Thursday, June 26, 2014


The aftermath of the not-as-good-as-anticipated job! I think we blindsided Georges the GM twice in one session, which must be some sort of record.

[Recall that we very nearly lost all of our precious cargo last session.]
Brock: “Right, so can we review our operational security for a moment?”

[There was a long discussion of whether it was likely that Miranda would have been able to determine which train was the target.]
Brock: “I will blame Lyta.”
Georges the GM: (to Julie) “Yeah, you called that ten minutes ago.”

[We’ve managed to keep about three-quarters of our cargo intact. The rest… not so much.]
Georges the GM: “There’s stuff to be retrieved in a salvage operation, not least of which is most of a train.”

[We cut our losses as best we can.]
Brock: “I will dispose of the ID I showed the AST.”
Zac: “And just pull out the next one in your wallet?”
Brock: “Yes.”

[Some things are easier to replace than others.]
Lukas: (to Fennec) “Did you take the liability insurance on my drone?”

[As several of the characters are recuperating, we decide to follow Doc Chambers to Jan Mayen to deliver the goods.]
Julie: “Out of game, I find this hilarious. In game, Lyta will protest in the strongest possible terms.”
Brock: “Which is not much. I’ll ensure she’s sedated.”

[Georges the GM fills us in a bit on Jan Mayen and the GRELs who live there.]
Julie: “Lyta has started learning Perfect Form.”
Ariel: “Does she hate herself?”
Julie: “Yes.”

[We are greeted at Jan Mayen by Colonel Baakov.]
Julie: “Colonel Baakov? Didn’t he used to be Major Baakov?”
Georges the GM: “Yes.”

[After the trade-off has been made, it’s time to figure out our profit. Which involves figuring out our expenses.]
Georges the GM: “Radsley’s main expense is the train guy.”
Zac: “Didn’t the train guy die?”
Georges the GM: “No, you’re thinking of the conductor, who died poor and his wife gets nothing.”
Brock: “Well, a nice Humanist pension.”

[We figure out that the total profit for the job is about two million dinar, which is split evenly between Radsley and the PCs.]
Georges the GM: “It’s a huge sum of money, even if it’s half what you hoped.”

[We decide we need to tie up some loose ends.]
Fennec: “Did I hear that you’re planning retribution against Matoux?”
Lukas: “Well, you can’t tell someone ‘every branch, every root’ without meaning it.”

[More thoughts on Matoux.]
Lukas: “Think of what you just deposited in the bank. He’s responsible for that amount not being twice as much.”
Georges the GM: “If you accept that Matoux is responsible.”

[We discuss the ramifications of going against Matoux.]
Fennec: “You’re talking about entering a prolonged gang war.”
Lukas: “I prefer it to be fast and ugly.”
Fennec: “They always do.”

[Of course, we might not need to go after Matoux at all. Aw, heck, who am I kidding?]
Lukas: “I don’t care about this guy as a person. I care that he lost us a million dinar.”
Fennec: “And tried to kill us.”
Lukas: “That’s business.”
Georges the GM: “Harm and death is business. Money is personal. That pretty much sums up Lukas.”

[Fennec finally gets in a good burn.]
Fennec: “What’s the point in killing him?”
Torgath: “Getting him not to fuck with us.”
Fennec: “Who’s not fucking with you lately?”
Lyta: “There are people.”
Lukas: “The cartels.”
Fennec: “Is that because you sent them a message or because you’re hiding out in the Alliance?”

[We table the discussion on Matoux for the moment in order to talk about recovering some of our assets.]
Lukas: (to Fennec) “Go out and buy me the most commercially advanced drone and turn it into a ninja drone.”

[Lukas has set aside 15,000 dinar for the purchase of a new drone.]
Lukas: “Take 5,000 for the drone and 10,000 to make it invisible.”
Torgath: “Why not just buy three drones?”
Lukas: “…That is a uniquely Russian solution.”

[Zac contemplates whether it’s better to buy the parts in stores or to use the black market.]
Zac: “I don’t have any black market connections.”
Brock: “Radsley. He is the black market.”

[Fennec spends a week working on two drones. They’re not as epic as she’d hoped.]
Zac: “This requires more work?”
Georges the GM: “Or better rolls.”

[Also on the docket: talking to our potential leak.]
Brock: “Let’s talk to Miranda.”
Julie: “Do you want me there, or am I sedated?”
Brock: “No, sedated is how I want you.”

