Friday, December 18, 2015


All systems go! This week, Lyta and Lukas find the secret Creighton-Aux base and figure out how they’re going to storm it. And all it cost was their souls.

[The only players at this week’s session were Julie and Brock, leading to some amount of blame-shifting to non-present PCs.]
Brock: “This is about the time I would ask our team leader what our plan is.”
Georges the GM: “Fennec is uncomfortable.”

[Of course, Fennec isn’t actually the team leader. That would be Lukas.]
Brock: “Did Ti really say I should lead?”
Georges the GM: “I wrote a post about it.”
Brock: “Bah!”

[We realize that Mark Kim may have already delivered the webble to Creighton-Aux. One way to check is to hack his Gear’s neural-net and try to find a record of recent activity. Of course, that’s if the data is still there.]
Georges the GM: “He may be paranoid, but it’s his own Gear. You guys never wipe your Gears.”
Brock: “…I tell Fennec to make a note to wipe our Gears.”

[Time to hack Mark Kim’s Gear!]
Brock: “We’ll do it when they break for lunch. And when I say ‘we,’ I mean ‘they.’”

[Given that Torgath and Fennec are our main computer people, we hand-wave their mini-op.]
Georges the GM: “So, as was discussed before, success!”

[Georges the GM rolls stamina checks for Torgath and Fennec, who have been out in the snow all day.]
Georges the GM: “Fennec and Torgath have had a rough day…”
Brock: “…Collecting xp for us!”

[We figure out where Creighton-Aux is. Sadly, it seems someone has deliberately blurred the government records of the area.]
Lyta: “So, do we want to just load up for bear – no pun intended – and get out there?”

[We contemplate our next steps.]
Georges the GM: “Uncharacteristically, Torgath makes a helpful suggestion…”

[More of the same.]
Lyta: “What was the plan for when we found this ting?”
Lukas: “Well, Fennec, O team leader?”
Fennec: “…”

[And yet more.]
Lyta: “I’d love to go in with overwhelming firepower. That’d be great!”

[Fennec contacts Ti, who tells us that our fixer’s boss can help us. Sadly, our fixer’s boss happens to be Christina Katchelli.]
Lyta: “Katchelli, huh?”
Fennec: “You know her?”
Lyta: “Yeah.”
Fennec: “Oh, good. That’ll make things easier.”
Lyta: “No.”

[Lyta gives a brief rundown of our history with Katchelli to Fennec.]
Fennec: “So you got her out of prison?”
Lukas: “We also got her into prison.”

[We call back Ti.]
Ti Corovan: “Lukas! How are you enjoying the clean Northern air?”
Lukas: “It’s cold and we’re surrounded by people who want to kill us.”
Ti Corovan: “Aren’t you usually surrounded by people who want to kill you?”

[Lyta and Lukas lay out their hesitations about dealing with Katchelli.]
Lyta: “You sure she’s not gonna shoot us on sight?”
Ti Corovan: *long pause* “My guess is she won’t.”

[More of the same.]
Lukas: “She’s a borderline insane criminal dominatrix. And that was before!”

[Lukas makes a call to Nicosa Renault. It seems that Renault can have an eight-man team ready for deployment in 36 hours. Of course, Renault wants Bearden alive while Ti wants him dead. Lukas decides to share the burden of conscience with Lyta. Privately.]
Lukas: “Lyta, let’s go for a walk.”
Fennec: “Should I be doing something?”
Lukas: “Come up with a plan for stealing four Gears from the military base.”

[Lukas is bad at preamble.]
Lukas: “How much do you want to save Jonas?”
Lyta: (suspiciously) “Why?”
Lukas: “How much? What would you bargain?”
Lyta: “What do you know that I don’t know?”
Lukas: “…”
Lyta: “About this thing!”

[Lukas lays out the options for Lyta: deal with the highly untrustworthy Katchelli, or take Renault’s offer, even if it means Bearden stays alive.]
Lukas: “I think you can figure Bearden will be… vigorously debriefed. Until he dies.”
Georges the GM: “Or vigorously incentivized.”

[Lukas suggests splitting the team into two: Lukas and Todd going after Bearden while Lyta and Fennec rescue Jonas.]
Lukas: “You can honestly tell Ti you didn’t see it and that Lukas is a notorious liar.”

[Lukas has informed the rest of the team, i.e. Fennec and Torgath, that he has arranged for trustworthy mercs without explaining where he got them.]
Georges the GM: “Fennec has no problem with this plan because she doesn’t know there’s anything suspicious or untoward about it.”

[Lyta agrees to Lukas’ proposal. Now the only thing we need to figure out is how to get in without being shot down on approach.]
Lyta: “Going in under the cover of a storm will make it harder for us.”
Lukas: “But it will also make it possible.”

[The plan is to parachute in on a high-altitude low-opening parachute drop and get a hopper to do the evac.]
Georges the GM: “If you’re planning to be stealthy about it, it will be difficult to coordinate with the hopper for your exfil without tripping their monitoring defenses.”
Julie: “Let us assume that in this, as in all previous missions, things will go to hell and we’ll encounter resistance.”
Georges the GM: “Then the hopper exfil will be no problem.”

[There are, of course, other options besides parachuting.]
Georges the GM: “Torgath suggests an overland approach.”
Julie: “Torgath has been having trouble with snow lately.”
Georges the GM: “He can read another book about it.”

[We decide to go with Plan A.]
Brock: “I like the parachute option.”
Julie: “I too like the parachute option.”
Georges the GM: “Yes! I’m so excited about the parachute option!”

[We review the plan and how we arrived at it.]
Georges the GM: “Your approach to call Auntie N was brilliant and completely undermined all the difficulties I envisioned for tonight’s session.”

[More of the same.]
Georges the GM: “When you come up with an elegant plan that outwits me, I like to reward it with the boredom of success.”

[We review the cost of our success.]
Georges the GM: “You actually managed to co-opt Ti’s girlfriend.”
Brock: “Welcome to my world. My dark, sad world.”

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LeRoi Singe said...

Fennec feels like more of a muppet than usual this session... so much redirected blame! Maybe Lukas and Lyta should just do everything from now on, since they make such a great team! Hmph!

Game Thug said...

Some of us are high-speed operators.

Others are still having trouble with the clutch.

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