Thursday, December 10, 2015

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter IX: Getting to Pioneer

It was a harrowing escape. They decided to torch the van because DNA bombs are expensive and stolen vans are cheap. There weren’t too many quips during the ride. Back at the safe house, crammed with equipment and  bodies, they sorted gear, cleaned clothing, showered and patched up the wounded.

The operation produced mixed result: on the one hand Fennec managed to finish hacking the webble; on the other, two fo the party were wounded and Todd was about to become one of the North’s most wanted.

Some time later that day the detail squad arranged by Markus came through with their data. The records on floor 32 only went back a week before being backed up to the central server and purged but Mads found something worthwhile; an invoice for secure transportation to Marathon.

Unfortunately, now that it had been excused from the dog, the webble was no longer transmitting, but at least they had a direction to go on. Or so they thought.

Before the party split up, Mads revealed he had managed to hack WestRim’s system. He knew they used an incredibly secure bloc-chain system which, though not impossible to hack, was impossible to access without leaving a trace. In the midst of the elevator shaft attack, the pandemonium caused by Dawn and everything else, Mads figured stealth wasn’t a mission priority anymore. Between the time WestRim rebooted their system and they rode the elevator out of the chaos, Mads had access to their system for 6.7 seconds.

Fennec and Lyta packed their bags and headed for Marathon the next morning while Mads went back to his regular life under the watchful eye of his protectrice while promising to sift through the data he had hacked for anything of value.

Given Todd’s status, both as a wanted man but also a wounded man, it was judged it would be best for him to stay put. Lukas stayed in Lyonnesse as well. There was little conversation between the brothers in those few days.

The better part of a week passed and the reality of failure began to set in. Lyta and Fennec has had no trace of the webble. The city was the seat of the UMF’s high-tech industry, including the leading producers of NNets. As Todd seemed engrossed in some kind of writing project, Lukas took it upon himself to plow through UMF business journals and discover that Alex Shroeder, the newly hired president of WestRim, had risen smartly through the ranks at Northco before taking on her new role. Analysts pointed to this as further confirmation that WestRim was a secret holding of Northco which was sure to rise in value.

As the chances for finding the webble dwindled, and with it the hope of finding Jonas, Fennec received a coded message from Ti. It was short and to the point: 'Get to Pioneer'.

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Julie said...

Seriously? After everything we went through, we're gonna "Ti ex machina" the ending?

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