Thursday, November 20, 2014

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter VIII: No More Pain

“Prophet’s piss, Shelly! What’ve I told you about floaters before I’ve had my second coffee?”

Shelly’s lips curled briefly into a smile somewhere under the cover of his mustache before running his tongue over his teeth and making that sound Lenny knew meant this was more than just another decomposing body in the lake.

“You’re just determined to make me regret getting out of bed this morning, aren’t you? Who is it?”

Shelly turned the body over wordlessly and Lenny let out a sigh. His hands were bound but there were no ligature marks around the wrists so he hadn’t been tied up long.

“Looks like somebody wanted a few words with old Pascal here,” Shelly offered helpfully.

 Lenny gave his partner his cup and got in for a closer look. A quick once-over told him that “The Pain” hadn’t been roughed up before taking the plunge, though he’d wait to hear back from the ME on that to be sure.

“They could’ve just bought him a drink,” Lenny said half to himself and then, “make sure we run a tox screen. I want to know if he’s been drinking.”

“You think he’d hold anything back after a few drinks?” Shelly said, obviously dubious of Pigeon’s discretion.

“Nah, I figured he told the guy everything he wanted to know without too much of a fight.”

Shelly noded sagaciously. “Right, and whoever our killer is didn’t want Pigeon telling anyone else.”

Lenny got back up with a groan and retrieved his cup. “Either that or ‘the Pain’ finally talked long enough for someone to do that to him just to shut him up.”

Shelly and Lenny stood wordlessly for a moment looking at the body. Lenny took a sip from his cold coffee and grimaced. “Shit. Even dead he’s a pain.”

He turned his attention back to Pigeon. He had a stupid surprised expression on his face and a neat hole in his forehead.

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