Friday, June 20, 2008

19 June 2008 Enter Sam-dra

We congregated around the local salon; the good, the badlanders, and, heralded by the exploding Jager outside, the ugly. Like moths to the fire, the more weathered quatuor of our party stepped outside without a moments pause or reasonable apprehension. This peaceful mountain community had been instantly transformed into a scene of chaos as motorbikes raced to and fro, Rovers bearing assault rifles and hearts full of malice buzzed around, devoid of any calculated plan of attack, they were driven by base instinct alone. Our first salvo cut into them like a shotgun in a knife fight. After drawing the attention of the perverse assailants we broke into more tactically sound action. I dashed for the caravan to collect my rifle; Gade charged into the fray and began putting his new vibro-machete to gruesomely good use. Covered by Sam’s new acquaintance Sandra, Tarmalin and Delacroix headed north and south respectively as the battle began in earnest. While Gade furtively mamed and killed unsuspecting rovers with sanguine efficiency, Sam moved boldly into the open, a hail of 11mm death leaping from alternating revolvers. One miscreant after another fell to his lead as he moved forward, spotting two adversaries under cover behind a building, Sam circled around behind them with impressive speed and before they could so much as piss themselves, the gunslinger dove behind them, steel barrels blazing. Gade ferociously severed legs, thoracic cages and assault rifles with impunity. Meanwhile Kain has been caught in crossfire and got pinned down before narrowly avoiding a soundly lobbed grenade. By this time I had found my rifle and a purchase from which I began cleaning the immediate area of the more deeply entrenched enemies, their cover did not spare them the death from above though.

And nearly as suddenly as it had begun it ended; the rovers withdrew back to the mountains. The remainder of our group had not suffered any injuries, taking refuge in the salon. As the gun smoke cleared the local law quickly solicited our help to track down these savages and dispatch them once and for all. Guided by clear moral imperatives we did not hesitate and by nightfall were freezing in the high ranged of the Pacifica Mountains. It was an unexpected encounter with far removed mountain villagers which transformed this simple counter-offensive into a sad and strange story of woe. The mountain people, bereft of all the sophistication of the modern world were easy pray to the despicable rovers, three of their woman had been stolen and after some initial tensions and linguistic barriers we joined forces to bring these villains to heel.

A day later we were in position; I watched over the camp with my deadly accurate tool, Gade had moved in close and quietly, waiting to rain hellfire down on the rovers with his SAW. Delacroix snuck into their midst to find the captives, when he did, he also discovered the gruesome depths of the depravity of these abhorrent creatures. Overwhelmed with disgust Delacroix at once engaged six of the vile creatures. Four fell before they could return the fire. We took this as a signal to begin the scourge of the wicked. Like the scythe of Death itself, the heavy calibre machine gun indiscriminately laid waste to the camp as I dispatched those who sought to escape. Tarmalin mercilessly executed any wretch of opportunity as he advanced to help the now physically and psychologically wounded Delacroix. It was soon over; too soon, as these heinous men deserved more suffering then they met.

The bodies of the victims were recovered and returned to their people for their last rites. The sombre mood left no room for a sense of victory in the hearts of our group. The mood was not lifted when we returned to the mining town to find the caravan we had come on had left without us. Our friends welcomed us silently, sensing much had happened in the last four days. Collecting disparate means of transportation we quickly and quietly set out for the western side of the Pacific range. Sam rode with Ellen on a pair of barnabies, San, Carmichael, Gade and Prabal shared the over-laden jeep. As the party rolled out I waited on the bike a moment, Kain by my side. He looked out into the distance, the expanse of half the world sprawling out before his gaze, several harsh days travel lay ahead but I sensed that his eyes and his mind probably didn’t focus on that. I gave a look over my shoulder at the quiet mountain town that had done us no favours and suggested we get the hell out of here, with a silent nod and a loud gunning of the throttle in accord, we did just that.

Taken from the journal of Dr T. Chambers.


Father Tork said...

Ah Sam-dra, the kind of relationship surely meant to last. A true testament to love if i ever saw it.

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