Friday, January 16, 2015

Session Log - 15 January 2015

Locations:  KAD, Siwa Oasis

 An awkward and tense train ride led to even more awkwardness and tension.

Continuing to courier the two ingots on behalf of Nightingale, the players lament being under HIRA's thumb and unsuccessfully attempt to brainstorm an alternative superior to faking their own deaths.

Upon meeting with Radsley in Siwa Oasis, Todd makes some passive-aggressive complaints and is rebuked by Radsley and Lukas--even though they were all feeling the same way about Radsley.

Radsley offers the carrot (money), and Lukas wags his tail and bites it.

The characters whoop a bunch of bar patrons in a brief brawl before embarking on a river cruise up the Mississip.

Heavy Gear Roleplaying Game


LeRoi Singe said...

I guess that's a pretty fair summary. :)

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