow Fennec on the assumption she's got better situational awareness than I do."

[Lyta and Fennec rush through the apartment.]
Georges the GM: "You get to the front door. It's unlocked."
Zac: "Of course. It's the Humanist Alliance."
Georges the GM: "Also, there's someone sitting in the living room having tea."
Fennec: "Excuse us!"
Humanist Citizen: "Are you with the gas company?"
Fennec: "Yes!"

[Reflecting on the fact that we were in a perfect position for Lyta to do cool parkour stuff, right up until she got flash-banged.]
Zac: "You were on a rooftop being pursued; everything was just coming up Lyta."

And that's it for this week. Join us next time for the thrilling conclusion of Operation: Oxford DA Office.

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