Saturday, February 4, 2012


This week, Our Heroes (tm) snatched victory out of the jaws of defeat! When local magnate Kashin Borno responded to our blackmail attempt by giving us a bum deal, we decided to assault him in his own home, incapacitate his guards, break his arm, and threaten him until he gave us what we wanted. While not the original plan, Plan B worked out quite satisfactorily, in a win-win-win situation for everyone, with the possible exception of Borno.

[We have stolen maps of Borno's mines from the back of one of his trucks. Sadly, none of us are geologists and thus need more obvious clues.]
Brock: "We're looking for the 'before evil plan' and 'after evil plan' maps."

[We figure out that Borno did, indeed, divert the MacAllen network to cause the drought and likely has a way to redirect it after all the townsfolk lose their leases to him.]
Lyta: "So what are we doing about this?"
Lukas: "I think it's a good time to speculate on land."

[We decide to try to blackmail Borno so that he'll cut us in on the deal. This plan has only one small flaw.]
Ti Corovan: "If we tell him what we know, he'll have to let us in!"
Lukas: "No, he'll try to kill us."

[The whole situation with the broken-down caravan was, in fact, a ruse orchestrated by Ti Corovan. Fanny was kind enough to hold up the caravan for a few days because she owed him a favor. However, now that we want to investigate further, we'll need the caravan to stay longer to accommodate us.]
Ti Corovan: "I want to see how you're going to convince Fanny--"
Lukas: "Oh, I'm not convincing her of anything. You're convincing her."

[We set up the meeting with Kashin Borno.]
Lukas: (in message) "Come with one man... and a bagful of money."

[Before the meeting, we make sure we're prepared.]
Lukas: "If I want you to kill everybody, the code word will be 'I like the way you do business.' And I think that's the only really essential code word we need."

[We act casual as Sun Fau, Borno's nephew, approaches the tent we set up for the meet.]
Ariel: "You should be on a stool, getting shaved."
Brock: "If only I had--"
Ariel: "A face?"

[Having been beaten up once by Lyta after propositioning her, Sun Fau tries again.]
Sun Fau: "I figure if I know what's coming, it'll give me a fighting chance."
Lyta: "No, it won't."

[We have Ti and Torgath sitting in over-watch positions with long-range rifles. Lukas informs Sun Fau that they are his 'cousins.']
Sun Fau: "Remind me what your cousin's name was?"
Lukas: "Big. Mean. Ugly."
Sun Fau: "I think we're related."

[We set some out-of-game ground rules for the negotiations.]
Julie: "If I can't beat this guy up for asking to sleep with me, you can't shoot the snipers."

[The negotiations go off surprisingly uneventfully and amicably.]
Georges the GM: "Bravo for boredom. Very well done. What's the next stage of the plan?"

[You keep using that word. I'm not sure it means what you think it means.]
Ariel: "Now Maggie can give us the cash back and it's as good as laundered!"

[Ti is remarkably charismatic.]
Lyta: "Ti was at Maggie's all morning. They're probably best buddies by now."
Georges the GM: "Let's roll his influence... [rolls]... Oh, yeah."

[We suspect that Borno does not really intend to keep his deal with us.]
Lukas: "That's why we should kidnap him from his ranch-house tonight."
Ti Corovan: "He will not see that coming."

[We contemplate the kidnap-Borno-from-his-own-house plan.]
Ti Corovan: "I like this plan. It's wild and reckless and doomed to succeed."

[Ti has already scouted the location, because he had some free time when he was in town.]
Brock: "That's the sort of efficiency we are not paying him for. Because we couldn't afford to."

[We begin sneaking up on the ranch-house. Ariel rolls poorly for Torgath's stealth.]
Georges the GM: "Ariel's gonna have an action sequence because he refused to reroll his stealth."
Brock: "That seems reasonable."

[We reflect on the fact that Ariel rarely rerolls his stealth, thus leading him to get caught more than the other players.]
Julie: "Y'know, for all that he's our stealth guy..."

[The last time were infiltrating someone's private home, Torgath got hit on the back of the head by one of the security guys who'd snuck up on him.]
Georges the GM: "Roll notice."
Ariel: "Four."
Georges the GM: "...Oh."
Ariel: "Did the same thing happen again?"
Georges the GM: "Yeah."

[Torgath tries to decide what to do with the guy who surprised him.]
Ariel: "Knife or pistol, knife or pistol... What did we say beforehand?"
Brock: "We said we wanted to incapacitate them, preferably not kill them."

[In the fight with the guard, there are a number of gunshots, including shotgun fire.]
Julie: "Well, there goes the element of surprise. Time for Plan X."

[Lyta and Lukas infiltrate the house and discover that some equipment isn't just useful for D&D.]
Lukas: "The chances are, if we open the door, we'll be shot."
Lyta: "I do have a long pole."
Lukas: "That's an excellent point."

[Lukas and Lyta take out Borno's two bodyguards quickly and effectively. Borno then pulls out a revolver and shoots Lukas.]
Brock: "I can't believe he would shoot us at this point."
Julie: "I can believe a lot of things about this guy."

[Lyta breaks Borno's arm to get the revolver away from him. Lukas then begins the second round of 'negotiations.']
Lukas: "I want... what do I want? Sell me your life."
Kashin Borno: "I won't give you the satisfaction."
Lukas: "We can make this a lot more painful than a broken arm."

[The negotiations continue.]
Kashin Borno: "These townsfolk have legally binding contracts with me."
Lukas: "Not if I shoot you dead."
Kashin Borno: "Is that what you are, murderers?"
Ariel: "We prefer the term assassin."

[The negotiations reach their conclusion.]
Lukas: "Here's the deal: you get to live."
Kashin Borno: "That's a deal I can live with, so to speak."

[More of the same.]
Kashin Borno: "What's in it for you?"
Lukas: "Oh, we're not done yet. We're still at what's in it for you."

[Lukas lays out his terms. Borno appears ready to accept them.]
Kashin Borno: "I figure you're being more fair than perhaps I deserve."
Lukas: "More importantly, more fair than we need to be. How much ready cash you got?"
Kashin Borno: "I may have spoke too soon."

[We make off with an agreement that the MacAllens will be redirected to their original course, Borno will renegotiate his deal with the townsfolk, and that he won't tip off his AST confederates. Also, over 20,000 in cash.]
Lukas: "Pleasure doing business. For us, not for you."

And now we've got almost a full season of downtime as Lyta and Torgath return to Junira Loresh to report back to the Thrall of the Koreshi, and Lukas gets our payment from Nicosa Renault, super-spy, and hopefully figures out how to restore our family fortune. See you then!

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