Friday, June 11, 2010


[We're dealing with Srivan Irshan, our contact in Basal, a middleman in the fine tradition of smarmy middlemen everywhere.]
Brock: "Urge to kill rising!"
Ariel: "Is he a bad guy?"
Brock: "No, he's just irritating."

[Failed ways to negotiate with your GM, part 1...]
Ariel: "Can I have that?"
Josh the GM: "No."
Ariel: "Can I have two?"

[Somehow, I get the sense this isn't gonna work.]
Georges: "We hold our action until we've had downtime."

[We're being led through the vast sewer network below Basal and have just been attacked by giant sewer rats.]
Kain (to our guide): "Give us some sense of the turns we need to take, so when you get eaten by the sewer monsters we'll know where to go."

[Josh the GM wouldn't let us have flamethrowers, so when we're attacked by tons of lizard-like sewer rats, we can't burn them to little crisps.]
Brock: "You know what would be better than a flamethrower? Two flamethrowers."

[Our first guide, Atuk, was totally useless in fighting the sewer rats. We've just met our second guide, Igor.]
Sam: "You got anything better than a knife?"
Igor: "I've got a machete."
Sam: "You win."

[Again, we're in a network of sewer tunnels beneath the city.]
Kain: "Why don't they just gas you?"
Igor: "...Well, we're waiting for that, really."

[Sometimes, the dice rolls just don't match the awesomeness that's on our character sheets.]
Georges: "We're fighting elite troops."
Brock: "We're elite troops!"
Georges: "In principle."

[It turns out that Matt will be rejoining the game, making Gade a soon-to-be-PC again.]
Brock: "We take one for Gade, too, 'cause we're just that meta."

[We acquire some new, nifty climbing gloves off the hands of our enemies.]
Josh the GM: "They're fairly effective. Don't fumble."

[We've just pissed off some soldiers by asking a not-quite-so-innocent question.]
Josh the GM: "I can't begin to convey the look the guy gives you right now."

[As a demonstration team for Paxon Arms, our job is to help promote Paxton guns, and why they're so much better than the guns the soldiers are using now.]
Brock/Kain: "Statistically, it's the exact same gun you already have, but it says 'Paxton' on it!"


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