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Remember Jimmy Croyden, the guy whose last job nearly got us killed multiple times? Well, it looks like we're working for him again. Just one more job. We can quit any time we want, honest.

[When last session ends, we have just been released from detainment at Hotel Bravo in the aftermath of Geddy setting off a bomb in their hangar.]
Ariel: "I'm gonna research Geddy's mental illness."
Julie: "He's bug-nutty crazy."

[The Lassanders and Mads go their separate ways.]
Lukas: (to Mads) "Go home. Get some sleep. Don't get put under house arrest."

[Mads goes home. Sadly, his absence has not gone unnoticed.]
Georges the GM: "The light is on in your living room."
Mads: "Consuela?"
Ariel: (sing-song) "You're in trouble..."

[It is not Consuela, but rather Mrs. Branson, Mads' mother, who is not happy with his stunt at impersonating a charity case at the fundraiser ball.]
Mrs. Branson: "You're leaving for university early. Thank goodness you have intellect if not wisdom."

[Mrs. Branson goes to bed, leaving Mads alone to stew.]
Brock: "She goes to her room, which is up four steps so you can't follow."

[The next morning, we all meet up again at the Sandstone hotel for breakfast. Mads gets a call.]
Mads: (into phone) "Caper, is it?"
Lyta: "That's gotta be Jimmy. No one else uses the word 'caper'."

[Jimmy wants to hire Mads for a job.]
Lukas: "How much is he paying you?"
Mads: "Ten thousand for a morning's work."
Lyta: "That means it's dangerous. Jimmy's not that generous."

[Mads' mother is sending him to a Northern university. He's not happy about it.]
Mads: "I'm going... in theory."
Lyta: "Where are you going really?"
Mads: "I figured I'd stick with you."
Lukas: *raises eyebrow* "Oh, is that what you figured?"

[There may be some small advantages in having Mads as our fourth.]
Torgath: "On the upside, at least he's not an alcoholic."

[Lyta and Torgath plan to leave to pick up their armadillos and go to Junira Loresh for the annual Sandrider competitions. Naturally, this is quite secret information.]
Lyta: "Hey, can you do us a favor and get us two tickets to Prince Gable under assumed names?"
Mads: "Sure. What's gonig on in Prince Gable?"
Lukas: "Intel... magic... spy stuff."

[Before we leave, Torgath goes to visit Calisteria in the hospital. She is in an induced coma, but her mother Esmeralda is keeping a watch over her.]
Torgath: "Sorry for messing up... even though I don't know what I did."

[Torgath wants to make sure that the people who kidnapped Calisteria before haven't come back.]
Esmeralda Fenn: "I suppose they left us alone, if you can call bombing Hotel Bravo 'leaving us alone.'"

[Torgath forgets to ask a particularly important question before leaving.]
Lukas: "What's wrong with Candy?"
Torgath: "..."
Georges the GM: "You didn't ask. Ever."
Ariel: "It didn't seem important."

[It turns out that Calisteria has had a heart condition for most of her life and needs her pacemaker and fibrillator replaced.]
Torgath: "She's a cyborg!"
EnniK: "She's a high-maintenance cyborg. In more ways than one."

[Lyta and Torgath take extra precautions to ensure they're not being followed by crazy psychopaths.]
Lukas: "Geddy's a sneaky bastard."
Lyta: "Yeah, and I'm gonna kill him the next time I see him."
Lukas: "Let Torgath shoot him first."
Lyta: "Fine. But then I'm gonna kill him."
Lukas: (to Torgath) "Don't miss."

[Meanwhile, Jimmy gets back to Mads and lets him know that instead of go-time being a few days' hence, it'll be tonight.]
Mads: "Since you need me sooner than expected and I have less time to plan, I'll have to increase my fees."
Julie: "Oh, he learns! I'm so proud!"

[Jimmy also gets in touch with Lukas. Because our last jobs have gone so well.]
Jimmy Croyden: "I'm wondering... what are you up to tomorrow?"
Lukas: "I have a number of things to do."
Jimmy Croyden: "What would it take to clear your schedule?"
Lukas: "What's your budget look like?"

[Jimmy wants Lukas et al to be the feet-on-the-ground part of the operation that Mads will be providing surveillance and computer skills for. Specifically, he wants us to steal the Quicksilver from a warehouse for him.]
Lukas: "So this is an extraction job?"
Jimmy Croyden: "Yes."
Lukas: "I remember the last extraction job."
Jimmy Croyden: "Well, this one's not moving, if it's any consolation."

[The Quicksilver seems to be in a WestEx warehouse. It's not specifically being guarded beyond the normal warehouse security.]
Lukas: "So you're the only person who knows where it is?"
Jimmy Croyden: "Well... no, not precisely."

