Thursday, January 1, 2015

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter VIII: What's In A Name?

She had been so many people in so short a time: The Southern academic to get into the Research Centre and cast suspicion on the SRID, Dawn the girlfriend to Oscar, Gabrielle the spy when they had planned the op, and Summer when they were done and alone. Alone at last.

She stretched out like a lazy cat. It was only then that she noticed she was alone. There was a little folded note on the pillow next to her. She smiled when she read the passage.

The hotel was simple, efficient, and safe. Only Torgath’s friends from the BCG knew they were there. As she slipped out of bed and started running the water for a shower her mind went over the operation. It had been a little outside her wheelhouse. Her training had prepared her for infiltration, but her experience had largely been limited to research and asset handling. What she realized was that fieldwork was fun and that she good at it.

She had taken the lead on working out a plan with Torgath: finding what they had to do to get his objective while stymying the opposition force. There had been a fake manuscript to get inside, the timing of the delivery, just like in a spy novel. They worked so well together from the hand-off to her impromptu rescue when the guard noticed his package. She could reproach some things they could have done better, but it was pretty good for a first try. Next time she would have a better exit strategy. Ultimately though, the whole thing had been terribly exciting!

It was an odd and disorienting feeling. She was a spy, but this wasn’t like her life, this was straight out of a thriller. There was no pressure, no anxiety or fear of failure. No deadlines or fallen comrades. There were no consequences, she realized. Was that what it was to be a freelance operative like Torgath? She stepped into the shower and basked in the warm water and entertained the fantasy of being a free agent. It was very a tempting thought.

She relished the moment she had decided to drop everything and rush off to Temple Heights to help her boyfriend. No, she corrected herself, to help her lover.

Was this who she was, who her father had raised her to be? She shook her head to clear it of the dark thought. No, this wasn’t her life, Gabrielle’s life, but it could be Summer’s? Why not? Her lover was Torgath to Kes, Todd to Quinn and Grizz to Fennec. He was Dirk to Oscar and Doc to others. Why couldn’t she be Summer around him and forget Dawn and Gab and all they had done and everything they still had to do?

Their time had been too short. They would be separated after breakfast, but she would ask him to come back to Port Arthur as soon as they were done with their next mission to spend a week with her. She had the perfect place in mind, remote and beautiful with nothing to do but walk, talk, read, and enjoy each other’s company.

Just the two of them: Summer and Torgath. No one else.

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