Thursday, June 13, 2013


This week's session answered that age-old question: "Precisely how long does it take for a smooth job to turn sour?" And its ancillary, "How bad can it really yet?" Yeah... it was one of those sessions.

[We all make our getaway from the WestEx warehouse from which we have stolen the Quicksilver.]
Lukas: "Good work."
Georges the GM: "Thank you. I was waiting for the colonel to say something."
Lukas: "...Except Mads."

[Jimmy Croyden isn't his usual cheery self as we drive away from the warehouse.]
Georges the GM: "He's worried. Usually he hides it better. In fact, usually he hides it, period."

[As Jimmy steps out of the van to call the prospective buyers, Lukas chats with Billy.]
Lukas: "Your brother's looking a little out of sorts."
Billy Croyden: "Aye. He doesn't like the sight of blood."
Lukas: "He's in the wrong line of work."

[More of the Lukas/Billy conversation.]
Lukas: "Does your brother still have those teeth?"
Julie: "Did I tell you about that?"
Brock: "I assume so, because I just asked about them."

[We prepare for what should be the last part of this job: ensuring the Quicksilver is auctioned off to the highest bidder. It's always important to ensure you have the right equipment for the job.]
Georges the GM: "Your assault rifles have night vision scopes, because you do have top-of-the-line gear."
Brock: "Thank you, Northern detail squad."

[The auction will take place in an under-construction recycling plant. Jimmy will be behind glass. Everyone else, meanwhile...]
Jimmy Croyden: "Here's the protocol: if the buyers start shooting each other, I can find other buyers."

[Our Gear backup, aka Ennik, didn't really have much to do at the warehouse. So when Lukas calls again...]
Ennik: "Oh, sure. Now you call!"
Lukas: "Things have changed. What's it matter to you whether you wait in one spot or another spot?"
Ennnik: "You think I don't have anything better to do tonight?"
Lukas: "Do you?"
Ennik: "...Tell me where to go."

[We set ourselves up in the recycling plant.]
Lukas: "Everybody ready?"
Jimmy Croyden: "As ready as I'll ever be."
Mads: "Grand."

[The three prospective buyers are allowed one bodyguard each. Doc Chambers' is Sam Tarmalin, Ariel's character from the last game. Also incredibly good with guns.]
Brock: "Sam's definitely the man I'd want for this kind of close-in work -- he's the killing-est man I know!"

[If you recall, Lukas was supposed to step in if it looked like the Doc wasn't going to win the auction. However, he is up in a crows-nest position with a chain gun, not among the other buyers.]
Julie: "Aren't you supposed to be one of the bidders?"
Brock: "Why do you think I have a private channel to Jimmy? No point in bidding too early -- it'll drive up the price."

[I think Lukas may be having conversations the rest of us don't know about, not even the GM.]
Brock: "We can go up to 2 million."
Julie: "We can?"
Georges the GM: "You can?"
Brock: "Our million plus the Doc's million."

[Thankfully, it doesn't come to Lukas needing to put in a bid.]
Jimmy Croyden: "Sold to Doctor Chambers, a man of discerning taste!"
Georges the GM: "The Doc goes up to the laptop..."
Lukas: "Mads! Get on that channel!"
Ariel: "Do you really need to know the Doc's banking information?"
Brock: "He's a hacker. Of course he needs to know!"

[However, as the Doc is entering his payment information into the laptop, Torgath catches sight of men paradropping in from above.]
Georges the GM: "They're about 10 seconds up."
Ariel: "I fuck them all up."

[The paradroppers start landing near the smokestack where Torgath has set up with his sniper rifle.]
Georges the GM: "You see three assault rifles open up in your direction. You're feeling slightly... exposed."
Ariel: "I'll just have to start shooting them."

[As the shooting starts, the various NPCs scatter and take up positions in our carefully-prepared warehouse.]
Georges the GM: "The Doc and Sam crouch behind--"
Brock: "The bomb? This would be working perfectly if they weren't our allies."

[There's a flash of light and a splatter of blood in the control room where Jimmy was orchestrating the deal.]
Brock: "Is it Geddy? Say hello to my little chain gun!"
Julie: "Kill him! Kill him 'till he's dead!"

[As more hostiles start pouring in through the doors and others through the roof, Brock sums up the situation.]
Brock: "Man, this got shitty fast."
Ariel: "It's what we should have expected."
Brock: "Really? This is what we should have expected?!"

[Lukas rushes towards the control room. Sadly, there's a 10-foot gap in the catwalk between him and it.]
Brock: "I'll run out and try to make the jump across the catwalk."
Julie: "Who do you think you are -- me?"

[Things I didn't expect to hear this game.]
Brock: "I'll drop the catwalk a die to make it more... bouncy?"

[Mads, meanwhile, is outside at our exfiltration point, which happens to be a half-dozen motorcycles, one with a sidecar.]
Georges the GM: "I don't see any reason Mads would be anywhere but in the sidecar already."
Ariel: "Watch someone else jump on the motorcycle and drive off."
Georges the GM: "That'd be great. I wish I'd thought of it."

