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“Operation: Take out Mark Kim before he does the same to us” was sadly aborted, with no mission goals accomplished. How unfortunate. I suppose we can’t be juggernaut success machines all the time…

[Lukas and Fennec continue their training at Mark Kim’s boot camp. They are rooming with Bob and Doug.]
Ariel: “Are Bob and Doug like, ‘I miss Mom’?”
Georges the GM: “I haven’t come up with any dialogue for the, so maybe!”
Zac: (to Ariel) “You haven’t even met them.”

[First order of business: get rid of Bob and Doug so the PCs can have the cabin to themselves. There’s only one small problem.]
Zac: “How do you sabotage people in a group activity without sabotaging yourself…?”

[Fennec and Lukas make their sabotage plans.]
Zac: “I think we can make use of the entire Home Alone playbook here…”

[Fennec and Lukas successfully manage to sabotage their team-mates and are now alone in their cabin.]
Zac: *rolls security to check for bugs* “Six.”
Georges the GM: “There’s no…”
Zac: “No, wait. Five.”
Georges the GM: “Then there’s even less.”

[Step 2: Figure out where Mark Kim has gone. Again, only a few small problems…]
Georges the GM: “The sergeants are… disappearing.”
Zac: “And we haven’t even started yet!”

[Lyta and Torgath, surveilling from the outside, have theorized that the NCOs have access to underground tunnels and that the entrance is hidden in the middle of the quad.]
Zac: “Shit, why didn’t we notice that?!”
Ariel: “’Cause you were in your cabin.”
Brock: “What are you complaining about? The plan is working!”

[Fennec and Lukas have been at the camp long enough that they are allowed to take a tactics specialization in tactical communication.]
Zac: “So I’d never need to talk about sandwiches ever again?”
Georges the GM: “Pretty much.”

[Reflecting on the training so far.]
Georges the GM: “Keep in mind, you guys have never undergone formal military training.”
Zac: “You guys have been bullshitting me all this time!”

[Lukas gets more ideas for nifty equipment.]
Brock: “Write this down: Klingon blaster.”
Zac: “You wanna enlighten me?”
Ariel: “Probably not.”

[Fennec and Lukas try to find the entrance to the tunnel system.]
Brock: “My two notice specializations: hidden things and not-hidden things.”

[Fennec and Lukas overhear that Kim will be gone for a week to Prince Gable. Lukas dispatches Lyta and Torgath to take out the target on the road.]
Lyta: “We only get one shot at this.”
Zac: “How many darts do we have?”
Julie: “More to the point, he has a vehicle and we don’t.”

[Meanwhile, Fennec and Lukas have found a lever hidden in the obstacle course where the NCOs are disappearing.]
Zac: “It’s not like we’re gonna fall to our doom.”
Julie: “Hopefully.”
Zac: “Probably.”
Brock: “Hopefully.”

[Lukas and Fennec successfully open a concealed door to a tunnel system below the training camp. Next step: opening the door at the bottom of the stairs.]
Georges the GM: “Mechanically-inclined Fennec, please roll your mechanically-inclinedness.”

[Lukas and Fennec make their way in deeper.]
Georges the GM: “What do you do, as the peon and the SEAL?”
Zac: “Which one’s which?”
Brock: “I think we know which one’s which.”

[Recall that this is an underground series of tunnels and rooms.]
Zac: “What do the windows look out on?”
Julie: “Concrete.”

[Fennec and Lukas make their plan.]
Lukas: “You’re the one used to sneaking around abandoned army bases.”
Fennec: “Yeah. Theoretically.”

[Lukas and Fennec discover all the NCOs together in a room, taking orders from Mark Kim.]
Lukas: “You know what we need?”
Fennec: “A grenade?”
Lukas: “Full of…”
Fennec: “Gas?”
Lukas: “Yes.”

[They also discover an elevator down to a lower level.]
Fennec: “We shouldn’t both go.”
Julie: “Yes! Split the party further!”

[Once Our Heroes (tm) have gotten the lay of the land a bit…]
Lukas: “We also want to interrogate one of their NCOs.”
Fennec: “And you think this is a good place for it?”
Lukas: “I think private quarters and a dart is a good place to start.”

[While exploring the bunker…]
Zac: “This is the armory that came with the bunker. It still has that new-armory smell.”

[Lukas and Fennec take some ‘supplies’ from the armory.]
Georges the GM: *lists off items from the armory*
Zac: “Well, it’s all going in the bag of holding.”

[Lukas and Fennec discover some tunnels leading in multiple directions.]
Fennec: “The ones that lead away from the camp probably come out away from the camp.”
Lukas: “Probably. Not the same as definitely.”

[It’s time to enact the whole ‘kidnap and interrogate an NPC’ part of the evening.]
Brock: “I will drop him a die, in addition to whatever he loses for being asleep.”

[Target 1: successfully darted.]
Lukas: “We could wipe them all out right now.”
Fennec: “We… could. It’s a little on the dirty side.”
Lukas: “…”

[Fennec proposes sabotaging the life support.]
Lukas: “If we want to kill them, we could just kill them like men.”
Fennec: “I’m not a man.”

[Fenenc and Lukas have found a business office. There is nothing of particular use in the paper files. They consider taking the digital ones instead.]
Brock: “They’ll know we’ve been down here if the hard drive is missing.”
Zac: “They’ll just forget about the weapons… and Ned…”

[Also in the tunnel system is the med bay.]
Zac: “I take some of the most valuable medical supplies.”
Luaks: “I feel like this small-time Badlander stuff…. We’ve gotta work on that.”

[Meanwhile, outside, Lyta and Torgath are waiting for Mark Kim.]
Georges the GM: “You notice several Gears rolling on secondary movement and an armored truck.”
Zac: (whispering) “I don’t think the dart will work.”

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