[Lukas contacts Nicosa Renault to let her know what's going on, i.e. that Jimmy will shortly have the Quicksilver and auction it off to the highest bidder. Renault suggests that if it's not going to the 'correct' buyer, Doc Chambers, that Lukas himself step in.]
Nicosa Renault: "What's your financial situation?"
Lukas: "...I'm not that rich."

[We contemplate what might happen if we step into the buyers' ring.]
Ariel: "Do we have preferential buyer status?"
Brock: "We'll have preferential buyer status because we'll be the people with guns and the ones who know where the item is."

[Lukas recalls Lyta and Torgath right before they leave for Junira Loresh. Lyta is not happy.]
Lyta: "You owe me."
Lukas: "...How much? How about ten thousand?"
Lyta: "Oh, it's not gonna be money."

[Mads is trying to hack into the WestEx computers. Sadly, while a very skilled hacker, Mads is not terribly good at navigating bureaucratic structures and files.]
Georges the GM: "It's been delegated to him by someone who assumed he'd be skilled at this."
Lukas: *looks over Mads' shoulder* "So?"
Mads: "...Not much."

[Another thing we'll need: uniforms. Mads is having a hard time identifying the WestEx supplier.]
Ariel: "Just go into your mom's closet and steal some uniforms."
Brock: "Good idea, except she doesn't wear a uniform."

[Lukas asks Ennik to provide backup in his Gear. He can't join the infiltration team because Lukas only got size uniforms. Or, in other words...]
Lukas: "I didn't get a tutu in your size."

[Lyta is very unhappy about the idea of working for Jimmy again.]
Lyta: "Are you even working at full capacity, or are you still injured?!"
Lukas: (lying) "...I'm fine!"

[Lyta's doesn't want to break into the WestEx offices to steal the Quicksilver.]
Lyta: "For the record, this is a stupid plan."
Lukas: "But so far, the plan is sound!"
Lyta: "That's only because we don't know what we don't know."

[Go-time arrives. Mads is not doing particularly well on his hacking.]
Jimmy Croyden: "Do we have access to the cameras?"
Mads: "I piggybacked the system but haven't been able to override it."
Jimmy Croyden: "...You've been a constant disappointment tonight."

[Jimmy hooks Mads into the hard-line system, which promptly causes his screen to go blank. He eventually realizes that someone else has hacked into the system and is broadcasting a looped signal supposedly from the surveillance cameras.]
Mads: "Guys, we've been duped."
Lyta: "Tell us something we don't know."

[Now that we know someone else is probably after the same target we are, and is presumably in the warehouse at this very moment, we need to make a call.]
Torgath: "Should we go in?"
Mads: "Please don't say yes."

[Mads is unclear on proper radio protocols.]
Mads: "Billy, I think your way is clear."
Lukas: "Stop using our names, you idiot!"
Mads: "Whatever you say, Quinn."
Lukas: "...You're a dead man. Start rolling away now."

[Torgath has spotted two bogeys right around the storage lockers we want to access.]
Brock: "Flash 'em so they'll be at -4."
Julie: "This is exactly what we hate when people do to us!"

[Torgath drops down a flash-bang right onto the two hostiles and then puts a bullet in each of their heads.]
Georges the GM: "Yeah, that's pretty much inescapable. They didn't see that coming."
Brock: "You can jump down and land on their bodies."

[As combat ensues inside, Jimmy and Mads decide to be useful.]
Jimmy Croyden: "Have you ever heard of a shaped charge?"
Mads: "Yes."
Jimmy Croyden: "How about we go perform surgery on that wall in case they need another door."

[Meanwhile, Lyta has found the getaway vehicle for the hostiles, who we have now identified as Kolsons: a large van at the far corner of the warehouse with four guys still inside.]
Ariel: "That's the longest way they could go to get in."
Brock: "These are Kolsons; they're not good at their jobs."

[Lyta tosses a flash-bang and then two frag grenades at the guys in the van, killing them all.]
Julie: "Lyta doesn't like killing people."
Ariel: "You've killed more people than me."
Julie: "Only in this particular combat."

[To even the score, as Torgath is rappelling down to the storage lockers to recover the Quicksilver...]
Ariel: "I shoot the guy on the way down."
Brock: "Bloodthirsty maniac here."
Ariel: "But the shot while rappelling is classic!"

[Torgath recovers the package with the Quicksilver in it. Now just to confirm...]
Georges the GM: "Roll your box cutting!"

[We recover the Quicksilver and leave without any of Our Heroes (tm) being injured.]
Jimmy Croyden: "Like clockwork!"
Mads: "...Grand."

And that's it for this week. All we have to do next week is make sure the Quicksilver gets sold to Doc Chambers before we all get killed by Kolsons, Geddy, or any of the other people who want it.

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