[And what, precisely, is Mads seeing in the sidecar? Glad you asked.]
Mads: "We got mole people!"

[Torgath has decided the roof is too hazardous a location and that he'd rather take his chances with the guys on the ground. He jumps through a skylight.]
Ariel: "I throw something heavy down first, because I don't like my chances of breaking the glass with my body."

[The factory floor is rapidly filling up with people. From somewhere.]
Brock: "Where did these guys come from, the lockers?! Kinross may have totally pwned Jimmy here."

[Sam starts dealing with the guys coming out of the locker room.]
Brock: "He has to reload sometime."
Georges the GM: "Not really -- he has five guns!"

[Lukas enters the control room where he expects to find Jimmy, Billy, and potentially Geddy. Instead, he finds four armored, helmeted figures with assault rifles.]
Brock: "Where the fuck did these guys come from?! I throw a frag grenade into their midst and close the door."

[Sadly, Lukas doesn't get the door closed quite in time before the frag grenade goes off and is caught in the blast.]
Julie: "We need to go back to rescue you?"
Brock: "Me, Jimmy, Billy..."
Julie: "We're rescuing them?"
Brock: "That's what we're getting paid for. ...Are we getting paid?"
Julie: "That's your job."

[Lyta, meanwhile, has recovered the Quicksilver from where it was resting on top of a crane.]
Kolson: (over radio) "Does anyone have eyes on target? Eyes on target?"
Julie: "That's me -- I'm the target."

[Lyta, Torgath, Doc Chamber, and Sam all find themselves near the base of the crane.]
Torgath: "Team up? Please?"
Sam: "Right on."

[We realize something unfortunate.]
Torgath: "Shit, the guys on the roof were your guys? I'm sorry."
Doc Chambers: "Don't worry about it. Did you harm any of them?"
Torgath: "...Maybe."

[Our Heroes (tm) team up and go back to rescue Lukas. Two baddies emerge from the control room and get shot by Torgath and Sam.]
Georges the GM: "They both go down."
Julie: "They're so good, they're coordinating with their thoughts!"
Georges the GM: "No, Sam shot them both. Torgath just happened to shoot one too."

[Lukas is knocked out by the guys with assault rifles. But only after he tries to flash-bang them again and has it go off right on top of him.]
Brock: "That's what I get for saying, 'Say hello to my little flash-bang.'"

[Torgath and Sam kill the enemies coming from below while Lyta climbs up to rescue Lukas.]
Torgath: *kills two baddies*
Brock: "You're in a race with Sam!"
Ariel: "No, he can take out three in a round; I can only take out two."

[Outside, things are not going terribly well for Mads, either.]
Georges the GM: "Roll to hide behind your laptop."
Joe: *rolls 6* "Right on!"

[Mads avoids behind shot. For now.]
Georges the GM: "Mads, what do you do?"
Joe: "Pray for the best."

[Brock again sums up the situation.]
Brock: "This is what happens when we work for other people."
Julie: "No more bosses ever again."
Brock: "No more defensive ops."

[Lyta has breached the control room, only to find it's still being guarded.]
Georges the GM: "He pulls a vibro-blade on you."
Julie: "I need one of those!"

[In the control room, someone's dragging Billy away.]
Georges the GM: "Billy's been shot twice."
Brock: "They're probably not faking this part."

[Lyta jumps down the hole where the bad guys are escaping, presumably with Lukas. Sadly, she's immediately flash-banged and blinded. Torgath, now holding the Quicksilver, jumps down after her.]
Georges the GM: *rolls* "The Doc absolutely notices the Quicksilver strapped to you."
Doc Chambers: "I'm going with that!"

[After a few rounds of flailing and being beaten on, the effects of the flash-bang start wearing off. Operative term: start.]
Julie: "I'm no longer flashed, I'm just wounded."
Georges the GM: "And blind."
Julie: "And that."

[As we chase down the sewer tunnel where it looks like Lukas was taken, we encounter an expanding ball of fire.]
Ariel: "How slow is this thing going?"
Georges the GM: "Not terribly slow."

[Having failed to rescue Lukas, but thankfully also failed to be blown up by the fireball, we hand over the Quicksilver to Doc Chambers.]
Brock: "You guys are literally the worst mercenaries in the world. Do you know what leverage is? 'Cause you don't have any anymore. You gave away our one thing of value."
Julie: "I think it's more of a liability at this point."
Brock: "It's both."

And that's it for now! Lukas captured, Jimmy gone, the Quicksilver abandoned without payment... how could things get worse? (No, don't answer that...)

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Certain Betrayal said...

And a good time was had by all... Well maybe not the guy who got knocked unconscious. Or the guy you spent the game in a motorcycle sidecar. Or the girl who's used to sweeping the floor with everybody fighting blind. But Ariel got to shoot stuff. A good time was had by some.

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