Friday, August 24, 2012


All combat, all the time! In this week's session, Our Heroes (tm) attempt to capture the fleeing Marius Wallcraft, Bad Guy extraordinaire, as he withdraws his "running away" money from his bank… which just so happens to be right in front of the main Prince Gable police station. Things do not go as well as they might have.

[How to know you're wounded, part 1.]
Ariel: "Can I roll to clot?"

[We prepare our plan of attack to capture Wallcraft, with only minor liabilities.]
Kain Delacroix: "Is Torgath gonna be at least somewhat operational?"
Torgath: "I'm fine!"
Lukas: "…In the short term."

[Plan A faces some flaws.]
Kain Delacroix: "Do any of you know how to hang-glide?"
Lyta: "No."
Josh: "It's okay. At this point in his life, neither does he."

[Lukas tries to determine the name of the account manager Wallcraft will be meeting by calling up the bank for spurious reasons.]
Lukas: "I'd like to make a withdrawal."
Bank clerk: "What type of account?"
Lukas: "Personal account. Unless it would be a different person if it were a corporate account."

[For the plan to work, we need some real cops to lend credence to our cover story. Ennik yet again goes to see his friend Detective Khan in the hopes of arranging something. She is, yet again, skeptical.]
Ennik: "I mean, if I have to pay with my body…"
Detective Khan: "Your body's not that good."

[The day of the op, Torgath tries to find an empty office in a building across the street. Sadly, he rolls quite low on his 'find empty office' roll.]
Ariel: "What office do I find?"
Josh: "Kung Fu Association of Prince Gable."

[Down at street level, the PCs make final plans for their interception of Wallcraft. Lukas has certain secondary priorities.]
Lukas: "When you go in, ideally wait long enough that he has a suitcase full of money."

[We detect a small oversight in our plan.]
Lukas: "Did we ever work out the jamming?"
Ennik: "What jamming?"
Lukas: "…So, no jamming."

[Our hired cops also detect some small oversights.]
Hired Cop: "No one mentioned we were doing this in front of #1 Police Plaza."
Ennik: "This job's full of surprises!"

[The hired cops' job is to move Wallcraft's men further down the block, so they're separated from their boss. Sadly, they are not as docile as we'd hoped.]
Hired Cop: "They may be criminals, but they're parked legally!"

[Another small oversight.]
Hired Cop: "By the way, we're not actually cops anymore. We can't really check their permits."

[The hired cops eventually move some of Wallcraft's men, leaving the building more-or-less wide open for Ennik and Lyta, posing as cops, to move in. They reach the bank manager's assistant.]
Ennik: "Let us in. Don't make me kick the door down. (I'm on a roll!)"

[Wallcraft and the bank manager resist coming quietly, so we take them by force. In the meantime, the bank manager tells her assistant to cancel the transfer, and we see four security guards with briefcases full of money start moving away from us. Lukas notices his chance slipping away, due to the incompetence of Ennik and Lyta.]
Lukas: "This is like our one time ever for a bank robbery that we don't even need to rob!"

[The moment you know your plan is FUBARed.]
Torgath: "What should I do?"
Lukas: "Start shooting."

[The PCs in the building realize there's a firefight going on outside.]
Lyta: "Did we just lose control of the situation?"
Ennik: "Confirmed."

[Due to the firefight, the plans are no longer as solid as they once were. Plan A, convince the bank security to hand over the cash as evidence, isn't working so well.]
Lyta: "If it comes to it, am I just taking the money?"
Lukas: "Yes. And Wallcraft. Remember we just got fired -- we need money."

[Remember that the main police station is right across the street from the bank.]
Cop 1 (on radio): "Dispatch four Gears!"
Cop 2: "Where?"
Cop 1: "Right here!"

[Lukas narrowly misses being shot.]
Brock: "I'm fine."
Julie: "Your next line is, 'We're winning!'"
Brock: "Well, if Ariel hadn't shot our backup…"

[Lyta's been having a hard time convincing the bank security to hand over the briefcases full of money, so, with time running out, she resorts of violence.]
Julie: "Four-to-one odds aren't actually that bad."
Brock: "See, when it gets to combat, she's fine. Can't talk to four guys, but beat up four guys? Sure!"

[Ways to know your character has a messed-up worldview, part 1.]
Julie: "They've pulled guns? That's actually better for me."

[Some of the enemy PCs are in Wallcraft's armoured car, which is bulletproof on the outside… and the inside!]
Georges the GM: "Ricocheting bullets on the inside will not make them happy."

[As Lyta continues to beat up the four bank security guards, preparing to grab the briefcases and run out the front door, Lukas is running INTO the front door to escape the firefight.]
Julie: "Is this one of those 'Let me out, let me out / Let me in, let me in" situations?"

[Lukas keeps getting very, very close to being wounded.]
Georges the GM: "Take another shot in the armour."
Lukas: "Ooh! Not gonna get the deposit back on this uniform!"

[Lyta continues to beat up the bank security.]
Josh (as bank security guard): "You broke my leg! I'm never trusting the police again!"

[Given that we are still pretending, at least nominally, to be the police, our sense of allies is somewhat different from our normal missions.]
Ariel: "Hopefully the police Gears will fuck up the--"
Brock: "Any time! I've been waiting for turns!"

[Kain Delacroix has fun toys.]
Ariel: "Is that a regulation police bazooka?"

[As Lukas rushes into the bank lobby, the few remaining bank security guys shoot him and Lyta.]
Ariel: "Why are they shooting at the police?"
Georges the GM: "Like they believe they're police anymore!"

