Friday, April 24, 2015


Jan Mayen! Where the GRELs are purple and the plans are covert. This week, Our Heroes (tm) wrap up one job and prepare for the next, all while trying to prevent Lyta from doing something… hasty. Good times all around.

[We catch up on where we left off.]
Brock: “Did Ti do anything last session?”
Georges the GM: “He was essential to the plan… which was not followed.”

[Our plan is to sell the Behemoth Gear transport in Jan Mayen. Of course, we don’t want it being prematurely discovered.]
Ti Corovan: “We’ll have to camouflage the Behemoth and secure it.”
Janus: “Well, that’ll be a project.”

[Brock gives us a probably scenario involving the results of our camouflaging.]
Man 1: “What’s that over there?’
Man 2: “Looks like it might be a Gear transport.”
Man 1: “What make?”
Man 2: “Can’t tell – it’s too well camouflaged.”

[Zac makes some excellent disguise rolls for Lyta and Fennec.]
Julie: “We’re completely unrecognizable! We look like each other! …Oh, wait.”

[As we arrive in Jan Mayen, Janus comes to a realization.]
Janus: “Fuck! If I collect the bounty on you guys, I get the Behemoth too!”

[Fennec points out that there is no bounty on her head.]
Janus: (to Fennec) “The bounty is for these guys ‘and other.’ Doesn’t matter whose corpse I’m dragging behind my jeep.”

[We arrive in Jan Mayen.]
Fennec: “You’re surrounded by purples – what are you gonna do?”
Lyta: “Punch you if you don’t stop asking that question.”

[We book some motel rooms for the night.]
Torgath: “Who’s intent on keeping watch?”
Janus: “Fennec’s paranoia has spread to Lyta.”
Lyta: “We’re surrounded by GRELs!”

[Instead of having the team keep watch all night, Ti goes off to get ‘additional security.’]
Lyta: “What did you do?”
Ti Corovan: “You won’t like it.”
Lyta: “Are there GRELs outside my door?”
Ti Corovan: “…Yes.”
Lyta: “Fine. You get the bed closer to the door.”

[Thankfully, no one was killed in their sleep.]
Ti Corovan: (to Fennec) “I had a GREL watching Janus’ room. As opposed to your room, which I had a GREL protecting.”

[We go for breakfast the next morning.]
Julie: *rolls* “Oh, Lyta did not do well on her psyche check.”
Janus: “Wow, there sure are a lotta GRELs around.”
Lyta: “…Yeah.”
Janus: “Walkin’ around like they were people.”
Lyta: *glares*

[We take a brief moment to joke about the fact that it’s hard to tell GRELs apart.]
Zac: (as GREL) “We didn’t have mirrors where we came from.”
Julie: “But they’re clones of each other.”
Zac: “…Oh, right.”

[After breakfast, we go to a meeting with Col. Baakov. On the way, we realized we are tailed by GRELs. Janus manages to lose his. The rest of us do not.]
Ariel: “My social camouflage isn’t great.”
Zac: “You’re not a GREL, so you don’t blend in.”

[Also at the meeting with Col. Baakov are Doc Chambers, Dr. Neseen, and Isabella Damosa.]
Doc Chambers: “Torgath?”
Torgath: “Who’s that?! I’m Ben ‘Bandanas’ Banderson.”
Isabella Damosa: “Dr. Chambers, I realize this is more your expertise than mine, but on the topic of psychoses…”

[More on Torgath’s new name.]
Ariel: “Torgath doesn’t know names can be non-alliterative.”
Zac: “He only reads pulp fiction.”

[After quite a bit of exposition about the Bear’s plans, it is revealed that Doc Chambers worked out a deal to get the PCs off the hook with HIRA.]
Torgath: “Does that mean we owe you now?”
Ti Corovan: “No.”
Doc Chambers: “Yes.”
Ti Corovan: “No.”

[Col. Baakov has given us special dispensation to enter Jan Mayen proper and not just Old Town.]
Fennec: (wryly) “Well, it’s not like we cause a lot of trouble when we come into town.”

[A little more exposition after the meeting.]
Ti Corovan: “You know Dr. Neseen is working on giving GRELs more human features.”
Fennec: “How’s he doing that? Wigs?”

[Some of the exposition is less welcome than others.]
Ti Corovan: “If people find out they’re working on allowing GRELs to breed, it might inspire… more hasty action.”
Lyta: *glares*

[Lyta and Ti have a difference of opinions on the topic of GRELs.]
Ti Corovan: (pointedly) “Some people might have to revisit their opinions.”
Lyta: “Yeah, some people might.”
Brock: “But not these people!”

[Our next op will be to break up the human trafficking ring at the start of the Bear’s operations. We will be taking a small infiltration team to secure the captives before a larger assault team composed GRELs tears everything to the ground. Of course, it would be nice to have more than four people on the infiltration team.]
Ti Corovan: (to Janus) “Feel like joining in on an insane infiltration—“
Janus: “Don’t show me any maps yet. I want to be able to refuse without you guys locking me in a closet.”

[Ti lays out the plan in broad brush-strokes.]
Janus: “I have to say, you guys are not the stealthiest I’ve ever worked with.”
Ti Corovan: “I thought you worked alone.”

[Janus is not interested in helping with the job.]
Janus: “Too soon. I’m out.”
Ti Corovan: “…Okay.”
Fennec: “Time to lock him in the closet?”
Ti Corovan: “Yeah.”

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