Friday, October 11, 2013

I hit what I aim at

Even through the darkening of the flash-resistant visor of the POP helmet, Lukas could see by the way Todd's eyes narrowed slightly that he was giving in to the impulse to simple eliminate his target.

The op had been up and down so far. Lyta and Todd hadn't made their infil, leaving Radsley, Lukas, and the untested Fennec to overcome the six Protectors occupying the security command center. One of them had managed to get a distress call out, and so the team was not fully in control of the building's systems when relief arrived.

Lukas had botched the commlink call, but made up for it in part using the roof-mounted turrets. Objectives two and three, data retrieval, had gone smoothly, but, near the half-time mark, Radsley had lost remote control of the building's defences.

As a result, Lukas and Todd had chewed their way through 3-to-1 odds against the automated drones, and enjoyed a pair of Protectors for dessert. Todd was wounded and looking to end the firefight.

Before Lukas could call out, Todd made a minute adjustment and punched a round through the Protector's pelvis. He went down like a man who'd never been shot. Todd turned, his look a mixture of challenge and question. Lukas could only nod.

There was nothing to say.

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