Friday, February 17, 2012


Last night, Our Unsuspecting Heroes (tm) found themselves in a completely-unforeseen firefight due to intel from our erstwhile employer, Nicosa Renault. At least, Lukas and Torgath got themselves into a firefight. Lyta went on a date with Ti, because no one ever tells her anything.

[On their way into Khayr ad-Din, Lyta and Torgath are spotted by some people who clearly mean them harm. Lyta and Torgath shoot first.]
Julie: "We're shooting things! It's preemptive self-defense!"

[Clearly, players should not attempt to time-shift without GM approval.]
Julie: "We arrive in Khayr ad-Din."
Georges the GM: "..."
Julie: "We attempt to arrive!"

[Lukas has received information from our employer, Nicosa Renault, on a lead to regain our family fortune. He has yet to share this information with his siblings.]
Ariel: "He hasn't told me."
Julie: "...Yet."
Ariel: "He may never tell me."
Brock: "That's probable."

[Ti attempts to clarify the position the PCs will hold in his organization.]
Lukas: "We are not an assault team. Assaults we have conducted have been almost entirely your fault."

[Ti suggests that we might one day meet his benefactor, but not yet.]
Ti Corovan / Georges the GM: "It's not really important at this stage. Because I don't want to play two NPCs."

[Ti discusses the PCs' role in his organization.]
Ti Corovan: "Getting wounded is not necessary."
Lyta: "Glad to hear it."

[The PCs have just received new dart guns. Torgath decides to test his by stabbing Ti in the neck, completely out of the blue.]
Torgath: "Sorry, Ti. Do you mind?"

[Lyta is particularly unhappy with this turn of events and threatens Torgath.]
Ariel: "All I have to do is get shot and then I'll be protected from her beating me up."
Brock: "That's true."

[Lukas and Torgath go to meet Marius Wallcraft, the man who Nicosa Renault said could be the first step in reclaiming our family fortune.]
Torgath: "'Discreetly' ask for him and 'not get into any fights'?"
Lukas: "Yeah, there's no quotation marks around not getting into any fights. I want that interpreted literally."

[Lukas and Torgath find 'Wally', the owner of 'Wally's V-Engines.']
Lukas: "Do I take it that you sometimes go by Marius Wallcraft?"
Wally: "..."
Julie: "That hesitation means the answer is yes."

[Lukas asks Wally -- aka Marius Wallcraft -- about Arens, the man who presumably doctored our family's books. Wally immediately pulls a shotgun and shoots the two PCs, who successfully dodge.]
Brock: "I'm gonna run at him and try to knock him over. And by 'knock over,' I mean 'hit him with the butt of my gun,' because my melee is better than my hand-to-hand."

[Lukas manages to put a gun to the back of Wally's head.]
Wally: "You're not making it out of here alive."
Lukas: "You're the one who's gonna go first, under the circumstances."

[Lukas tries to figure out why this has degenerated into a gunfight.]
Lukas: "I think there may have been some colossal misunderstanding."
Wally: "I'm willing to accept that's possible."

[Wally lays out his terms.]
Wally: "I only see two ways out of this: we all die here, or I let you leave and then hunt you down."
Lukas: "In that case, I'm more inclined to kill you now."
Wally: "You want to die here?"
Torgath: "That's not guaranteed."
Wally: "Yes, it is."
Torgath: "...No."

[Wally's men are just on the other side of his office door, waiting to attack.]
Lukas: "Will they shoot you when you leave this office, if I use you as a meat shield?"
Wally: "If I tell them to, yes."
Lukas: "...Tape his mouth."

[Brock reflects on the situation.]
Brock: "If I had a dollar for every time... This is the Mexican standoff game."
Julie: "How do you get yourself into these situations all the time?"

[More of the same.]
Julie: "And just this morning we had the briefing about not killing people unnecessarily."
Brock: "This is recreational. Off the books."

[In the end, Lukas and Torgath escape without getting shot, though sadly without any of the information they came for and now likely with a price on their heads. Lukas demonstrates his mastery of the understatement.]
Lukas: "Well, Todd, that could have gone better."

[Lukas tries to explain what happened to Ti, without letting on that he was meeting Wally on a tip from Renault.]
Lukas: "I don't know how you haggle in this town. He tried to shoot us with a shotgun and it rapidly went downhill from there."

[It turns out that Wally is the head of the local Kolson clan. The Kolsons, you might recall, are already out for our blood.]
Lukas: "Nominally, they're all after us. Some just don't know it yet."

[Ti is annoyed that Lukas has pissed off more heavily-armed people.]
Ti Corovan: "The more you provoke them by killing, maiming, showing up at their place of business..."
Lukas: "They need to hang a sign, then."

[After Ti leaves, Lukas explains to Lyta everything that's happened so far. Only then does he realize a small flaw in this plan.]
Lukas: "I should have mentioned this before... but if I tell you any of this, you might have to lie to Ti."

And that's it for this week! Next week, Our Heroes (tm) are off to Prince Gable to do some surveillance, leaving behind their only potential lead to regaining their family fortune, a man who now wants to kill us all. Fun times!

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