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Time for some thrilling heroics! The good news is that Our Heroes (tm) did *not* die in the face of an elite merc squad, four Mordred GRELS, and an exploding mine. The bad news is that we've got a dozen Gears closing in on our position and lookin' for trouble.

[Our Heroes (tm) in their spiffy Jaguars, team up with some of Kain's friends, who are piloting a Jager, a Hunter, and a Warrior.]
Josh: "The generic trifecta of +2 repair."

[We discuss the fact that most of the cars we use are stolen.]
Julie: "Some of them, we rent."
Brock: "Any car that you rent and gets shot up can be considered stolen."
Josh: "It certainly violates the terms of the rental agreement."

[One of Kain's friends is Toby, whom we met in one of our first missions, about 6 cycles ago.]
Toby: "What have you been doing these last few cycles?"
Lukas: "Working. Caravan escort."
Torgath: "Keeping away from river systems and caves."

[Toby fills us in on some Badlands news, i.e. that Jan Mayen's GRELs have married into some of the Badlands clans.]
Toby: "It's definitely interesting."
Lyta: "Not the word I would have used."

[Our homing beacon brings us to the site of the Battle of Nazarene, a pitched Gear-and-tank battle of the war in which the WFP was supported by the landship Ezekiel.]
Georges the GM: "There's a hill on the horizon, but your sensors are already saying it's metallic."
Brock: "Hello landship!"

[We're actually going slightly away from the main battle area, to what looks to be a wildcat mining operation. Except that it seems rather well built.]
Georges the GM: "There's a sign that says MinTech 1928."
Josh: "Whoa... it's like we're in the future!"
Georges the GM: "...I mean 1828."

[The mine is quite well preserved. And, as we said, right below an abandoned battleground. Lukas asks the obvious question.]
Lukas: "So... why does nobody know there's a large mine here?"

[We go down some staircases to discover working machinery. It's very dark, however. Ennik tries to use a fiber-optic endoscope through a door's keyhole.]
Georges the GM: "You see nothing but darkness."
Josh: "Oh, is that how we're gonna play this?"

[As we open a door, we are beset by gunfire. Lukas throws in a flash-bang grenade.]
Josh: "I've got a concussion grenade loaded because I don't play nice."

[Ennik throws his concussion grenade after Lukas' flash-bang. To somewhat unexpected results.]
Georges the GM: "You see an exploding ball of fire."
Josh: "Are you saying what I did was massively unwise?"

[Torgath tries to drag Ennik up the stairs to escape the exploding ball of fire.]
Georges the GM: (to Josh) "Someone's pulling you backward."
Brock: "It doesn't seem like a bad plan."

[Josh sums up the situation.]
Josh: "So, I nearly killed the party..."

[All told, the only wounds incurred from the exploding ball of fire -- miraculously -- was a light wound on Torgath.]
Georges the GM: "All things considered, that went really well."
Josh: "Go, cleansing fire of Ennik!"

[We enter the room that has just exploded.]
Georges the GM: "It looks like you let an elephant loose on an ant colony."
Josh: "And then lit it on fire."

[The good news is, no one's shooting at us anymore.]
Georges the GM: "You count eight bodies."
Josh: "That was an effective use of two grenades."

[Kain cuts off the flesh off one of the bodies' arms, to reveal a tattoo.]
Lukas: "You gonna eat that?"
Kain Delacroix: "The ears are better."

[Whoever these eight people were, they were apparently elite mercs.]
Kain Delacroix: "They deserved a better death than this."
Georges the GM: "He looks pointedly at Ennik."

[Down another flight of stairs are more doors, beyond which Torgath hears alarm klaxons.]
Kain Delacroix: "Alarms are a good portent. Before, they knew we were here. Now, they're alarmed we're here."

[In the next room is a fridge with biohazard markings. Ennik and Kain cautiously check it out. Georges the GM fucks with his players' minds.]
Georges the GM: "Roll initiative."
Josh: "Four."
Georges the GM: "Nothing happens."

[Lyta explores further into the room.]
Georges the GM: "You've never seen one of these before, but you're pretty sure it meets the description of your worst nightmare."

[The thing Lyta has seen is a GREL vat. And recently-emptied GREL vat.]
Brock: "A naked GREL is the best kind."

[There is, indeed, a GREL.]
Julie: "Shoot it 'till it stops moving."
Brock: "Overkill is underrated."

[In fact, there are four GRELs. Which does nothing to help the situation.]
Julie: "I roll eight to hit."
Georges the GM: "You miss."
Brock: "They're very dodgy."
Julie: "I noticed."

[The plan: shoot at them until they stop moving.]
Brock: "That's a bullet to the forehead... followed by five more."

[We finally take out the GRELs. Now the question is, what to do with the vats?]
Lukas: "If you can get some sort of heavy air lift capability, now's the time!"

[There's an area beyond the room with the GRELs. No one is super-keen to investigate.]
Torgath: "What are you afraid of?"
Lukas: "A thousand GRELs? That's what I'd be afraid of."

[At the end of the lower level, we discover Marius Wallcraft, who seems to have no idea there was someone impersonating him in Prince Gable.]
Marius Wallcraft: "What friend of mine?"
Lukas: "You might say he appeared to be a close relation... on the surface."

[Wallcraft seems to have no idea about anything from last session, actually.]
Lukas: "So do you or do you not have a bank account with 100,000 in it?"
Marius Wallcraft: "If I did, I wouldn't tell you. But for the sake of argument... I don't."

[We can be persistent, sometimes.]
Marius Wallcraft: "Why are you looking for me?"
Lukas: "You never did answer my question."

[Torgath throws in his two cents.]
Torgath: "Never shave your eyebrows -- it's not a good look."
Georges the GM: "He raises an eyebrow."
Lukas: "See, that effect would have been lost."

[On the screen behind Wallcraft comes the face of a blonde woman, apparently Wallcraft's compatriot or boss.]
Georges the GM: (to Josh) "Roll psyche."
Josh: "Botch."
Julie: "What have you horribly misconstrued?"

[Turns out the woman on the screen was Ennik's sister, who proceeds to blow up the entire mine.]
Torgath: "Do we think she was hypno-trained?"
Lukas: "Yeah. Yeah, I think we're clear on that one."

[We escape the collapsing, exlpoding mine and try to figure out what to do next, when we find out there are a dozen hostile Gears bearing down on us.]
Lyta: "Might as well have this conversation in our Gears."
Ennik: "Yes, running through the highway of death."

And that's it for this week! Wordslingin' will be on hiatus next week as I'm at my work's Annual Meeting, but when we come back in two weeks, it will be time for a massive Gear fight! Yay!

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Heavy Josh said...

Ennik (after the grenade went off and burned 8 enemy mercs to death): I don't say this often: this reminds me of Baja.

Lukas: Todd, do you remember anything about this mine from the documentation?
Todd: *click* I can't hear you. *click*
Lukas: Yes you can, because I used a f**king radio.

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