Friday, January 1, 2016


It begins! This week, Our Heroes (tm) make their final preparations and begin the raid on Creighton-Auxiliary. The good news is that we are making great progress in causing everyone in the facility to have a very bad day. The bad news is we still haven’t found our targets yet…

[Brock informs Zac and Ariel of what happened last session, most notably about how he hired ‘mercenaries’ to help us raid Creighton-Aux.]
Zac: “You have a pretty good bare-faced lie, so I’m forced to accept this.”
Brock: “Oh, you can be suspicious. As you should be!”

[Lyta is also aware that the ‘mercenaries’ are courtesy of Nicosa Renault, and will capture Dr. Bearden instead of killing him, as Ti wants.]
Julie: “All it cost was my soul.”
Zac: “But you already sold your soul to me.”
Julie: “I’m just betraying everyone!”

[Before we can start the raid, there are a few bookkeeping matters to take care of.]
Georges the GM: “Give me your equipment list, because you’ll only have what you bring.”
Zac: “Oh, so you want this to take forever?”

[We come up with our equipment list. Some items require more discussion than others.]
Brock: “Medium flak is academic because we don’t have medium flak.”

[One of the things Lukas insists we have is a satellite uplink.]
Brock: “Worst-case scenario, we transmit the data we receive and we all die.”
Zac: “That’s… sunny.”

[The equipment list is… long.]
Brock: “My approach to planning is ‘what are the things we hopefully won’t encounter?’ and then plan for that.”

[We have finally finished planning our equipment. It only took an hour.]
Zac: “Tactics dice?”
Georges the GM: “Well, you haven’t actually planned a tactical approach…”
Zac: “We made an equipment list.”

[We arrive at the airfield and meet our hopper pilot, Diego.]
Diego: “Anything else you need before we lift off?”
Fennec: “Chewing tobacco?”
Diego: “Smoking is allowed on this flight, especially for you, madame. You’re already smoking.”
Ariel: “Is he related to Oscar?”

[We are taking two hoppers to the HALO jump site. In ours are two mercs in addition to the PCs.]
Lukas: “One of you will go first, but one of you might need to push anyone who won’t jump.”

[We take our hopper up to 11,000 meters, high enough to see both the curvature of the planet and the rapidly oncoming storm.]
Ariel: “It’s like a nice fluffy blanket.”
Brock: “Of death.”

[We prepare to jump out of the hopper on our high-altitude, low-opening jump. Ariel, Brock, and Julie all spent extra xp to ensure they have plenty of dice to roll. Zac, meanwhile, looks at his dwindling xp supply…]
Zac: “What’s the worst that can happen? I’ll go home early.”

[We all make excellent jumps, especially Fennec.]
Zac: “Are the mercs in awe?”
Georges the GM: “Their helmets are covering most of their faces. But as far as you can tell from just their chins, they are… satisfied.”

[One of the mercs is more blasé than the others.]
Georges the GM: “She rolls her eyes with her chin.”

[We finally meet the team from the other hopper, which includes four Minerva GRELs.]
Brock: “The Minervas outrank us in every attribute, except creativity, I presume.”

[We have a team briefing before storming the base. Lukas gives a pep talk, such as it is.]
Lukas: “I realize these are not optimal, ideal, or even acceptable circumstances to be making a raid of this sort.”

[We accomplish the first step, i.e. finding the entrance to the base. Naturally, nothing is ever that easy.]
Lukas: (to Fennec) “Come up with a plan to defeat the countermeasures on the exhaust port. You have until we reach them to come up with the plan.”

[We successfully infiltrate the base with no one the wiser.]
Georges the GM: “Below you is a barracks with sleeping men, women, and GRELs.”
Zac: “This would have been a great time for that gas we didn’t bring.”

[More of the same.]
Brock: “We should really go in and murder all the guys in the barracks.”
Zac: “That’s what I just said.”

[The leader of our mercs is Tatsugoro. He is aware that the plan is to capture Bearden instead of assassinating him. However, just because we’re saving one target doesn’t mean we need to save all of them.]
Tatsugoro: “Give the option, I would rather kill them in their sleep than fight them awake.”

[Torgath offers to silent-kill everyone in the barracks.]
Brock: “I’m not sure I wanna send Torgath into a 20:1 situation.”
Julie: “26:1.”

[Lukas’ half of the team infiltrates the barracks and begins the slaughter.]
Georges the GM: “Okay, what is your favored means of murder?”

[The killing begins.]
Zac: “What kind of modifier do you get to your notice if you’re asleep?”

[Some targets are trickier than others.]
Georges the GM: “How are you dealing with the GRELs?”
Brock: “I’m gonna let the GRELs deal with the GRELs.”

[The Minervas are very effective at what they do.]
Georges the GM: “These are the easiest-dying GRELs in history.”
Zac: “But it’s GREL-on-GREL violence, so it’s okay.”

[Lukas and his team deal with everyone in the barracks.]
Georges the GM: “So… yeah! Bloodbath!”
Brock: “I’m pleased these guys are dead but I wish it were less shooty and more knifey.”

[Meanwhile, Lyta and Fennec’s team are infiltrating the labs. They try to hack some information from the computers.]
Zac: “I want to do this carefully and not set off alarms.”
Georges the GM: “Then roll well!”

[Lyta, Fennec, et al continue their infiltration of the base.]
Georges the GM: “You can access the hallway via a service elevator.”
Zac: “Thanks for the hint!”
Georges the GM: “Absolutley. Also I don’t want you going down the other, secret elevator.”

[Lukas, Torgath, and their team are infiltrating the other side of the base.]
Georges the GM: “There’s a heavy water fusion reactor.”
Brock: “That looks like it’ll explode!”
Zac: “Is fusion reactors in your skill set?”
Brock: “Demolitions is!”

[More infiltration.]
Julie: “What’s downstairs?”
Georges the GM: “Dim light.”
Brock: “A sense of foreboding.”

[The session ends on a high note.]
Lukas: “We’re about to storm the security station.”
Fennec: “Well… good luck with that.”

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