Friday, January 22, 2016


All combat, all the time! This week, Our Heroes (tm) faced off against men, Morganas, and Mordreds in the hopes of actually finding either of our targets.

[We pick up where we left off last session.]
Julie: “We didn’t specify what type of GREL came out of the elevator.”
Georges the GM: “They’re Mordreds.”
Julie: (resigned) “Of course they are.”
Zac: “Who has the rocket launcher?”

[Lukas and Torgath are in the empty security room as hostiles start closing in. They have… somewhat different priorities.]
Brock: “I want to see if there’s a way for me to close doors or activate countermeasures.”
Ariel: “I want to kill someone.”

[In the security room, Lukas realizes the base has no anti-aircraft defenses.]
Zac: “We’re going about this all wrong! We should have bunker-bombed them!”
Brock: “But unfortunately someone fucked up that relationship.”
Julie: “Also, Jonas is still inside.”
Brock: “…That too.”

[The base’s security forces are coming down the stairs towards the security room. They throw a grenade inside.]
Ariel: *tries to throw back the flash-bang grenade and rolls a 5*
Zac: “The downside of this plan is that a flash-bang going off in your hand is considerably worse than a flash-bang going off over there on the floor.”

[It turns out Lukas does, in fact, have a rocket launcher.]
Brock: “It is +0 accuracy, with x140 damage.”
Ariel: “What’s the Mordreds’ wound threshold?”
Brock: “Not 140.”

[Lukas shoots the Mordred with the rocket launcher. It goes exactly as planned. The impact is so great that several of the surrounding trees buckle… and completely fail to take out the Mordred’s companions.]
Zac: “You couldn’t hit them with a tree?”
Brock: “I’m a commando, not a lumberjack!”

[Lukas makes his way to the armory and finds a 9 mm chain gun.]
Brock: “You know what’d be great? A tandem 9 mm chain gun!”

[Meanwhile, Fennec and Lyta are searching some of the labs to ensure we don’t get flanked, while the rest of their team – two humans and two Minerva GRELS – deal with the oncoming Mordred.]
Brock: “I’m not sure Minervas vs. Mordreds is the way we want this to go.”
Zac: “Better than us vs. Mordreds.”

[Sadly, the Minerva vs. Mordred fight is going about as well as we expected.]
Zac: “Our guys are acting like killable extras in an action movie.”

[Lyta and Fennec accidentally trip a failsafe that causes a blast door of 4” plexiglass to slam down between them and the rest of the team. And then the air is sucked out of the room.]
Zac: “Why didn’t we bring our scuba gear?!”

[Lyta and Fennec are slowly suffocating, while just outside the rest of their team is getting chewed up by a Mordred GREL.]
Zac: “I’d be able to help you better if I was outside the door. But then I’d be getting shot by a GREL. …We can still make that party.”

[Lyta and Fennec get the blast door open and are no longer suffocating. However, the Mordred appears to have been joined by three Morgana GRELs.]
Brock: “You’re gonna get a chance to test your ninja skills!”
Julie: “I don’t wanna test my ninja skills against a Morgana, much less three of them!”

[The Morganas spilt up. Lyta and Fennec’s team are now faced with a Mordred, a Morgana, and a human.]
Georges the GM: “The Mordred is laying down suppressing fire. The human is…”
Zac: “Catching up on his reading?”

[Fennec has a brilliant idea.]
Zac: “It’s a team effort – I give Lyta a bomb and she plants it on the GREL’s back.”

[More of the same.]
Zac: “I’ve always wanted to do this. I’m only sad I don’t have a shaped charge and I’m not doing it myself. I’ll be with you in spirit.”

[Meanwhile, Lukas is still engaged in a firefight with the GRELs using his 9 mm chain gun.]
Brock: “How much cover can the Morgana have anymore!?”
Julie: “The arboretum is less arborous.”

[Our massive firepower does manage to damage the Mordreds, albeit very slowly.]
Georges the GM: “Death by a thousand cuts!”
Brock: “These guys can take a lot of cuts.”

[Eventually the fight is over. We have managed to take down two Mordreds, two Morganas, and a number of humans. And it only cost us four wounded team members, including two PCs.]
Georges the GM: “You guys did very well!”
Zac: “Considering the odds were impossible.”

[Of course, it could always have been worse.]
Brock: “You know what my favorite part of this is? When we killed all those GRELs in their sleep.”

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