Sunday, May 24, 2009

From the Diary of Tessa Lin, 7 Spring TN1919

It all happened so fast. But everything moved in slow motion. Moving underground wasn't too bad, and I was helping out at the UnderHang. Karin's family had a new inn all set up real quick. It was my first job. And I guess it's my last in Baja. I'm on a Longrunner truck with Karin. We're never going back. Karin doesn't even talk right now. Not after what her father did. Everyone's fucked up from the war, but I can't believe her own flesh and blood would sell her out like that.

Where can I begin?

We went underground, I started at the UnderHang as a hostess, like Karin. We were busy. All those Mekongese and Republicans staying, planning the city of New Baja. Suits and power meetings and ... Well they kept us busy. But it was those three Mekong suits. We got their names off the hotel registry. I guess we should have been smarter, but I never thought ... After they got flirty in the lobby, Karin and I kept our distance. So sleazy. But Karin had to clean the room, and they were waiting for her.

I only heard her cry out once. I ran to see. So stupid. I can't believe how stupid I was. Karin was on the bed, one of them was hitting her. One was watching. The last hit me a few times, left me to sit in the corner, and then watched. Karin was real quiet. So I was I. I guess I froze, because it took me so long before I saw the gun. Karin had to wait for me to think straight. I guess they thought that they'd be in real dangerous places down in the Badlands, because there it was. Just sitting on the desk out in the open. I guess they didn't think we'd be too much trouble. I just remember going for it. Not even looking. Then I cocked it. That's when they turned towards me. They told me to put it down. They said I was scared. They were right. But I lived through Baja. I wasn't scared enough. I got Karin out of there and we ran.

The next day Karin told her dad what happened. Karin's tougher than me: I've been crying since I picked up the gun, pointing it at those creeps. She only cried once she told me that her father didn't believe her. He said that those men give the town good money and that we shouldn't rock the boat if we ever want New Baja to get on its feet. Karin said she didn't know where to go. But Marshal Delacroix' caravan was in town. Karin remembered that they had this mechanic, Gade, who was nice to her when he was with the Regulators.

We talked to Gade and told him everything. He just said that we could stay with him on the caravan and that he'd vouch for us. He looks a little dirty, but he doesn't seem too bad. Everyone on the caravan's from Baja. Lots of former Regulators, so I've got a good feeling about this. I just wish I could stop crying. Karin sure is brave. She won't talk about it, but I know that one day we'll set this right, somehow.


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