Friday, June 6, 2014


An ambush! How... utterly expected, really. Can't say we didn't see this one coming. On the other hand, our precious cargo is now hurtling towards a cliff and may never be recovered. That'd suck.

[For this particular op, we will be in Gears. Just not our own Gears.]
Georges the GM: "Let me just check what Gears are waiting for you."
Julie: (hopefully) "Three Jaguars and a Chatterbox?"

[Brock assigns the Gears based on who would find them most useful. And other criteria.]
Zac: "Why do I get the crappy Gear?"
Brock: "Because Lyta might ding up during the fight, and Fennec is the most expendable."

[Fennec deploys our aerial drone before the meet-up.]
Brock: "If you're anticipating an ambush, you'd want to pay attention."
Zac: "And we are anticipating an ambush, right?"

[Indeed, it looks like there are about ten bogeys headed in our direction and closing fast.]
Brock: "I think we rush 'em."
Zac: "With the train?"
Brock: "Train's a great, big battering ram."

[We anticipate how the encounter might go.]
Brock: "If we're rolling along with the train, they'd be damn fools to stay on the tracks."

[We decide to close before the train arrives.]
Lukas: "Remember that these guys are in it for the money; they are not highly motivated death commandos."

[So many people who might ambush us, so little time...]
Fennec: "Are we assuming this is Matoux?"
Lukas: "That would be a safe assumption."

[As we begin closing with the hostiles...]
Georges the GM: "A very familiar and distressing voice comes over the comms."

[Yes, it looks like there's a situation on the train! Miranda Petit snuck her way on board just in time to witness Okran Radsley duking it out with yet more hostiles!]
Okran Radsley: "He got a little broken, I got a little stabbed."

[So, we have two situations developing in close successions. What do you do?]
Lukas: "We need to deal with these guys as soon as possible, then loop back and kill everyone on the train."
Torgath: (brightly) "Okay!"
Fennec: "Not everyone on the train!"

[As we engage with the oncoming Gears, it looks like their compatriots may have done something to the track switcher up ahead.]
Lukas: (to Fennec) "Go for the switch. It may mean jumping out of your Gear, so thanks for volunteering."

[Indeed, the switch appears to be in the wrong position.]
Zac: "What are the chances I can flip the switch in the time I have?"
Brock: "100%, because you have to do it."

[Fennec investigates more closely.]
Zac: *rolls 3 on mechanics*
Georges the GM: "Looks good!"

[In fact, it looks like the switch was locked in the wrong position with a magnesium welding strip.]
Zac: "Coming from my knowledge of welding things in a hurry..."

[Fennec tries shifting the switch using the power of her Gear.]
Georges the GM: "You're nearly there."
Zac: "So is the train!"

[Meanwhile, back in the Gear fight, Lyta's Gear has just taken enough damage to pretty much fall over, useless.]
Julie: "Looks like I won't be getting the deposit back on this Gear."

[The fighting continues. Lukas, at least, is doing quite well.]
Brock: "Do we think these are Matoux's guys, SRID...?"
Ariel: "If we'd talked to them, we might have found out."
Brock: "They're not all dead."

[Lukas is doing very well in the fight.]
Brock: "You know what my favorite part of this is? How impressed Radsley must be. Too bad he's busy dying."

[Fennec is making one last desperate pull on the switch. That doesn't stop the bad guys from shooting at her.]
Georges the GM: "You are slightly disadvantaged because you are an immobile target, which makes you a little easier to hit. And by a little, I mean a lot."

[The train is nearly upon her.]
Zac: *rolls 5*
Georges the GM: "Five gives you... options."

[Option 1: Flip the switch. Possibly get killed.]
Brock: "England expects that every man will do his duty."
Zac: "But I'm a Badlander."
Julie: "And she's not a man."

[Option 2...]
Zac: "What you've just laid out here is certain death, or--"
Georges the GM: "Or failure."

[Fennec attempts to flip the switch.]
Zac: *botches roll*
Brock: "You have failed us for the fifth time."

[Meanwhile, Lyta has ditched her Gear and jumped onto the moving train. She is sadly not alone.]
Lyta: *trips hostile on top of train and kicks him in the head so he falls off*
Julie: "Lyta didn't like having to do that, but she likes being shot at even less."

[Fennec has failed to flip the switch. The train hurtles forward along the wrong track.]
Ariel: "I'm gonna run ahead. I just want to see what's there."
Georges the GM: "You know what's there. There's no one there. There's nothing but a great big chasm with a bridge that's been out for decades. ...And that's where we'll end it for this week."

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