Friday, February 24, 2012


Talk, talk, talk! Last night, Our Heroes (tm) traded sensitive and valuable information with our friend-turned-boss, Ti Corovan, and also began our investigation of Bakat Ishmad, President of West Corps. Not too much action, but certainly a lot of talking.

[We prepare to leave Khayr ad-Din for Prince Gable.]
Ti Corovan: "You good on equipment?"
Lukas: "For urban surveillance, yes. For impromptu assault, no."
Ti Corovan: "...What would we need for impromptu assault?"

[Torgath has been doing some overnight surveillance of Marius Wallcraft, the guy who so unexpectedly tried to kill him and Lukas last session.]
Lyta: "Has Torgath sent you anything?"
Lukas: "No."
Lyta: "Well, either that means he's dead or nothing's happened."

[Due to the surveillance, Torgath has not slept all night.]
Torgath: "I think I said I'd sleep on the train. Or you said I'd sleep on the train."
Lukas: "I'm willing to sacrifice your body."

[On the train, while Torgath sleeps, Lukas and Ti decide whether or not to trade highly sensitive information.]
Lukas: "This piece of paper is the most valuable thing we have."
Ti Corovan: "I don't believe that."
Torgath: "We have each other!"
Ti Corovan / Georges the GM: "Yes! You're sleeping, but the sentiment is true!"

[The conversation between Ti and Lukas goes rather long.]
Ariel: "How long is this train ride?"
Georges the GM: "Six hours. We can keep doing this all night."
Ariel: "I vote we don't keep doing this all night."

[Ti tries to convince us that uncovering Tantalus is merely a matter of taking things one step at a time.]
Ti Corovan: "...And somewhere along the way, either we've failed or we've succeeded."
Lukas: "All right! Reckless overconfidence!"

[We discover that our old friend Mr. Smith has hired people to kill us. And by "old friend," I mean, "the guy who hired us to do a botched job, and who we later interrogated and beat up."]
Lukas: "He said he wasn't going to hold a grudge! That's the last time I don't kill a prisoner!"

[Having given Ti the sensitive information he has, he offers to tell us who his benefactor is. Note that the PCs have already learned this information from their employer, Nicosa Renault.]
Lukas: "Okay, so do we want to let him pay us in coin we already have?"

[The conversation goes very, very long.]
Brock: "Fast-forward to the action part for Ariel."
Julie: "The train explodes; we all die."

[Arriving in Prince Gable, Our Heroes (tm) begin surveillance on Bakat Ishmad. Among other things, Lukas sends a bugged flower arrangement to the receptionist of his company.]
Georges the GM: "As chance would have it, your bug rolled very high on its psyche roll for being in the right place."

[Things I never expected to hear in a game.]
Georges the GM: "That is the most titillating information that flower arrangement is gonna get."

[Torgath, disguised as a delivery guy, tries to slip a bugged remote-controlled car into the air ducts of Ishmad's company. When that fails, he goes to the company across the hall and sadly botches his theatrics roll.]
Ariel: "My story is entirely reasonable!"
Georges the GM: "It is. But something in the way you're profusely sweating..."

[Ariel botches two or three rolls in a row, leading to security being called.]
Brock: "You wanted action, you got action."
Georges the GM: "Just botch. It's the best way to get action."

[Torgath slips away into a bathroom and changes into a business suit, hoping to try again to install the remote-control car.]
Brock: "Just remember that security is looking for a man who generally fits your description, and you suck at theatrics."
Ariel: "But I have a whole new set of clothes!"

[Torgath is picked up by building security and sends a mayday to his siblings.]
Lyta: "Why did we send Torgath to do this?"
Lukas: "Because he's the scout."
Lyta: "Yeah, in the desert."
Georges the GM: "Scout and infiltrator, two different skill sets."

[Torgath is taken to the main security office of the building.]
Brock (to Ariel): "In 100% of close surveillance situations, you've gotten captured. The upside this time is that you haven't been shot or knocked unconscious."

And that's it for this week! Next week, hopefully, will be time for kidnappings, interrogations, and combat! Maybe in that order!

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