Thursday, June 5, 2008

An interlude

"What do you mean, 'they broke through the jamming?'" Avatanya Brom hollered over the comm, eyes wide, hands gripping the wheel of the Longrunner truck she was trying to keep from careening off the rough desert road.

"I mean," Bill Pearce growled back, not uncalmly, "that our Warrior's anti-rover ECM suite is not holding its own against Paxsec's advanced electronics."

A short staccato burst of cannon-fire tore up the ground ahead of the caravan as it sped across the Karak Wastes, towards the foothills of the Pacifica mountains.

"Unidentified caravan, this is Peace River Defense Force Echo-Six. Halt and stand down for inspection! This is your final warning," the pilot's voice was almost sarcastic.

Behind the caravan, seemingly unfazed by the dust that seven large trucks can create, a pair of Scorpion attack helicopters kept close chase.

"Sigh..." Bill Pearce knew what was going to happen next wasn't good for this group in the long run, "alright Ari, that's your cue."

"Got it!" the lanky pilot in the Spitting Cobra heavy gear flicked a few switches and then swallowed hard, "open the door!"

The 'Spit' was in the rear bay of the Behemoth gear-transport truck at the back of the caravan. The door dropped, hit the ground with a loud bang, and drove up more debris. Ari was greeted with the unpleasant sight of one of the Scorpion choppers flying low to the ground and right behind him. He gripped the controls and grinned. The Spitting Cobra's missile lock warning klaxon sounded.

"Surprise!" Ari squeezed the trigger, firing a large salvo of rockets at the lead helicopter.


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