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While Our Heroes (tm) continue to wait in the limbo that is Creighton Aux, far away on the other side of the planet, Lucian Jacobi has hired a crew for a few special jobs. Also known as, “What do you do for a few sessions when one of your players can’t make it to game night?”

[We pick up with our slave-trading characters, including Ariel’s character Karima, a getaway driver with a taste for fine food.]
Georges the GM: “The last time you got together for shwarma and petty pick pocketing…”

[Karima and Ken are tasked with bringing a Humanist Alliance second-story man, Gideon, to Lucian Jacobi’s boat. Gideon, played by Brock, is a curious sort.]
Ariel: “Do you look in my suitcase?”
Brock: “Is it there?”
Ariel: “Yes.”
Brock: “Then yes.”

[Once aboard the Concordia, Lucian Jacobi’s boat, they are met by Julie’s character Roxanne, who is working security.]
Roxanne: “Do you have any weapons?”
Gideon: “My knife… butterfly sword…”

[Ken and the rest of the team are tasked with breaking into an apartment that is probably surveilled by the SRID in order to obtain some information that was left there. Good thing we have a second-story man. Probably.]
Brock: *botches acrobatics*
Ariel: “What happened?”
Brock: “The laser-tripwires we thought had eight permutations? It turns out they had nine permutations.”

[Gideon’s failure naturally summons the authorities. Gideon runs away and pretends nothing happened.]
Georges the GM: “The POP go to the window where Gideon… failed.”

[Once the authorities leave, it’s time for take two!]
Brock: “I have no xp left, so either I make this roll or we come back in a month or so.”

[Gideon does in fact succeed in entering the apartment. Now he just needs to find the data we need.]
Brock: “I’m looking for something people would like to hide in a place they would like to hide it. Fortunately this is my exact skill set.”

[Gideon has found a floor safe. Sadly, there are no obvious means of getting it open. He calls in Ken for help.]
Ken: “Karima, do you know a good restaurant that does molecular cuisine?”
Karima: “Sure. You want fusion or something experimental?”
Ken: “I want something that uses liquid nitrogen to freeze things.”

[Sadly, while all this is going on, the SRID have been alerted to the presence of people in the apartment and come up to investigate.]
Gideon: “I can hide in one of the filing cabinets but I don’t know where you’re gonna hide.”
Ariel: “Bring three potted plants together – it counts as a jungle.”

[More of the same.]
Georges the GM: “His camouflage: kitchen is not good.”

[We ultimately succeed in getting the data and bringing it back to Jacobi, who we might recall is a probable Beta-bel.]
Georges the GM: “He plugs the data disc into…”
Ariel: “His brain?”

[We get a look at what’s on the data disc, i.e. a person being interrogated.]
Ariel: “Out of character, what does he look like?”
Georges the GM: “Out of character, he looks like a version of Lukas.”
Ariel: “Oh, shit, he still thinks Lukas is his buddy!”

[Jacobi has a follow-up mission for us. Gideon proves that he’s new to the negotiating game.]
Lucian Jacobi: “For the danger, I imagine it’d be worth… twenty thousand?”
Gideon: (immediately) “Okay!”

[For the follow-up mission, we will be working with our old acquaintance, Krak Bhakir. We meet him at a restaurant to discuss details. Sorta.]
Georges the GM: “There’s some discussion of what language to use before it’s pointed out that you might be being recorded and nothing of substance should be said anyway.”

[The job is to break into TDI labs and delete some data off their servers.]
Georges the GM: “Any special equipment you guys want?”
Julie: “I take all the guns I feel comfortable with. And medium flak.”

[The plan is to go sneaky for as long as we can, but there are limits.]
Brock: “Since we’re gonna be wearing lab coats…”
Julie: “And not medium flak?”
Brock: “Over medium flak.”

[Bhakir has a laundry cleaning service that TDI contracts with. The first step, of course, is getting in the front door.]
Ariel: “He can’t just leave the door open?”
Georges the GM: “No, that would make it too easy.”

[After some planning, we successfully infiltrate the building.]
Georges the GM: “There’s not a lot of space in the ceiling.”
Brock: “It doesn’t have to be big.”
Georges the GM: “True – you are a small guy.”
Ariel: “Much smaller than Bhakir.”
Brock: “Like 1/5 his size.”

[Gideon does what he does best.]
Georges the GM: “You hear someone crawling in the ceiling tiles.”
Julie: “There’s only one person that can be. I’m not concerned.”

[The good news is we’ve taken out the one guard on duty. The bad news is there’s another guard on patrol, and he’s on his way back.]
Gideon: “What happens when the guard comes back and sees the other guard is down?”
Ken: “I think that means we have to be out of here in five minutes.”

[We have kidnapped a scientist and used his biometrics to access the server room. While Ken does his hacking, the rest of us are left to our own devices.]
Ariel: “I engage the scientist in small talk, partly because I don’t want him to know what we’re doing, and partly because I’m bored.”

[We take the scientist with us when we leave.]
Karima: “Do you have insurance?”
Scientist: “All citizens have some form of insurance against accidents.”
Karima: “I guess you don’t have to worry about theft, huh?’
Scientist: (alarmed) “Theft?!”

[We finish the TDI job.]
Brock: “If only our actual ops went this smoothly! [beat] Of course, the last time this happened we got arrested by Gorash the next day.”

[We return to the Concordia, only to find that Jacobi has left us in something of a pickle.]
Roxanne: “Faked his own death and sold us out – that’s low!”

[Yes, it seems Jacobi has framed his ‘death’ on the team and the VDSS is incoming. Quickly.]
Brock: “Nothing says ‘we don’t want to be arrested’ like surface-to-air missiles.”

[Jacobi’s alleged death raises more questions than it answers.]
Julie: “Roxanne wants to know where he got a body double.”
Georges the GM: “She can wonder.”
Julie: “Temporarily.”

[We quickly consider our options.]
Ariel: “We could turn ourselves in. Right now, are our crimes more or less bad than assaulting POPs?”
Brock: “Less, but I think you’ll find evidence here that we killed him.”

[More considering of options.]
Ariel: “Do I know how to take down the ship effectively?”
Georges the GM: “Roll pilot: boat.”
Brock: “’What would be the worst place to ram into?’”

[As we’re running away from the VDSS, trying to access areas of the ship that would be most effective to scuttle it…]
Georges the GM: “You don’t have mechanics. What do you use to cut through the floor?”
Brock: “My plasma torch!”

[As we run, we engage the VDSS in a firefight. With explosives.]
Ariel: “We haven’t killed any of them.”
Brock: “Well…”
Ariel: “They should have been more careful.”
Brock: “I’m sure that’ll go over well at your deviancy review hearing.”

[Roxanne has been injured in the fight with the VDSS.]
Georges the GM: “You’re just covering Gideon?”
Julie: “And bleeding.”

[Sadly, Roxanne continues to get wounded until she is knocked out and goes down with the ship.]
Brock: “Poor Roxanne.”
Julie: “She died better than Victor did.”

[The remaining members of the team escape on one of the Concordia’s launches as the main ship sinks.]
Ariel: “The VDSS have other things on their minds. Like that the boat they’re on is going down.”

[As the session comes to a close…]
Georges the GM: “I didn’t think as many of these characters would survive this.”

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