Monday, February 3, 2014

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter VII : The Day Off

Okran Radsley looked very happy. He had an impressive assortment of food in front of him and he relished in sampling all of it. The deep-fried cornbread with fresh strawberry and pepper relish in particular received a good deal of his attention, though he was also on his second dish of pecan butter.

Lyta had knocked on Fennec’s door. He hadn’t invited her along but she followed him out of her room silently, and now Fennec with little more than a shrug of her shoulder fell into line.

Lukas led the girls like the pied piper to the breakfast room. It was empty but for Radsley. Everyone else had left a day or two before when the New Year’s week of festivities had come to a close.

“We should go for a walk. There are thing we need to discuss,” Lukas said flately.

“Have some breakfast. The food here is fabulous, mate.” Radsley picked up a marinated sausage finger and popped it in his mouth. “Aren’t hungry? Then just have a coffee and read the news if you like.”

Lukas looked at the datapad Radsley had pointed to and picked it up as his employer poured him a cup.

‘Early this morning the efficient forces of the VDSS arrested six Freewill terrorists bent on attacking tonight’s Olympic Garden Party.’

Lukas handed it over his shoulder to the still-silent Lyta and Fennec while he sat down and took the proffered cup.

“That’s old news, though. Let’s talk about something new. I’d like to go into business with you, Jax.” Radsley took a gulp of his juice and smacked his lips in satisfaction.

“Aren’t there some loose ends?” Lukas asked, nonplussed.

“I’d say,” Fennec interjected, but Lyta gave her a not-so-subtle nudge in the ribs with her elbow to shut her up.

“Unfinished business maybe, but no loose ends. As much as I like the cooking here, I’m heading back to Oxford after breakfast and I’d very much like for you to come along.” Radsley took a roasted tater ring and spooned up the remnants of a poached egg on his plate.

“And the white rental van, with the cargo?” Lukas asked, trying not to be testy.

“I had the souvenirs of your stay here crated. They’re at the station by now, ready for you to ship them wherever you like... or can,” he said with a wink. “I’ve also got rid of our tagger-on.”

“What d’ya mean ‘got rid of’?” Fennec blurted out and Lyta once again, although with more force this time, ribbed her.

“She’s still alive,” he said distractedly, his eyes scanning the table for something which might have escaped his plundering.

“You mean you web...” Lyta was cut off by an overzealous and uncomfortably pointed elbow from Fennec. Lyta’s look of annoyance was met with a smile.

“You mean this?” Radsley said, patting the same box they had seen him pull the device out of earlier. “Naw, this is worth a lot more to us in our hands than stuck to her head.”

Lukas sat silently taking in this unlikely resolution. Radsley seemed to finally give up on putting more food into himself and dabbed delicately at the edges of his lips with a napkin.

“If you catch the noon express, you can be in Oxford by 30:00 hours. There’s a party in the center of town; come on by if you like. There’ll be plenty of people and noise and distractions. It should be loads of fun.” He got up and removed an envelope from his jacket. “In case you decide to go your own way, you’ll find a belated New Year’s gift in there from me as well as the receipt for your crate.”

He gave Lukas a pat on the shoulder, the girls a wink, and walked out into the lobby. He exchanged a few words with the desk clerk, and then the front door open and shut just as Todd entered the breakfast room.

“Gosh, he’s in a good mood this morning,” Todd said as he walked into the quiet room and sat at the table surveying the choices. “He says breakfast was especially tasty.”

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