Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter VIII: Todd's Mail Bag


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Fr: TH@PXC.INC-Hermes72

Doc Grimm,

I can’t agree with your opinion on Benthal’s Mordechai Alive! series. It is poorly written and the artwork was dated 800 years ago when it was first conceived (I also know that Benthal did not like the final choices his editor made regarding the slides).

I look forward to your comments on The Evangelist. It amazes me that you never read this series about a renegade schizophrenic preacher. It was banned in the North as heresy but has been reprinted several times elwhere. I particularly like his insightful “epiphanies” and the way it's never clear if he is having a religious experience of a delusional lapse, or both!

I sometime wonder about you as well? You know that you are still wanted in the Badlands by the Brotherhood and yet you are back. What you’ve told me about Kim makes sense: he would have the clout to put out a contract on you. Beware for he has powerful allies but perhaps not so many friends. If you go after him you should come at him sideways. This will ensure that his contract evaporates while no one feels obligated to avenge him.

Please send my regards, as always, to Kes and come see me up North some time.



Fr: Pig_handler@Mainz.telec-Hermes72

Hey Torgath.

I wasn’t expecting to hear from you so soon. things are OK here in KAD. Its weird to be in a regular bed. I guess I’ve gotten used to sleeping on caravans and sleeping somewhere that doesn’t roll around just feel foreign.

You’ll get a laugh out of this, I watched the Rover part XII yesterday at the Trideo park. Let’s just say they don’t pay too much attention to realism. I’m not a Wolf anymore but I could write a better script than that. Actually, now that I’m done with the Abacus list, I don’t know what I’m going to do? Heh, maybe I will write scripts?

If you guys need a hand, let me know, though it looks like you've got all the help you need with Fennec!

Anyway, good seeing you again.



Fr: Sentimental_bricks_float@PA.Net-Hermes72


Tepid Boils and Miasmic Squalor


Snowflake Kitty

Both are good, depending on your mood. The poet is only known as "Katia" even if we know that wasn't her name (just a meaningless label some poncy literary critic put on the artist a thousand years after the works were first penned).

J. has heard some stuff about people trafficking. Seems connected to your job in the Baikal gulag. I don’t want to say more now. We’ll chat about it next time you come through.




Fr: 11001101@Stuxnet-Hermes72

You are crazy you sexy beast!

Firstly, I must ask you to stop all the sending of ridiculous books and such things. Fiction is not interesting to me. But If you wish to read me some poetry I may make an exception.

Thirdly, I am in Temple Heights so you must come visit.

Secondly I have made a collapsible brewery.

You must say hello. You must, you must you must.

With kisses,


fr: whitemancanthack@poserposse-hermes72


No Seriously, that shit was whack! You just up and disappeared and shit and I was like, Yo?

Our man with the plan Jimmy got me out without my mom hearing about it which is why I’m still alive now to plot my future life of crime.

Tell you what, let’s do the next job on my turf.  Those Humanists are crazy.

Swing by my crib some time yo.



Fr: sucker4sandrider@Intellock-Hermes72

My Dearest Torgath,

I My heart leapt each time I received a new book. I so longed to hear from you but I understand you couldn't write until recently. So you sent me books which was almost as good. I must admit I read them impatiently, often in a single sitting. The next day I would start them up again, taking time to look for the nuances and the hidden messages you inevitably chose them to convey.

This last cycle so difficult. Balancing my grief with my ambition and desire to uncover what lay behind my father’s death. Gerti has been an incredible figure, supporting, encouraging and mentoring me. Her work is so important and from you’ve been able to tell I wager we’ll cross paths again soon. Only I’m so nervous about that. Will it be as Montague and Capulet?

I think I’d simply tear into pieces if I had to face off against you again. The last time was almost more than I could bear. Do you remember Katz, well of course you do. And you remember what I did to him, to get to Vulpei? I just can’t reconcile who I want to be with a person who could casually kill another. Sometimes, when I feel like punishing myself, I imagine what you must think of me. I know that I shouldn't do that to myself but its so hard not to hate myself and imagine that part of you hates me too.

But your books! Oh where would I be without them and, by proxy, you? The romantic in me always thought I could fall in love with a man for his word. Is it so surprising then that I could just as easily be overwhelmed by the words a man chooses to send me. Its only one degree of separation. Are roses any less affecting because the person who gives them to you only chose them and didn't grow them himself?

I’ve said too much and yet I feel I haven’t said anything compare to how I feel. I don’t know how I’ll be able to contain it all should we meet again with you siblings.

I’m both excited and terrified you’re coming back to Port Arthur. I think I’m ready for you to know me, the real me. Or at least I’m ready to know who I am when I’m with you. I just hope I won’t be another disappointment, another disillusionment. Am I reading too much into the Marble Cracks? For I could see you in the protagonist, moving from one love to another: from his family life to his vocation and passion for music, only to discover that they never met up with his ideals.

As always I wonder how much your telling me in the book you’ve sent and how much I’m learning about myself? I’ve been disillusioned and hurt so many times.

I’m going to wrap this up now and pick up Similitudes and take it to bed because I can’t take you.

Bis wir uns wiedersehen, meine Liebe


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