Saturday, May 11, 2013

Koreshi Chronicles - Chapter VI : Chance

“Is it done?”

Geddy smiled through the trideo projection, an expression which provoked some disgust in Kinross as Geddy’s face contorted, pulling at the fresh scars on his neck.

“It’s done all right, rightly done, they be done all right.”

Kinross suppressed a sigh. He didn't like dealing with lunatics, if only for their quirky syntax. Nonetheless, Geddy had cleaned up Kable’s mess nicely. News was already reaching SNS that the Deathwatch had blown themselves up laying explosives on the Gamma maglev. At least the more volatile parts of Kable’s retrieval team were no longer causing any trouble. Kinross only wished he had known what the mad scientist had been up to earlier. It might have saved him some trouble with his own mission. The last thing he had wanted was for these madmen of the Deathwatch to muck up his Kolson team trying to retrieve the NNets. Chances were that they somehow had.

“Well, now that that’s done, I need you to complete the mission they had set out on before they decided to wage their own little war against Von Breslau. A client of mine has lost some data; it was on the train that was bombed a few days ago.”

Geddy’s holographic face flickered in the projector as he began to shake his head. “I liked a-killing them boys, they died real pretty with a song in their hearts, but you ain’t filled my dance card just yet, pretty man. I need what’s owed to me before I let you give me another twirl.”

“Well, my good fellow, as luck would have it my operatives in Khayr-ad Din seem to think the people you are looking for have what I’m looking for.“

“Great Prophet be praised, ‘tis his providence at work,” Geddy exclaimed with a violent clap of his hands. The projection transmitted across the Badlands glimmered as tears rolled down Geddy’s face as though he were in the throes of religious ecstasy. Kinross once again questioned his judgement in using a lunatic, but he rejoiced in the fact that he was working for free and immensely disposable.

“Well, I’m not one to doubt another man’s faith,” Kinross ventured “I have an operative in town there that should be able to help. I’ll reach out to him and get him to get you some firmer details. I’ll be in touch.”

Kinross slapped the projector closed before Geddy made another outburst. He released a sigh. He was going to have to figure out how to get as much credit as he deserved for fixing Kable’s mess without revealing his own lack of success to Katrina. Patience was required. Patience and some good fortune. He didn’t share Geddy’s faith; his personal beliefs lay more in chance and, lucky for him, he still had some cards up his sleeves. He punched up another contact on his trideo projector and waited for the contact to resolve itself into a face. It only took a moment for the red headed face to materialize.

“I’m just letting you know the item you want will be ready in a few days. Is everything going to plan on your side?”

“’Tis, I’ll be roping him tonight at his fancy fundraiser.”

“Good. I have another deal to discuss with you. I’m looking for something that went missing in your town and I said to myself if anyone can find it, it would be you.”

“I appreciate the vote of confidence, Mr. Kinross, so I do, but it isn’t precisely my town just yet and my resources are still quite humble.”

Kinross knew this was true, but he also didn’t care. Kable’s people were unreliable fanatics that needed to be put down, Geddy was a mass murdering lunatic, and his own team of Kolsons had their hands full looking for the damned NNets. He needed someone he could rely on and although the information broker he was speaking to wasn’t loyal, he was coercible.

“Jimmy my boy, that isn’t the can-do attitude I’ve come to expect from you. Your father would be so disappointed. You don’t want to disappoint your dear old Da’, now do you?”

Jimmy’s face changed to match the colour of his hair, but his lips twisted themselves into a passable imitation of a smile. “Well, I may have spoken too hastily. Give me something to go on and I’ll see what I can do.”

Kinross smiled a satisfied, predatory smile. “I’m looking for a package that goes by the name Borodin. Tell me what you find in 72 hours.”

Jimmy nodded but didn’t say another word, which was unusual for the Swancombe swindler. Kinross took it to mean he still respected the threat that loomed over him. Kinross ended the transmission and allowed himself to hope that luck might be on his side after all.

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