Friday, October 11, 2013


Since we had all hands on deck yesterday, it was time to bring Operation: Oxford DA Office to its mostly-successful conclusion. Mostly.

[Before we dive back in, Georges the GM lets us know that after we left the scene of the shootout last session, the Violent Deviance Security Specialists (VDSS) arrived to 'take care' of the guys shooting at us.]
Julie: "What happened to the guys with the guns? Were they reeducated?"
Georges the GM: "Eventually."
Zac: "They were re-ventilated."

[We prepare to resume Operation: Oxford DA Office.]
Ariel: "I'm vexed by this window of opportunity."
Georges the GM: "Well, I set it specifically so that--"
Zac: "No, he means the window that he still can't get through."

[Given that it's been three weeks real-time since we started the mission, some of us are a bit hazy on the details.]
Brock: "All right, for those of you who have forgotten what the plan is..."
Ariel: "Death to the window!"

[We all get into the security station eventually. Just in time for a couple of POPs to show up at the door to figure out what's wrong.]
Fennec: "Why don't we open the door and shoot them in the face?"
Lukas: "I'd like to do that with the heaviest ammunition I can find."

[The POP guards investigate the reported security breach.]
Lukas: "Confirm code: dandelion."
POP Guard: "What's your wife's name, Pete?"
Lukas: "..."
Brock: "I use the turret to gun them down."
Zac: "So much for bluffing."

[Meanwhile, Fennec and Lyta have gotten the armory open.]
Brock: "I will assume you have the good sense to pass out the guns?"
Zac: "...Sure."

[Once the POPs are dealt with, Lukas, Torgath, and Fennec head out to complete the rest of the mission. Lyta and Radsley stay behind in the security office to do overwatch and prepare to access the vault.]
Okran Radsley: "Two drones approaching."
Brock: "We should be immune to the drones. Do we want to test this?"

[After some initial smooth sailing, combat ensues with a bunch of drones.]
Ariel: "I drop it a die. ...Am I allowed to drop a die on a robot?"

[The remaining two POPs are also approaching, through doors we thought we had previously locked down.]
Brock: "It seems like the security system is ridiculously easily bypassed."
Zac: "Well, by the security specialists."

[We try to prevent the POPs from reaching the scene of the firefight.]
Lyta: "Can we lock the doors they're gonna access?"
Okran Radsley: "I'm losing more and more control here."
Lukas: "How is that possible?! Where are they controlling it from?!

[Indeed, where are they controlling everything from? Turns out the answer is 'behind the walls.']
Lyta: "If I open this panel, they might come in."
Okran Radsley: "Right."
Lyta: "Are we ready for that?"
Okran Radsley: *cocks rifle*

[Meanwhile, Lukas and Torgath are still engaging the drones. Radsley realizes there are yet more incoming, this time down a stairwell.]
Zac: "If we get caught in a pincer--"
Brock: "We are caught in a pincer!"

[Small logistical questions are sometimes important.]
Brock: "How do the drones open the door?"
Georges the GM: (contemplatively) "How do they open the door? ...Right. There are drone kitty-doors."

[Fennec jury-rigs the door so more drones can't get in. Which means all the PCs need to worry about are the already-engaged drones and the two recently-arrived POPs... and their flash-bangs.]
Brock: "I'll trust in my polarizing POP shield to protect me from the flash-bang."
Ariel: "I don't have one of those."
Brock: "You should get one!"

[More flash-bang madness!]
Georges the GM: "Dodge, Ariel."
Ariel: *rolls triple 6s* "Oh, did that flash-bang just bounce back at us, like always?!"

[Attempting to shoot the POPs with flechettes is just not working as effectively as we'd like.]
Brock: "Well, Todd, it's time to create some Humanist Alliance heroes."

[Always best to be first to put a bullet in the other guy.]
Zac: "They can go lethal on you guys."
Brock: "That's why we're gonna do it first."

[Lukas deals a couple of deep wounds to one of the POP guys.]
Ariel: "Sfika him?"
Brock: "I sorta want to club him unconscious and give him first aid."

[After about fifteen combat rounds, the drones are out and so is one of the POPs.]
Brock: "I feel like this combat isn't going as well as it might have."

[Only one more POP guy to deal with.]
Georges the GM: "There's one dude left."
Ariel: "And he doesn't know we've gone intentionally nonlethal."
Georges the GM: "No, he just knows you opened fire and now he's all alone."

[Torgath is deep-wounded. Brock pulls out a gem from the department of running jokes.]
Zac: "Are you sure you don't want help?"
Brock: "Are you kidding? We're winning!"

[The firefight continues with the last POP guy.]
Zac: "He did just try to kill you. It's self-defence."
Brock: "It's not self-defence if we try to kill them first."

[Ariel's dice roll nearly killed the last POP before he chose to reroll a lower number, such that he's just deeply wounded.]
Georges the GM: "He just saw his life flash before his eyes. I saw my campaign flash before my eyes..."

[Things you don't want to hear from your overwatch guy.]
Okran Radsley: "The drones are moving back up the stairwell. They're all around the... oh, bugger."

In any event, with Operation: Oxford DA Office over, Our Heroes (tm) flee for Gropius, where no doubt they will continue to have wacky and unanticipated adventures. Such is the life of a PC...

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