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Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter V : Things clearing up

She was sitting on a veranda sipping tea. Before her was laid out a lovely little set, complete with milk, cream, two kinds of sugar and an assortment of cakes. The tree above was budding with green leaves that lent it a surreal colour while letting most of the sun’s rays through. A slight breeze rustled the thickets of the small garden that were still dry from the winter.

She never used an office or returned to the same places very often, which, she noted, was a shame, for otherwise she would have gladly spent many a pleasant morning in this quaint tea house. She was reading a note from Targeter. He was in Prince Gable and had secured the help of the Lassanders in locating and apprehending Wallcraft. His economy of words always brought a smile to her lips. She put down her cup and set to typing; she had put off this matter too long and it was time she made some headway on payment to Lukas for his service. If Nicosa Renault could not be relied on to pay her debts, her illustrious name might slide into infamy, and if she were to lose her reputation, her power to effect change would surely follow.

She found the court records she had obtained from Peace River; she had only verified they were complete before but now set about reviewing them in detail with her practiced eye. She soon found the case and verdict she was looking for and began reviewing the transcripts. It did not take long for her to find the nub of the argument and the testimony which had damned Donovar Lassander. She was usually a fairly poised woman and not wont to outwardly noticeable reactions. It was therefore unusual for her to gasp, but uncharacteristic or not, she did just that.

She had an eclair while she thought. By the time she was finished, she had determined to investigate further as the facts most certainly did not coincide with her expectations, and that usually meant that the facts were wrong. According the court records, the deceased war profiteer Donavar Lassander was tried in absentia and the star prosecution witness was a well respected resistance fighter from Peace River. Renault read as the witness explained Lassander’s long dealings with the resistance and the numerous transactions she brokered. All the while he was making an immoral profit and extorting the resistance’s meager means. She knew these allegations to be false. While the dates and transaction were precisely accurate, the profits were grossly overstated. The witness was using just enough documented truth to sell a small but fine lie. The trouble was that as far as Renault knew, the witness was reliable. Renault had had many dealings with Braga, the prosecution witness and one of the Renault’s own contacts in the resistance movement in Baja during the occupation. Braga was loyal, trustworthy and brave. She was also Lassander’s handler and best placed to make and substantiate these accusations.

A gust of wind rustled the tree and sent dead leaves across the flat stones that made up the floor of the terrace she now occupied. She drew her shawl closer and warmed her hands on her cup of tea. It was still a little early to sit outside comfortably at this latitude. After adding a splash of cream, she took a welcomed sip and pondered. Renault decided to view the video file appended to the transcripts. Maybe there was something in Braga’s demeanor or body language that could explain the contradiction. Above there were gathering clouds; the wind carried moist air and the heat of Helios’ rays waned. She looked up at the threatening sky and realized what was about to happen. She collected her handbag and proceeded to stuff her data pad into it when the video stream began.

And then it all became clear.

The sky opened up on her; her usual composure was unaffected as she stood in the rain, her device still in her hands. She watched as Braga was sworn in, gave details only she would know and vilified Donovar Lassander. Except it wasn’t Braga. Renault used her napkin to wipe the water off her datapad before putting it in her bag. She then withdrew a few marks and paid for her tea. Despite her usual caution, she believed she would end up returning to this place more often than it was her custom. The service had been excellent and the goods just what she had wanted. It would be unfair to malign it for circumstances outside of its control.

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