Friday, February 14, 2014


In last night's session, Our Heroes (tm) enjoyed a perfectly pleasant evening on Benelice's caravan. Everything was going so well. Of course it couldn't last. Unless, of course, your definition of "pleasant" involves being shot at with large-caliber weapons.

[We take care of some bookkeeping before the game starts.]
Georges the GM: "Four xp for last session. You guys get 2 xp every time I go through a paragraph."
Zac: "Ah, he's dangling a different carrot now."

[More bookkeeping.]
Ariel: "No more deep wound! I'm so healed!"
Julie: "Enjoy it while it lasts."
Ariel: "I can be irresponsible again!"

[The session begins.]
Georges the GM: "You guys are rolling along. That's what one does on a longrunner."

[Zac tries to get a sense for what it feels like to be part of a caravan.]
Zac: "How much space do we have to work with on these longrunners?"
Georges the GM: "Not much."

[We discuss the potential hazards of the route.]
Zac: "There's not an issue with GREL rovers, is there?"
Brock: "Not yet."

[We catch Ariel up on what's going on.]
Julie: "We're here to make sure everything goes smoothly, which clearly it will not."

[The caravan stops for the night in the foothills of the Lonely Hills. Our guide, Elroy Krog, decides to get some fresh meat for dinner. He's looking for springers or sniffers.]
Brock: "Sniffers are like the deer of the Badlands, if deer were the jackals of the Badlands."

[Torgath and Fennec go along with Elroy and his apprentice Miranda on their hunting expedition.]
Elroy Krog: "Watch out for these."
Torgath: "Oh, yes. The hymathsius gesnoa."
Elroy Krog: "...We just call 'em the itch bush."

[After finding some sniffer tracks, Torgath and Fennec flush out the beast as they were instructed.]
Georges the GM: "You hear a shot go off. Neither of you are shot."

[While Miranda is celebrating her fine shot on the sniffer, Torgath notices a black-tongue serpent right behind her, preparing to pounce.]
Ariel: "I'm not very persuasive, so I'm just gonna kill the serpent."
Zac: "Meanwhile, we just see you pulling a gun on a 12-year-old girl."

[Georges the GM gives everyone else a chance to see if they notice the serpent.]
Georges the GM: "Zac, roll survival again."
Zac: *rolls* "...Beautiful moon tonight."

[Torgath shoots the serpent, completely surprising everyone else.]
Georges the GM: "Miranda rolls to the side relatively gracefully."
Torgath: "Sorry. Sorry. Snake."
Miranda: "Ooh, snake!"

[Elroy realizes what Torgath shot at.]
Elroy Krog: "You were quick there. Another second and I would have had to intervene."
Zac: "I'm getting a feel for this guy."

[Meanwhile, back at the caravan...]
Georges the GM: "Benelice is talking with some people in Indo-Arabic."
Brock: "Do I recognize any of the long words?"
Zac: "You hear yourself mentioned a lot."

[Lukas uses the respite from traveling to chat up the most gregarious person on the crew, Fabian the mechanic.]
Brock: "I'm 'taking an interest.' And I will use him as a stepping stone to the next person."

[Regarding Lukas' attempt to make friends.]
Zac: "What social skill encompasses this sort of thing?"
Georges the GM: "Roleplaying."

[Fennec trades caravaning stories with the rest of the crew.]
Brock: "You have a theatrics specialization in storytelling?"
Zac: "Yeah."
Brock: "I can't wait for this scene!"

[Fennec tells a rousing story, clearly the best of the evening. So much so that even Benelice takes an interest.]
Benelice: "I liked your story."
Fennec: "Thank you."
Benelice: "I liked it even better than when my father's longrunner pilot told it to me when I was a little girl. The level of detail is truly exceptional. You really made me believe you were there."

[The next day, we notice some incoming hostiles on the horizon.]
Benelice: "What kind of weapons did you bring?"
Lukas: "We have some slingshots."

[A good idea that will never happen.]
Brock: "I should take a specialization in notice enemies."

[The route we are traveling should be deserted. And yet, here are some hostiles.]
Benelice: "I don't like coincidences. I don't believe in them."

[Lukas and Benelice discuss their options.]
Lukas: "Can't call the Protectors?"
Benelice: "We don't want the Protectors involved."
Lukas: "Might be better than the alternative."

[Lukas asks for Elroy's opinion.]
Benelice: "He says, and I quote, 'They can't be rovers because there are no rovers in the Alliance, so why are there goddamn rovers?'"

[Taking a quick inventory of the weapons at our disposal.]
Lukas: "How many mortars do you have?"
Benelice: "Two."
Lukas: "How many shells?"
Benelice: "Five."
Lukas: "...That's a problem."

[We prepare for the rover attack.]
Ariel: "Should we roll tactics now, or do we have to come up with a plan first?"

[We prepare to have the caravan enter a nearby canyon as Lukas and Torgath set up an overwatch position with an anti-Gear rifle. And maybe some other stuff.]
Lukas: "You know what might be handy?"
Benelice: "Speak quickly."
Lukas: "A couple of bottles of high explosives."

[Benelice does indeed give Lukas a few of the bottles of the super-explosive.]
Brock: "You know how to find out where something is? You ask. When rovers attack."

