Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Last night's session saw the PCs attempt to join the rover band called the Desert Wolves. The plan: wait for them to attack our caravan, and then fight them off just hard enough that they're impressed and ask us to join them. Sadly, things didn't go quite according to plan.

[Just making clear everyone's on the same page.]
Brock: "The plan is to defend the caravan effectively but not successfully?"
Georges the GM: "Yes."

[We get taken before Tra Melane, head of the caravan, who is naturally curious about what a group of Sandriders are doing by themselves.]
Brock: "This is where I give Todd the signal to say something inscrutable."
Todd: "It burns like the moon."
Tra Melane: "I... see. Something is clearly lost in translation."

[This is either a great idea or a horrible idea.]
Georges the GM: "Melane is either an excellent judge of character or a very bad one. In any event, he decides you're trustworthy."

[Three members of the Desert Wolves sneak into the caravan by cover of night. Lyta knocks one out with a single powerful kick.]
Ariel: "He's either going to hate you for the rest of his life or have a crush on you."

[I sense the repetition of themes from our last game.]
Brock (to Julie): "This is all your fault."
Julie: "Clearly."

[The three Desert Wolves, now our prisoners, wake up and catch sight of Lyta.]
Desert Wolf: "You're tougher than you look."
Todd: "She's tougher than you look."

[Plan A, attack the invading Desert Wolves but not too effectively, failed. Lukas' Plan B involves attacking the rest of the Desert Wolves, about 20 of them, on their own turf. They've got heavy weapons and we don't.]
Lyta: "For the record: stupid plan."
Lukas: "You always say that."
Lyta: "Because they're always stupid!"

[Todd is captured by the Desert Wolves while slashing their tires.]
Julie: "The plan is to get Todd and get the hell out of Dodge."
Brock: "Yeah. We run like people who run fast."

[Oh, semantics. How I missed you.]
Ariel: "They took out the whole camp with flash-bang grenades."
Brock: "We were returning them."

[Lyta's not a subtle creature.]
Lyta: "If I kick his ass, can I take his necklace?"

[We are taken to meet Grey Cub, the head of the Desert Wolves.]
Grey Cub: "You handled yourselves well."
Lukas: "Right up until we flash-banged ourselves."
Grey Cub: "That was still impressive, even if it wasn't the impression you wished to make."

[A planning truism.]
Lukas: "We don't have a plan yet, but dynamite is always useful."

[We need to bust out one of the Desert Wolves from jail.]
Brock: "No one who has jail cells thinks they're easily broken out of, otherwise they'd upgrade the jail cells!"

[Todd has Influence -1, and it shows.]
Todd: "Do I have to talk to people?"
Lyta and Lukas, in perfect unison: "No."

[In trying to find out information about the man we're supposed to bust out of jail, we're approached by a redneck named Biff.]
Biff (to Lukas): "You're powerful ugly, and I find that deeply offensive."

[We're getting information from the barkeep, a lovely woman who likes to gossip.]
Lyta: "Was he ugly?"
Barkeep: "Oh, darlin'! I don't like to pass judgement, but the Prophet wasn't kind to him."

[More from the barkeep.]
Barkeep: "I say 'gentleman,' but I really mean 'varmint.'"

[Trying to decide what to do with the security guards who are guarding the guy we need to bust out of jail.]
Lyta: "Didn't Grey Cub say not to hurt anybody?"
Lukas: "Well, there's hurt and there's inconvenience."

That's it for this week. Join us next time when we try to figure out how to escape from the marshal's station, Desert Wolf in tow, while Todd bleeds profusely from a bullet to the gut.

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