[Kain Delacroix joins Lyta and Lukas in the bank. They all escape to the locked back door, which Kain rigs up with the PCs' grenades.]
Georges the GM: "The door explodes."
Brock: "Wow, that's a lot of performance out of two smoke and two flash-bang."
Georges the GM: "What?!"

[Ennik, meanwhile, has taken a getaway vehicle and fled with Wallcraft to our secondary evac point. Sadly, he's being followed, and is shot.]
Brock: "Welcome to wounded-town."
Ariel: "Population: usually me."
Georges the GM: "Good news! They're using small-calibre weapons."

[Lyta, Lukas, and Kain meet up with Ennik at the evac point. Lyta is carrying four of the briefcases of money, Lukas is carrying two. We engage yet more hostiles.]
Lyta: "Can I drop the briefcases now?"
Lukas: "You don't have a gun."
Lyta: "I don't need a gun!"
Lukas: "Yes, you do."

[We take out most of the hostiles with a flash-bang grenade. Sadly, Ennik is also caught in the blast radius and is knocked out. Lukas still has his priorities.]
Brock: "On my action, I'll drag Ennik back to our pile of money."

[Our Heroes (tm) finally evacuate the area and try to figure out what to do with Wallcraft.]
Brock: "We know he's connected to the Bear, and he has information on… something."

[Ariel has odd ideas, sometimes.]
Kain Delacroix: "Now I go off with Wallcraft and have a little conversation."
Torgath: "Can I shave his eyebrows off?"
Kain Delacroix: "I don't see why not -- he won't be needing them."

[It turns out that Torgath's crazy eyebrow-shaving idea revealed that Wallcraft was wearing a face-mask and was not, in fact, Wallcraft. But the only way to be sure is to see if he remembers the firefight in his office with Lukas and Torgath.]
Lukas: "I want information. We spoke about this before."
"Wallcraft": I speak to a lot of people; you'll have to remind me."
Lukas: "This was a memorable occasion. I'm a memorable sort of person."

[It's not really Wallcraft. On the other hand, whoever it is seems to know about the mysterious blood sample that we picked up among the briefcases.]
Kain Delacroix: "Excellent, so this isn't an unmitigated disaster. We've just mitigated this disaster."

[Because it's not really Marius Wallcraft, the Kolsons don't have a bounty on his head… that we know of.]
"Wallcraft": "Their reasons for wanting me dead are personal, but not a vindictive sort of personal."

[Lukas continues his interrogation. "Wallcraft" is way too cool under pressure.]
Lukas: "You could be dog food in fifteen minutes."
"Wallcraft": "See, that's the wrong play. I should be dog food in three to four days."
Lukas: "That's not the business I'm in."

[More of the same.]
"Wallcraft": I'm afraid this is not going to work out for either of us."
Lukas: "One of us is tied to a chair and one of us isn't. Things are working out fine for me."

[Continuing on the talk of torture…]
"Wallcraft": "If we go down that road, we both lose."
Lukas: "It works out worse for one of us."

[Way, way too cool under pressure.]
Lukas: "I have all the cards."
"Wallcraft": "You have all the cards, but you don't know the game you're playing."

["Wallcraft" tries the ever-classic request creep. The PCs are not falling for it.]
"Wallcraft": "Can I get a glass of water?"
Josh: "…No."
Julie: "No, I see no reason for that."

["Wallcraft's" main bargaining chip is that he knows about the mysterious blood sample: what it is and who will pay for it. He's figured out that the PCs have it, even though Lukas is pretending we don't.]
"Wallcraft": "If you don't have the item, we're back to square one: I'm the only person who can get it for you."
Lukas: "That's not true; I have a Wallcraft mask."

[Lukas wraps up his interrogation.]
Lukas: "Well, Mr. Whatever-Your-Name-Is, you've given me a lot to think about."

[Lyta steps in for a moment to watch "Wallcraft" while Lukas and Ennik decide what to do with him. Turns out, "Wallcraft" is creepy as fuck.]
"Wallcraft": "You know, it makes me very happy to know that one day you'll lose your innocence."

[Kain calls back to get an update on the situation.]
Lukas: "This guy has a tooth phone in his head."
Kain Delacroix: "…Please repeat?"

[More of the same.]
Kain Delacroix: "How's his head?"
Lukas: "Still attached."
Kain Delacroix: "Ah."

[For now, we need "Wallcraft" alive.]
Lukas: "I'll make sure Ennik doesn't shoot him."
Ennik: "D'oh!"

[Ti Corovan calls to offer Ennik a job and is somewhat surprised to find out that Ennik was seriously wounded today. Ennik turns down the job, due to the aforementioned wounds.]
Ti Corovan: "Take care."
Ennik: "You know me."
Ti Corovan: "Hence the admonition."

[Kain comes back and picks up the interrogation where Lukas left off.]
Kain Delacroix: "At the risk of sounding cliché, there's the easy way and the hard way. I think you want the easy way. I want the hard way. So we're at odds with each other."

[It turns out that "Wallcraft" is a hypno-programmed Earther, which poses some challenges to our situation.]
Kain Delacroix: "The Doctor has come up with a few other cold and sick… but effective… means to pursuing our ends."

And that's it for this week! Next week, the quest continues! Will we find Wallcraft? Who's the fake, Earther Wallcraft? And what the heck is the mysterious blood sample tracking? No clue! But maybe we'll have a clue next week!

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