Saturday, April 4, 2015


Revenge is a dish best served unexpected! To whit, Our Heroes (tm) have decided to take on Thamo Matoux, with a little help from our friends. By which I mean, The Doc’s friends. By which I mean, complete nutcases.

[Keep in mind that Our Heroes (tm) are still separated.]
Georges the GM: “What does Lukas do now that he has some R&R time?”
Brock: “He will count his money.”

[The plan is to steal Thamo Matoux’s secret leger for the Doc. We equip ourselves appropriately.]
Brock: “The way Georges described this job, it wasn’t a ‘grenade launcher’ sort of mission.”

[We wait in the 40,000-person city of Elayu for final coordinates.]
Georges the GM: “So, you guys are in the biggest small town in the Badlands.”

[As we’re waiting for the coordinates, who should appear but Ti and Fennec?]
Lyta: “I thought you were on a long-term mission.”
Ti Corovan: “We’re taking a break.”
Brock: “Since the radiation, Ti’s operational stamina is significantly reduced.”

[Also appearing is the Doc’s contact Janus, played by Brock, a guy who may or may not also be a bounty hunter come to collect on us.]
Janus: “You’re all safe from me… for now. No, just kidding – totally safe. Probably.”

[Ti and Lyta are on the same wavelength with regards to Janus.]
Ti Corovan: “There’s a significant chance that if this guy is a professional bounty hunter, he’s probably made you.”
Lyta: (deadpan) “You don’t say.”

[We go out for dinner.]
Georges the GM: “It’s an evening of meatloaf and moderately tall tales.”
Zac: “Slightly taller than average tales.”

[Ti puts some gentle thumbscrews to Janus.]
Ti Corovan: “I’m curious – how much is the Doc paying you for this job?”
Janus: “A lot!”

[Three ruffians call out Janus to ‘talk’ outside.]
Janus: “I’ll be back in a minute. Or I won’t be.”

[As Janus goes outside to deal with the three-on-one odds.]
Lyta: “Are we gonna help him?”
Ti Corovan: “We could watch.”
Lyta: “Yeah, okay.”

[The fight begins.]
Goon: *hits Janus with a club*
Georges the GM: “Your initiaitive.”
Brock: “I’m no fool – I draw.”

[The fight continues.]
Zac: “I’m torn. It’s not great odds, but he’s kind of a dick.”

[The fight ends, and Our Heroes (tm) are sent the coordinates of Thamo Matoux’s camp. We roll out.]
Julie: “Some of us don’t have our Jaguars with us.”
Zac: “Like all of us?”
Julie: “Yeah.”

[Matoux has a Behemoth Gear transport. We consider what to do about it.]
Georges the GM: “You wouldn’t want your Gears to be easily stealable.”
Zac: “Then how did Lukas steal my Gear?!”
Brock: “My Gear.”

[Lyta and Janus head forward to Matoux’s tent. Fennec decides to go deal with the hostile Gears in the hopes that they won’t be able to come after us.]
Brock: “Of all the times to choose to leave an observation positon, I’m not sure the moment when we’re in immediate danger is the one I’d pick…”

[Lyta and Janus knock of Matoux with sfika darts and then wake him up.]
Georges the GM: “He’s awake. He’s got tape over his mouth. He looks mad.”

[You can never be too careful.]
Brock: “Actually, he’ll be naked when he wakes up.”
Zac: “So he’ll be less inclined to chase us through a sandstorm?”
Georges the GM: (as Thamo Matoux) “I exfoliate!”

[After a few minutes of less-than-successful interrogation…]
Janus: “We found your scorpion. I ain’t never used one of them before, but I hear there’s a trick you can do with a scorpion and a box.”

[More interrogation. Janus has resorted to the expedient of having Matoux blink his answers, so we don’t need to remove the tape from his mouth.]
Jasnus: “Is the leger in this camp?”
Thamo Matoux: *blinks no*
Janus: “Well, that’s bad news for you!”

[More of the same, with Matoux’s mouth now uncovered.]
Janus: “Where’s the leger?”
Thamo Matoux: “What’s it to you?”
Janus: “I’m just getting paid here.”
Thamo Matoux: “Then the obvious question is how much do I need to pay to get out of this?”

[Matoux is being uncooperative.]
Thamo Matoux: “You only have one choice: to kill me. Because if you don’t, I will find you, I will find everyone you know, I will find the Doc, and I will make you regret it.”
Janus: “You’re making killing you sound pretty attractive.”

[Meanwhile, Lyta is going to check out one of the longrunners and has attracted attention.]
Torgath: “Longrunner dude noticed something.”
Lyta: “You have your bag of cats?”

[Back in the tent, Janus has decided to use the interrogation means available to him. i.e. The scorpion.]
Thamo Matoux: “I can’t seem to move.”
Janus: “You do have a bit of a fever.”
Thamo Matoux: “I think it’s these ropes.”
Janus: “That may be it too.”

[Matoux has been repeatedly stung by the scorpion.];
Brock: “I will… wait for him to expire.”

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