Friday, June 20, 2014

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter VII: Impotence

The looming form of the Command Jager filled his peripheral vision.  Lukas continued to fiddle with his pack, half in and half out of the cockpit of his fallen Gear.  His mind raced through various scenarios
-- using explosives (grenade? satchel charge?) to detonate the Gear sized grenade mounted on the Southern Gear's waist
-- tapping out a discrete signal using the very high band in the hope that the distortion would be readable to anyone (PRDF? Doc Chambers? ???) that might be listening
-- remounting his Gear and engaging the MILICIA commander (would the cockpit close in time? panzerfaust? rocket pod? vibro-blade?)

None seemed very promising.

His frustration, raging, snarling, was firmly compartmentalized as an unproductive use of energy.  He anticipated that the opportunity for release would come soon enough.

Perhaps even now.  Four Heavy Gears, Warriors, it looked like, and decoed in the distinctive Peace River Defence Force colours were advancing in pairs along the tracks.  It looked like they were going to engage, and Lukas tensed.  He calculated that he could get into the cockpit in about 6 seconds and be attacking in the next 6.  He'd be exposed for...ten seconds, if he accurately remembered the close time on the hatch.

In just a...wait.  No.  The PRDF Gears were slowing, stopping.  The rearmost pair turned around, and the squad began a bounding retreat.

In the distance, the clatter and crashing of what could only be the locomotive hurling itself into the ravine boomed down the tracks.

Powerless and increasingly hopeless, Lukas could only sit and wait.

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