Friday, January 23, 2015


A session that has everything! Hiding from the law! Fights against river pirates! Covert missions! Super-covert missions! And jet skis. We mustn’t forget the jet skis.

[We set the scene for this week’s session.]
Julie: “So it’s three days on the river to White Rock?”
Georges the GM: “Yes.”
Julie: “So we arrive on 17-18 Autumn?”
Georges the GM: “No.”
Julie: “Crazy antics on the river?”
Georges the GM: “Yes.”

[We head up the river.]
Georges the GM: “I’d say you were nursing your wounds, but none of you were wounded.”

[A ship approaches us looking kind of official. The first mate breaks out the secret weapons stash.]
Georges the GM: “The guns are a little old, but…”
Zac: “But they shoot and they hurt people. That’s all that matters.”

[The officials turn out to be a private security patrol for the local oil companies. The captain bribes them to go away.]
Zac: “So what does an oil patrol do?”
Georges the GM: “They make sure there’s no smuggling on the river.”
Zac: “Well, good job!”

[The immediate hazard dealt with, the first mate collects the guns up again.]
Georges the GM: “The first mate gives a look of, ‘Damn, these are five hard-looking mercs and now they know where our guns are. Maybe this wasn’t the best thought-out idea.’”

[The next day, Radsley challenges Lyta to a swimming competition.]
Lyta: “Water’s not gonna kill me?”
Okran Radsley: “Not the water.”
Lyta: “River monsters not gonna kill me?”
Okran Radsley: “I can’t promise anything.”

[The swimming competition involves being tied up and weighed down in the water. Lyta lasts about fifteen minutes.]
Fennec: “How you gonna tire me out?”
Okran Radsley: “Chin-ups off the yard arm.”

[Our friendly competition is interrupted by a rapidly incoming ship of river pirates. Once more, we raid the weapons stash.]
Georges the GM: “There are seven grenades. Flash grenades.”
Brock: “Better than no grenades.”

[The pirate ship has a pintle-mounted machine gun.]
Fennec: “What if they frag us?”
Lukas: “We all die.”

[Accompanying the pirate ship are a half-dozen outriders on jet skis, closing in fast.]
Julie: “Lyta suddenly has an urge to learn how to jet-ski.”

[We prepare to engage the pirates.]
Zac: “Do you think we have any other options beyond ‘stay low and shoot’?”
Brock: “I hadn’t thought to look for other options. This one plays to our skill set.”

[The pirates get closer.]
Brock: “We should just settle in and let Torgath kill everyone.”
Zac: “I’ve got a deck of cards.”

[The jet skis are almost upon us. Their drivers also have guns.]
Brock: (to Zac) “Do you see any exposed fuel tanks on the jet skis, O mechanically-inclined one?”

[More planning.]
Brock: “You could throw a jerry can into the water and shoot it.”
Zac: “Just shooting it doesn’t mean it’ll explode.”
Brock: “It’s the movies. Of course it’ll explode.”
Zac: “Oh, I hadn’t realized both the gas and the can were made of explodium.”

[Torgath has already shot several people on the pirate ship. The rest of us have been less useful. But only temporarily.]
Georges the GM: “Three of them board the ship.”
Julie: “Oh, good! Now I can be effective.”

[Lyta flips up over the bulkhead and slams into one of the now-boarded pirates.]
Brock: “I feel like Lyta needs a secondary movement system.”

[Other people are being effective in their own way.]
Ariel: “Right now they know they don’t want to be the pintle-mount guy, because I already killed two of them.”

[Of course, it’s always possible to be more effective.]
Brock: “Why don’t we have a machine gun? I feel like somehow Fennec is responsible.”

[Combat continues, despite massive losses on the pirate side.]
Zac: “These guys are pretty dedicated.”
Georges the GM: “What are they gonna do? Beg for mercy?”

[Fighting pirates has given us all sorts of wrong-headed ideas.]
Brock: “We should start a career as river pirates!”
Zac: “We’ve done everything else!”

[We finally finish off the pirate fight, reach shore, and camp for the night. In the morning, Radsley reveals an air-dropped crate with some disassembled buggies, which we put together in record time and start driving up into the Pacifica Mountains. Most of us, anyway.]
Brock: *botches drive roll*
Georges the GM: “So, who wants to be in the death-mobile?”

[Lyta manages to save Lukas from plunging his buggy off a cliff.]
Lyta: “What are you doing?!”
Lukas: “Making sure you’re awake.”

[Meanwhile, Fennec and Torgath’s buggy has been having some engine trouble.]
Torgath: “In Sarah Miller’s The Dark Age of Reason, they cut out the delimiter and then they can go super-fast.”
Fennec: “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever-- Wait a minute…”

[We finally reach White Rock, which we plan to infiltrate through the air intake system.]
Fennec: “In my experience, even the relatively low-security maintenance tunnels in the Humanist Alliance…”
Okran Radsley: “Are high-security? Yes.”

[The plan is for Lukas and Torgath to make the hand-off of our packages at the White Rock Liqueur Festival. Lyta and Fennec, meanwhile, have other jobs.]
Georges the GM: “Radsley wants you to get mountaineering equipment.”
Zac: “This is our alternate exit strategy?”
Julie: “Yes. Plan A is to walk out the front door.”

[Signs that Fennec knows more than we do, part 1…]
Zac: “Does this place have a directory of names and addresses?”
Julie: “Who are you looking up?”
Zac: “…Personal project.”

[Lukas and Torgath arrive at the festival, with our metal packages disguised as award plaques. Lukas is stopped by security.]
Lukas: “It’s being awarded by my parent company, insert name here…”
Georges the GM: “Work for it, damnit!”

[Lukas tries to bluff his way past security. But the cruel hand of fate cuts both ways.]
Guard: “I believe that under section 22A of the civil code and what-have-yous…”
Julie: (to Georges the GM) “Work for it, damnit!”

[Signs that Fennec knows more than we do, part 2…]
Zac: “I have a tight timeline on this.”
Julie: “And I’m with you.”
Zac: “Erm, yes. Physically.”
Julie: “…Yes.”

[More of the same.]
Georges the GM: (to Zac) “Try to wrap this up in a few minutes if you can. No pressure.”

[Fennec decides to let Lyta in on her secret mission. The question is how, given that we’re in the tightly-monitored Humanist Alliance.]
Zac: “I wonder how I can tell you this. The traditional way would be to write little notes and eat them.”

[Fennec reveals that she’s on a mission from Ti to steal some plans from a local architect, a critical precursor to going after The Bear. They try to figure out the best course of action.]
Fennec: “He might be sympathetic with the right encouragement.”
Lyta: “That’s a stupid plan. We don’t have the time and we’re not good at that.”

[We come up with plans.]
Georges the GM: “The little voice in your head, which is voiced by Brock…”

And that’s it for this week! With both the HIRA hand-off and the even more covert plans-stealing missions successful, all we have to do is meet with our erstwhile boss/blackmailer and get out of the city past four different sets of military organizations who would no doubt like us captured or killed. Join us next time for the thrilling conclusion!

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