Friday, June 6, 2008

A Simple Flashback

"Koldur, tell me about the Old Woman of the Desert," Kain said.

The two men had been sparring for over a week now, and the notion that somehow Sam's gunfighting abilities and Koldur's martial arts skills were linked through this Old Woman character was finally beginning to dawn on Kain as unsettling.

"What do you want to know?" the big Sandrider said.

"Well, how did you come to meet her?"

"When I went on my would you say walk as a boy...Most of my people, well, the first born are usually still-born. But I was not. So I was seen as special...Jonus Herasi, is the term we use," Koldur and Kain sparred for a few moments, the Sandrider pressing the Southerner hard, "I was alone in the mountains and I saw her. We communed and I see her periodically since then."

"And she told you to join the Regulators?" Kain's tone was almost incredulous.

"She told me that when the invader leaves, our world will need people who stand for order, justice and rebuilding. Because the invader will return one day."

"But who is she?"

"She is the sand dunes," Koldur replied, "and the Stoneheads. The peaks of the Pacifica, the glacier of Pioneer, the swamps in Siwa. Honestly, Kain, I stopped wondering many cycles ago. She has only imparted wisdom to me."

"And presented you with challenges, it would seem."



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