Saturday, June 19, 2010


Flat, nearly all of Raleigh is flat.

Gade sat on the rooftop of an office building, watching the warehouse from across the empty lot, looking for any sort of cover. "There really is nothing," he muttered to himself. The warehouse was surrounded by squat strip malls and empty lots. There was even a soccer pitch-sized animal pen, filled with bleating sheep. But no cover.

I suppose a distraction could work... but what?

Emir Shirow had told him that it wouldn't be easy: the shipment in the warehouse was enormous and moving it would draw attention. But the supplies could make all the difference in the end. Gade didn't really have that much confidence in the revolutionaries who comprised his team. They were highly motivated, but motivation only takes you so far before skill becomes a factor. And this job would require more skill than motivation. Gade also doubted that they'd be so ramped up if they knew that half the trucks in the caravan were to be filled with explosives, and had already been rigged with makeshift detonators. He kept that little gem to himself though.

Well I suppose it's about time I get the caravan ready.


The bullets were flying everywhere, and Gade winced as chips of ferrocrete flew into his face.

Well, that got their attention.

He grimaced. The cover fire Gade put down should have let team 2 get out of the building, had more SRID agents not been waiting outside for them. They were trapped. With his squad automatic weapon, Gade could support the others on his own, but his firepower meant that the SRID agents were going after him. The SRID had came out of nowhere, and most of his men were dispersed, or worse. He knew that he wasn't going to be getting the shipment out. The whole thing had to have been a trap, sprung inside a jumbled warehouse crawling with SRID men.

Clearly it is time for drastic action...

Pulling out a pack of remotes, Gade considered which of the caravan trucks was least likely to have anyone on board. It was hard to tell, but peeking up over the ferrocrete berm he was using as cover gave him a good assessment.

He just hoped that he was right and that there wasn't anything too valuable in the truck he was about to blow. He ducked back down behind the berm as a shot bounced off its rounded top, sending ferrocrete flying. With one click of the remote he could hear truck four detonate. Ears ringing, Gade hoped again that he blew up the truck carrying the ration bars, and not the one carrying the anti-gear mines. At least it would attract the attention of the Humanist Alliance protectors. That was the SRID's cue to exit. And his too.

How did they know about the shipment in the first place?

Hefting the SAW, Gade made his move, sprinting for the eastern exit. Gade felt the bullet bite into his left calf, stinging more then anything else. Grinding through the pain, he kept pushing himself for the door.

Just around the corner and they wont have a line of fire.

He stopped behind cover to catch his breath, and he knew he was pinned. A machinegun opened up, shredding the corridor made of box containers. Gade crawled into a little nook.

Just wait...just wait for their heavy gunner to reload then run.

When the bullets suddenly stopped he made is move, hobbling mostly behind cover he turned the corner and BANG. Another agent was waiting with a shotgun in hand. Gade crumpled backwards. He could feel his own blood pooling around him... Someone was grabbing at his legs “LEAVE HIM. HIRA's ON ITS WAY. WE GOTTA GET OUT”. That was it, the last thing Gade heard before it all went black.


Bill Pearce sat at his desk staring out at the town of Trinwood trying to find answers, as he held the audio-only phone to his ear.

“From the looks of it they were just looking to see who would come claim it, though I couldn't tell you why they're so interested. Hold on I have a message coming in.” Putting his contact on hold Bill looked over the latest report from the incident in Raleigh. Coming in now was the list of casualties for both sides. One name jumped out at him. There it was in black and white. Picking up the phone he changed the topic of the conversation:

“You may want to travel to Okavango... someone is going to have to tell Kain that Gade Vonyran is dead.”

After hanging up Bill sat back in his chair and looked out the window again. His heart broke, and he reached for a new bottle of Trinwood Blue. He couldn't make the next phone call without a few drinks first.


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I've never trusted [the SRID], and I never will. I can never forgive them for the death of my [friend].

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