Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter VII: Operational Parameters

“They’ve done well,” Okran said as he pushed the brown paper envelope across the table. The woman across from him was pulling her scarf and gloves off from around her neck and dropped them casually over the package.

“No, they've done very badly,” she huffed, her cheeks red from the bracing weather outside. “The POP have already opened an investigation into the girl’s acrobatic sorties, and in time, enough of their faces would be compiled from footage at the train depot to feed into the face recognition patterns of MENTOR, and then it would just be a question of time.”

“Crikey!” the large man exclaimed, shaking his head. “It’s like you expect them to be ghosts. I think they’ve done well enough. I’ll coach them on how to improve their footprint. But I wish I had more time. The overall operation has cycles yet to unfold. Why are we rushing over this stage?”

“One has nothing to do with the other, Okran. We have short-term concerns.” The woman paused as a waiter came by, and she pointed to a beverage on the menu. After he left she leaned in and continued in a more hushed tone. “The Comptroller is getting more and more influence. We needed to know right now how deeply he’s infiltrated the DA. Holly tells me that he can undermine our Badlands operation and we need to deal with that now.”

Okran nodded. “I hope we got what we needed?”

“We’ll see,” she said as she moved her cold-weather accessories to her bag along with the envelope. “Are you set to move onto the next phase?”

“It’s already in motion. My team’s on their way to Gropius. I’ve given them a chameleon mask so I can override the security cameras along the way and leave a trail back to a known terrorist.”

The drink arrived and she leaned in to take a whiff, her cold hands wrapping around the vessel for warm. “Between your demands for getting into the OxDA and this allocation, I wonder about the viability of your operation. Remember, this needs to be untraceable. Your assets were chosen because they are self-sufficient and disposable. I want to see less demands from our end and more results from theirs. More to the point, they severely wounded those Protectors in the OxDA, and that is unacceptable.”

“I understand, Lorelei, but they were in complete control. They could have killed them and they didn’t. I think that warrants some recognition. Listen, we’ll get it done. All I’m asking for is a little help to get things off the ground. Then you’ll see. I have faith in these young pups; they’ll deliver.”

“You’ll get what was promised. But I’m warning you, Radsley, if a Protector dies, your contractors are done,” Lorelei said coldly.

“I read you loud and clear. I’ll report to you again after the Vendar op.” Radsley said with a grin, trying to diffuse her apprehensions with confidence.

“Wait,” Lorelei ordered. Between sips of her warming drink she turned to her bag and drew out a small parcel. Okran pocketed it smoothly.

‘What’s this?” He asked, once again serious.

Lorelei’s shoulder relaxed. She shook her head and smiled. “I got it at the market, Okran. It’s nothing really. Happy New Cycle.”

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