Saturday, April 11, 2015


“Operation: Root and Branch” has come to its thrilling conclusion. On the downside, most of Our Heroes (tm) have been wounded. On the upside, we’re in possession of five new Gears and Matoux’s secret ledger. So I suppose it all balances out in the end.

[We pick up where last session left off, in combat.]
Georges the GM: “You’re looking at sixty-plus enemies.”
Brock: “Not our worst odds.”

[Fennec and Lyta are trying to hotwire the Behemoth Gear transport. Also trying to keep the hostiles out of their own vehicle.]
Brock: “I guarantee you, if there’s a big red button, it opens all the doors. Don’t push that one.”

[We get a small break on the first initiative roll.]
Georges the GM: “The camp is still orienting themselves because they botched. Amazing how 60 people can fail to act because of one die roll.”

[Fennec manages to hotwire the Behemoth.]
Zac: “Okay, I’m gonna throw the Jawa’s sandcrawler into reverse.” *picks up 1 die*
Brock: “Are you really gonna roll 1 die on this? The part where you ram our primary getaway vehicle into a longrunner? One die? …Just checkin’.”

[While Fennec plunges the Behemoth backwards, one of the hostiles managed to jump down into the main corridor and drop a concussion grenade just as Lyta was opening the door to flash-bang him. Lyta and Fennec are both wounded.]
Zac: “As far as I understand it, being behind cover usually helps.”
Brock: “It did! You’re not dead!”

[Of course, not everyone is as close to the action as others.]
Ti Corovan: “I don’t remember the Behemoth being part of the plan. What are we doing?!”

[Lyta takes over from Fennec in the driver’s seat and sadly rolls very low.]
Georges the GM: “Lyta launches the Behemoth into drive and rolls over the tents in her way. She’s just killed 8 people and wounded others.”
Zac: “See, when we do damage, there’s none of this ‘whites of their eyes’ business.”

[Chaos has well and truly erupted in the camp.]
Brock: “The only thing I’m sad about is that Matoux is not alive to see it.”

[Fennec tries to climb up onto the roof of the Behemoth to deal with any hostiles who might still be up there.]
Zac: *nearly botches, but finally rolls a 4*
Brock: “So much better than being squished, but so much less epic.”

[Fennec reaches the roof of the Behemoth and is shot.]
Ariel: “Who just shot Fennec?”
Georges the GM: “One of the 35 people still alive in camp.”

[The team manages to get themselves into the Behemoth. Most are wounded.]
Janus: “First… aid…”
Fennec: “I believe what you mean to say is, ‘Yippie kay yay.’”

[We drive off into the swirling sandstorm. There is zero visibility and all manner of hazards outside. Thankfully, we’re in a Behemoth.]
Janus: “Remember when we were planning on getting away on motorcycles? What jackass thought of that plan?”

[The good news is we have gotten away. The other good news is we have loot.]
Ti Corovan: “I figure, there are five Gears, there are five of us. Janus should get one of the Gears.”
Janus: “And one-fifth of the Behemoth.”

[Now that we’re out of immediate danger, there are new senses of priorities.]
Ti Corovan: “We just came out of a gunfight and the first thing you want to talk about is spoils?”
Janus: “Isn’t that what we talk about when we win?”
Ti Corovan: “I’d have cracked open a beer.”

[More post-combat conversation.]
Janus: “You’ve all got big bounties on you. Except you. No one knows who you are.”
Ti Corovan: “Lots of people who know I am.”
Janus: “No one who’s paying.”

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