Friday, August 17, 2012

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter V: Dear Lyta...

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Dear Lyta,

Sorry to have to do this this way. I wanted to do this in person; I think you deserved that much. But all you get is this and I’m sorry for that.

Whatever you’re thinking or feeling, I want you to know this decision wasn’t because of you. I mean, you're part of it, but it isn’t your fault. Well, that isn’t entirely true either.

OK, if I’m going to do this, than let’s do it all the way.

I wanted to trust you guys, I wanted to believe that somehow we were meant to come together, find each other after everything that had happened to us and work together and be together. I though maybe we found each other for a reason.

I was naïve…and I was stupid.

The fact is that I don’t trust Lukas. I think he’s been lying to me from the start. I don’t know about what, I wish I did because my imagination is conjuring up the worst scenarios. Right until the last moment I tried to get him to tell me the truth but you know how he is...

The only bit of truth I got was that he doesn’t see me as family.

I know now that he's right, but because I didn’t want to accept that until now I trusted you. I guess part of me still does because why else would I be telling you all this? 

But I can’t can I?  Because Lukas couldn’t have lied to me if you were being perfectly honest with me.

You went along with everything he said, of course you did, you’re his sister and I was just an idiot. I was an idiot about a bunch of things. I know you loved me, you may have lied to me by omission but you couldn't have lied to me about that so I know this was probably hard for you.


In fact, I think I know exactly how hard it was for you; being caught between Lukas and someone you loved and a lie in between.

But I can’t go on like this, I tried to explain that to Lukas. I can't afford to go on like this. You know something about me Lyta, you know where I’ve been and how close I came to…to giving up. The thing that kept me alive was my sense of purpose, the sense that I could make a difference. I’ve put that at risk by trusting Lukas and by trusting you. I’ve put my Kin at risk and I can’t do that anymore.

I have my family and you have yours and we both have to do what we have to to protect them.

Take care. 

I Love you too.


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