[Miranda lays out her reasoning to Lukas, i.e. that she wanted to prove herself so we wouldn’t send her away.]
Lukas: “And do you think you proved yourself?”
Miranda Petit: “…I helped Radsley.”
Lukas: “By being a hostage?”

[Lukas and Torgath have backed the little girl into a corner.]
Miranda Petit: “What do you want me to say? I’m sorry? I’m sorry!”
Lukas: “’I’m sorry. Please don’t kill me and bury me in the desert.’”

[Lukas tries to drive home the severity of the situation to Miranda.]
Lukas: “A huge number of bad people converged on where we were.”
Miranda Petit: “I just assumed that happens to you all the time.”

[More of the same.]
Lukas: “I hate surprises. They’re on my top-five list of things I hate.”

[Lukas raises the possibility that Miranda was unknowingly bugged by her guardian, Daniella Morris.]
Lukas: “Did she ever give you anything? Book, shoes, jewelry?”
Zac: “Well, she did give me this subcutaneous chip…”

[Lukas has, for the moment, satisfied himself that Miranda is not bugged.]
Lukas: “We’ll have a more serious talk about this when we get back to Oxford.”
Miranda Petit: “…Please don’t kill me and bury me in the desert.”
Ariel: “If Miranda doesn’t have PTSD, we haven’t done our job properly.”

[We try to figure out what to do with Miranda. One option is having her work for our coffee company.]
Lukas: “We have employees across the Badlands.”
Torgath: “We have an employee across the Badlands.”
Lukas: “Shh.”

[Lyta doesn’t like the idea of Miranda staying with us.]
Lyta: “She’s seventeen!”
Torgath: “How old were we when we started out?”
Lyta: “…That’s not the point!”

[Others of the party are pushing the idea that Miranda can team up and go on ops with us.]
Torgath: “There might be small ducts.”
Lyta: “That’s what drones are for.”
Torgath: “Drones don’t have arms.”
Lyta: “They could. Does our drone have arms?”
Fennec: “No.”
Lyta: “Could it?”
Fennec: “…”
Lukas: (to Fennec) “What do we keep you around for?!”

[It turns out that the conversation is interrupted by a call from Daniella Morris. She knows we have Miranda and she wants her back.]
Fennec: “What do we gain from withholding her at this point?”
Lukas: “…Mini-me?”

[We all have our hesitations about handing Miranda over to Morris.]
Lukas: “Daniella Morris isn’t our friend. She’s just our benign enemy.”

[Lukas meets with Daniella Morris, with Fennec and Torgath providing backup support. I suspect we’re gonna need it.]
Lukas: “So Miranda’s your ward?”
Daniella Morris: “…You’re either a very good liar or an utter idiot.”

[I needed to leave to take a call for about 15-20 minutes. When I came back…]
Julie: “What did I miss?”
Zac: “The beginning of the end.”

[I try to figure out how many quotes I missed.]
Julie: (to Brock) “Were you your usual sterling negotiating self?”
Zac: “He decided to skip right past negotiation and go straight to shooting Morris in the face.”

[I reflect on the situation.]
Julie: “I was gone for eighteen minutes!”
Zac: “She gave us a 20-minute ultimatum.”

[Lukas shoots Morris in the face.]
Brock: “I will spend everything.”

[Brock rolls well. Morris is caught flat-footed as the bullet plunges right into her forehead.]
Georges the GM: (to Zac) “This is the smoothest, most efficient assassination you’ve ever seen.”
Julie: “How many assassinations have you seen?”

[Morris’ guard gets shot a few times by Fennec and Lukas after watching his boss get killed right in front of him.]
Zac: “He’s making a break?”
Georges the GM: “Damn straight.”

[It turns out the reason Lukas shot Morris is that she had video footage of all our ops, deep knowledge of everything we’ve been doing, and threatened to use it against us. So we need to make sure to cover our tracks this time, just in case.]
Zac: “Someone’s probably got helmet-cam footage of Daniella Morris being shot in the head.”
Brock: “That is an important consideration.”

[Lukas and Fennec follow the fleeing guard outside.]
Brock: “I would rather kill this guy and be wrong about the helmet-cam being wireless than the other way around.”

[Lukas and Fennec shoot the guard. He falls down.]
Georges the GM: “Do you want to check that he’s dead? There’s an expedient way of making sure.”

[Let us always remember whose fault it is. Always.]
Zac: (to Brock) “This is another fine mess you’ve gotten us into.”
Brock: *points to Julie*

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