Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter V - Setting the board

Her fingers were typing delicately; adding notes, directing information and cataloguing data as reams of information came scrolling across her computer.

A small subset of her screen flashed a question, prompting her to open a message from one of her assets.

ENCRYP MSG - BP003: ‘Message delivered, your rabbit has baited the fox. I am surveilling, will advise when I have lead on primary target. What will be the next phase of the op?’

Almost immediately her phone made a purring noise as it vibrated slightly on the table and message was displayed: ‘Wallcraft unexpectedly hostile. LL’

Her fingers move swiftly over her keyboard as she wrote an email. she already knew her response because she had been expecting to have to send it.

‘Dear Lukas, I apologize. I did not anticipate there would be any problems but I have looked into the situation and I think I now understand what happened. Wallcraft is a Kolson, this was not something I though of mentioning earlier as I did not see any great significance in it. But I now know that the men trying to harm you in Mainz were also Kolsons. I’ve found out that a certain Mr Smith (who’s real name I am still trying to uncover) has used his influence to have you killed. Clearly it is unsafe for you to have dealing with Kolsons, if I had known earlier about his resentment towards you I never would have sent you to see Wallcraft without warning. I will see what I can find out on your behalf. I’m only too happy to help you in whatever way I can. In future, please bear in mind that the more I know, the more I can help you.’

She re-read it, changed a word or two and put in her drafts to send after a reasonable amount of time had passed. A new prompt demanded her attention.

ENCRYP MSG - BP003: ‘Should I contact TARGETER? He has specifically asked for leads on this subject.’

Nicosa Renault interlaced her fingers and considered the pieces on the board. If Lassander had done his job right, Wallcraft would signal Arens or more likely a proxy that someone was on to him. Her asset in Kayhr ad-Din would then follow the trail back to the NEC agent. She had been waiting for cycles to find the right way to use Wallcraft’s connection to Arens and now Lassander’s tiff with the Kolsons was the perfect occasion to pursue that lead without announcing her self or her intentions.

She sent her asset in Kayhr ad-Din a quick note to simply track Wallcraft and leave the rest to her. Targeter was a valuable asset and one she wanted to keep available should it become necessary, but Lassander had his own agenda to find Arens which made him a perfect pawn. Should Arens or his master find out they were being pursued, they would be misled into believing this was nothing more than a family vendetta and Renault own involvement would remain – critically -- hidden.

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