Friday, August 9, 2013

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter VII : Longnight


To: Holly Hopkyns
Subject: Project Desert Night
Security: ULTRAVIOLET - For Your Eyes Only -

----------------------------------------HIRA Secure communication-----------------------
Hello Holly,

I’m following up on our briefing to specify our needs. As you know, our new director Laeton is keen to initiate an operation around your man in Port Arthur. IN broad strokes, I’ve been ordered to render him any assistance I can without compromising HIRA. By now, you’ve had the same orders from your preceptor.

We have begun some recruiting to supplement his own efforts but this will be slow going and we don’t expect to have viable cells in place for another 6-8 cycles. In the meantime, we need to smuggle him supplies. We have begun cultivating a unit to that end but I need you assistance in securing the logistical workarounds. When they are mature, I will need you to provide us with a contact outside the HA which can furnish the needed supplies.

Good working with you again.


Reply follows...

To: Lorelei Nanda
Subject:  Re: Project Desert Night
Security: ULTRAVIOLET - For Your Eyes Only -

----------------------------------------DEFTA Secure communication-------------------

Dear Lorelei,

I’m forwarding a data packet on ambassador Hypolite’s details for your operations. I see HIRA secured the D.A. override. I’m including logistics instructions for your agent to assist with DEFTA customs. As for the other matter, I think I have the perfect contact for you. She’s a Badlander, been in the H.A. for a few cycles now and has the prerequisites for your operations. We’ve vetted her, though I know you will do so again.

Miranda Winters
Paxton Sales Rep
Perth SW4 2264

Let me know if I can do anything else for the time being?


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