Monday, June 14, 2010

And we think of these things as well…

Data cannot be retrieved, Error type 206.2.

Imparted with proper force, the lack or aerodynamics can be temporarily overcome with pure energy. Thus, upon displaying the virus message for the third time, the MemCompass flew across the barracks that were housing the Paxton Demonstration team.

Dr Chambers let out a sigh and walked across the room to collect the MemCompass where it had made its emergency landing. He noticed Sam looking at him through the freshly cleaned cylinders of his revolver and would have felt sheepish if his anger weren’t on the prowl like a wolf. He snarled at Sam who returned a puzzled look. Luckily Kain wasn’t there to make some kind of snide remark.

Sitting again at the desk he started a purged of the device’s memory and a reboot of factory sequestered backups. ‘Irshan’ He thought to himself. ‘Well good on him for being cautious.’

So they had no tracking data for the better part of the trip out of the undercity of Basal, well it wasn’t essential anyway; just damned convenient. He had the telemetry off the Skavaran troops’ hardware they had collected, but far more valuable was the trideo film of the trip out. The Doc had switched on Maia’s recording rig just as they set out. Granted it got a little too dark for proper navigation in the middle point, but it clearly showed the undercity and the way points.

It was more information than the Emir of Basal would be comfortable with them having, and if there were any doubt of that before, the little trick with the virus in their compass certainly confirmed it.

Doctor Chambers edited it to make it look more incriminating that it was, compressed it into a small data packet encrypted and uploaded it to a server for safe keeping. Information was the most valuable weapon and it was time to build an arsenal.

He chastised himself for not anticipating treachery, his failure frustrated him more than the mistake warranted, but he reminded himself that he was in the game again.

He couldn’t just go through the motions of furiously beating his wings, sooner of later the ground would come real fast and remind him of the difference between flying and tumbling through the air with conviction.


Heavy Josh said...


Poor Srivan Irshan.

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