Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dice Dropping Rules Revised

OBSOLETE - 8 September 2010

Aiming/Called Shots
Special Maneuvers

All of the above reduce (or in the case of Aiming, add) dice from a given skill level. This represents a given ability to be consistent, solid in the face of adversity and/or cool-headed, which generally comes with skill, experience and training, rather than innate ability.

Called Shots:
-2 Dice for locations other than the Head/AUX systems
-3 Dice for Head or AUX systems

+1 die per round aiming, to a maximum of the skill level (i.e.: a level 2 Small Arms skill can benefit from 2 rounds of aiming at most).

Special Maneuvers:

Attack of Deception - A.K.A. "Dropping Dice": This maneuver is very straightforward in execution. Simply reduce number of skill dice available to an opposed roll, and the opponent must reduce his/her dice by the same number. Once a die pool is reduced to zero, roll unskilled. This maneuver is available for any opposed roll in which the opponents have direct, close interaction, e.g., a showdown, a close quarters battle. It can also be used in psychological and non-combat instances, though some roleplaying is required here.

Hurrying a Task: Dropping skill dice here represents cutting corners and taking risks in order to complete a task, usually a non-opposed threshold skill roll. Each die dropped reduces the required time of the task by (provisionally) 20%. That is to say, dropping one die on a 10-hour task reduces it to 8 hours, two dice to 6 hours, etc.

Naturally, Emergency Dice may be spent to counteract any dice lost.


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