[Regarding the explosive bottles.]
Georges the GM: "This might be the moment to point out that you're not entirely certain how these things explode."

[Torgath and Lukas set up above the ridge of the canyon with the anti-Gear rifle, after Lukas has assured Benelice that Torgath is an excellent shot. There's just one small problem...]
Ariel: "Wait, the anti-Gear rifle is a heavy weapon?! That's not good!"

[Lukas and Torgath don't camouflage themselves very well.]
Brock: "We're gonna just hope they don't look up here, because... why would they?"

[More on the flawed camouflage roll.]
Ariel: "Let's cover ourselves with this bright green flag!"

[The leader of the rovers is a guy named Ramón. He comes over the comms.]
Ramón: "We can dispense with all the unpleasantness if you simply relinquish your longrunners to us."

[We obviously do not relinquish the longrunners. The rovers come in with four hummer-type buggies and an Iguana Gear.]
Brock: "If Torgath can hit the driver, then the gunner, that'd be great. We could use a buggy."

[The rovers get closer.]
Brock: "I'm gonna wait to shoot... because I remember the fucking plan."

[Fennec, meanwhile, has mined the entrance to the canyon with one of the explosive wine bottles. Two of the buggies and the Gear close in on its position.]
Fennec: "Let's hope this works the way we think it works!"

[Fennec completely blows up one of the buggies. Meanwhile, Torgath does very well at shooting the gunner of another one.]
Zac: "Does he still have a head?"
Julie: "He has part of a head."

[Lukas is using the anti-Gear rifle... and rolling very poorly.]
Lukas: "This is what you get for storing a weapon in a longrunner axle!"

[Fennec is ensconced with a fire team a little ways away from the rest of the caravan, so that they can provide flanking fire.]
Zac: "Am I in charge of this fire team?"
Georges the GM: "Not so much, but if you want to try..."

[Zac has not quite realized the scale of the map we're using. Fennec and the fire team are too far away to do much useful shooting.]
Georges the GM: "Fennec?"
Julie: "Do something."
Zac: "Or not. I eat a banana."

[Meanwhile, up top, while Torgath is taking out gunner after gunner, somehow the driver keeps surviving being shot at.]
Julie: "That's the luckiest driver on Terra Nova."
Ariel: "We should hire him if he survives."

[After taking out the third gunner of the same hummer.]
Ariel: "Do they put up a new gunner?"
Georges the GM: "No. They've learned their lesson."

[A few of the buggies have rolled along the top ridge of the canyon and have opened fire on the longrunners.]
Georges the GM: "Those flat-roll tires on the longrunners? A couple of them are gonna be rolling flat."

[The fight is short and bloody. In the end, the rovers retreat with their numbers significantly reduced, leaving Benelice with five wounded men and two out-of-commission longrunners. Lyta helps Fabian the mechanic get the vehicles up and running.]
Georges the GM: "Benelice is impressed at your mechanics skills."
Julie: "I have a few useful skills."
Brock: "One or two. Call it two."

[We have a surviving hostile to question. Everyone's favorite past-time!]
Lukas: "Hey there! How you doin'?"
Goon: "Need... hospital..."
Lukas: "Do you ever! And yet, here we are."

[The survivor reveals that the rovers are a group called the Wildcats, led by Ramón.]
Benelice: "I would like to speak with Ramón."
Georges the GM: "Ramón was in the Gear."
Lukas: "Not much of Ramón left."

[A little thing like the truth has never stopped Benelice.]
Benelice: (on comms) "Remnants of the Wildcats, I just had an interesting conversation with your leader Ramón. He said that all of you would rather die than join up with us and cross the border. He said you would all sacrifice yourselves and follow him to death. He sounded like a noble leader. I commend you all on your spirit."

[In the span of a few moments, Benelice manages to inform the remaining rovers that we have a means of crossing the border, that they have no chance of doing it themselves, and that the Protectors will no doubt be here soon to finish them off.]
Benelice: "There are openings on my caravan. If any of this sounds interesting and you choose not to sacrifice yourselves, you can meet us in two hours."

[It turns out that Ramón had gotten encrypted codes to both enter the Humanist Alliance and also to leave it without alerting the authorities. We manage to get the codes, albeit encrypted, from Ramón Gear.]
Ariel: "Maybe using their codes isn't the best decision."
Georges the GM: "No, but it's good to know. And maybe follow up on."

[Lukas, Torgath, and Fennec are still seeing if they can salvage any of the hummers or the Gear. Lyta and Fabian, meanwhile, have gotten the longrunners up and running again.]
Georges the GM: "Benelice is gonna start rolling her caravan while you play with your toys, so catch up."

[Later that day...]
Georges the GM: "Your prisoner ultimately perished from his wounds."
Brock: "Conveniently."

[The rest of the Wildcats join up with Benelice, who insists they stay in their own vehicles... which Fennec has rigged with explosives.]
Zac: "I bug the hummers. They might say something interesting."
Brock: *boggles*
Zac: "What?"
Brock: "You just spent the last 48 hours on the caravan."
Zac: "Doing what?"
Brock: "Not bugging them!"

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