Wednesday, May 13, 2009

To-Do List

Compiled by: Avatanya, Kelly, Ellen and Ben [editorial comments by Trishaw Carmichael, and others!]


2 Longrunners [One with a fuel container for the front half of the cargo hold - T.C.]

1 Barnaby/Mother Barnaby [Mother Barnaby is ideal! Shut up Av! - T.C.]

Junglemower/Peacemaker 40mm gatling autocannon [Kain, you have issues - T.C.]

Surveillance Equipment [Please oh please oh please! - Natty]

Flea piloting lessons! [Please oh please oh please! - Karin]

Vehicle Mods to do:

Armoured/enclosed cockpit for the Elan
Mount 15mm Ruckers on Elan
Remove Riley Hammerstrike I missile tubes from Hunter Recon AG
Reinforce leg armour and transmission on Hunter Recon [The Recon'll be a solid scout. Let's use those missiles on a dedicated assault/support platform - K.L.]
Configure Hammerstrike I tubes for Bear/Spit Expand Hammerstrike I magazine from 2 to 4 [We need to decide on which will be the close assault gear, and which will be the fire support gear; we have two two-shot launchers. Let's get Gade working on one of them - K.L.]

Personnel Wanted:
Ethan Dunn: Driver/scout [With the Doc in KAD, Ethan won't have any problems fitting in. - Av.B.]
1 Dedicated Gear Pilot [Two would be better! - Ellen]


6 Longrunners
1 Gear Transport
9 Gears

Currently the Caravan has:
9 Qualified Gear Pilots: Kain, Sam, Gade, Jo, Kelly, Peter, Ari, Konnor, Torch.
[I'm qualified! - Karin. No, you're not - Av.B.]
7 Combatants: Prabal, Natty, Avatanya, Carmichael, Ben, Bill, Thom.
9 Non-Combatants: Karin, Tessa, Guillaum, Scooter, Ellen, Silas, Diego, Selia, Jibrat. [Kain, talk to Silas and Diego, see if you want to make them full members. - B.C.]

This means: with a 4 gear escort deployment during travel over 6 hour shifts, 4 qualified gear pilots and 7 drivers will be on. Another 5 gear pilots and 11 drivers (both combatant and non-combatant) are on standby. The current schedule is alternating 6-hour shifts for the entire crew, with no breaks during the midday and nighttime while travelling. [Everyone is holding up, though the sooner we get to Tulsa and get some real rest, the better! K.L.]

8 Longrunners
2 Gear transports
10 gears

Requires: 10 drivers, 10 pilots for full deployment

For projected needs, a 5 gear escort deployment for 8 Longrunners and 2 Gear transports would require 5 pilots and 10 drivers on a 6 hour shift. Ideally we should have a complement of 15 gear pilots, deploying twice a day for 6 hours at a time. However, should we stay at 10 gear pilots, and travel with no stops, each pilot deploys 3 times a day for 6 hours, for a total of 18 hours each.

[I want a pony! - B.P.]


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