Friday, May 10, 2013


Spin and spin and spin again! So many plot twists and red herrings in last night's session it's a wonder we have any idea what's going on at all. Or maybe we don't. Maybe it's just better that way.

[We have left Doc Chambers' fancy fundraiser to go to the Lucky Shot Casino, where Karin Hassan may or may not be in mortal danger.]
Joe: "Can I use my drone to surveil the area?"
Georges the GM: "Which drone? The one at the bottom of the air shaft waiting to deploy into the ballroom?"
Joe: "..."
Brock: "Whose drone?"
Joe: "..."

[The TNTR tower isn't far from the Lucky Shot, just a short walk through a plaza that normally is full of skateboarders but tonight is conspicuously empty.]
Brock: "In other cities, skateboarders only need to worry about a fine. Here you can be thrown into the Gallows Pool."
Julie: "I don't know if riding skateboards merits the Gallows Pool."
Brock: "It depends on how much you dislike skateboarders."

[It's a short walk... usually. If you don't have encumbrances.]
Julie: "I'm carrying my heels."
Brock: "You need shoes with a secondary movement system."
Julie: "...I really do."

[About three-quarters of the way to the Lucky Shot, we encounter a security checkpoint.]
Georges the GM: "It doesn't slow you down for long. You remind them that their job is to prevent people from entering the zone you're leaving."

[The following scene may be a problem if the explosive columns in the Lucky Shot's storage areas are actually about to blow up.]
Georges the GM: "The Lucky Shot is quite busy."
Joe: "With what?"
Georges the GM: "The pre-party to the after-party."

[As we're waiting for the Lucky Shot's security to clear us to bear arms, we encounter Ennik.]
Lukas: "You haven't seen any large decorative columns, have you?"
Ennik: "Run that by me again?"
Lukas: "Columns. Large, decorative, made of high explosives?"
Ennik: "...Can't say that I have."

[Sadly, because we were all at the fancy fundraiser, we are not kitted up to deal with hostile CEF forces.]
Lukas: "Where's the backup armory?"
Ellen Cranby: "There isn't one."
Lukas: "If there's one thing I know about your boss, it's that there's more guns somewhere."

[We bring in backup in the form of Tessa Lin and her Ferret Gear.]
Mads: "You're bringing a Gear to a gunfight?"
Lukas: "Yes. That's how you win infantry battles."

[We find Karin Hassan unconscious in front of the decorative columns, with a new necklace strapped around her neck, which may or may not be preventing the columns from going boom. Ennik attempts to remove it without triggering anything.]
Lyta: "Do you need help, or is this a one-man job?"
Ennik: "You could stick around and wipe the sweat from my brow."
Lyta: "Why don't I just wrap a cloth around your head?"
Ennik: "So much less dramatic."

[Ennik works on the necklace for a while.]
Ennik: "I think I've got it deactivated."
Lyta: "You think? How sure are you?"
Ennik: "..."
Lyta: "That doesn't sound sure."

[We manage to get the necklace off Karin and wake her up. She's clearly concussed.]
Karin Hassan: (groggily) "What's going on?"
Torgath: "The champagne bottles are explosive and are probably gonna go off in the middle of the toast."
Lyta: *slaps him upside the head*

[Next step: try to figure out how to move the columns that may also be made out of high explosives.]
Lyta: "Fun times all around. Let's try not getting blown up."
Ennik: "I say that to myself every morning."

[Lyta and Ennik find a hatch into the large, decorative columns.]
Ennik: "Let's pop it open and see what's inside."
Lyta: "Okay."
Ennik: "You ready for this?"
Lyta: "No."
Ennik: "Right answer."

[Meanwhile, Lukas and Mads have been working on cracking into the security station, which is locked from the inside.]
Lukas: "Okay, so the lights were off, it was locked from the inside, and everyone working inside was gassed. Mads, solve this problem for me."

[Mads realizes that one of the viruses he made for Jimmy has been used on the security systems, erasing certain information and then removing all traces of itself. Sadly, Mads did not build a back-door into the virus.]
Georges the GM: "You did not roll as high as you did when you wrote it. You are unable to undo your own work."

[It turns out the decorative columns were not full of explosives, but rather the six remaining CEF agents, shot in the back of the head, with their eye teeth removed.]
Bill Pearce: "Anything else you want to share?"
Lukas: "Yes. The CEF guys are somehow involved with a crazy serial killer."
Bill Pearce: "Well, this just took a turn for the... unlikely."

[So, the columns are not explosive. The champagne is. Now to find the champagne.]
Lukas: "There are 60 explosive cases missing. They were sent to the TNTR tower and they aren't there now."
Ennik: "That's not good."
Lukas: "No."

[We contemplate where 600 liters of explosive-masquerading-as-champagne might have gone.]
Lukas: "How much does a Warrior III's fuel tank hold?"
Ennik: "Six hundred liters."
Lukas: "That's not good."
Ennik: "...No."

[The good news is the Warrior III's fuel tank does not contain the explosive. The bad news is that the explosives were stolen by Geddy, the crazy serial killer from the CEF diamond mine, and he's on his way to Hotel Bravo. We catch a hopper with Bill Pearce.]
Lyta: "Why are we headed toward the explosives?"
Lukas: "Because it's your fault Geddy's alive."
Lyta: "He won't be, the next time I see him."

[Lyta prepares for her next meeting with Geddy.]
Lukas: "Remember, if you see Geddy, shoot first."
Lyta: "I'm better with my fists."
Lukas: "Torgath, shoot Geddy before Lyta has a chance to engage with him."

[We fly towards Hotel Bravo. We see a white plume of smoke emerging from it. Bill gets a cell phone call.]
Julie: "What's Bill saying into his phone?"
Georges the GM: "Mostly he's just listening."
Julie: "With an expression that says 'this is bad'?"
Georges the GM: "Yup."

[Ever get the feeling you're forgetting something?]
Ennik: (on phone) "Where'd everyone go?"
Lukas: "We're at Hotel Bravo."
Ennik: "And no one told me?! Was it a beer run?"

[If the virus Mads wrote for Jimmy was in the Lucky Shot's computer system, the second virus he wrote -- to completely destroy a computer system -- may be working its way right now through the Nexus, Doc Chambers' information hub.]
Lukas: "Do we give Jimmy up?"
Lyta: "What's Jimmy been doing?"
Lukas: "He may be responsible for this whole thing."
Lyta: "I thought Geddy was responsible for the whole thing."
Lukas: "He's involved."
Georges the GM: "I love how Geddy's 'involved' but Jimmy's responsible."

[We inform Bill about the potential virus.]
Georges the GM: "The more information you reveal to Bill, the worse it looks for you."

[Bill is not happy with our newly-revealed information.]
Georges the GM: "You're all zip-tied and taken to the north quarter."
Ariel: "How many times are we gonna be taken prisoner in this place?!"
Georges the GM: "How many times are you gonna cross them?"

[No one's quite happy with this turn of events.]
Georges the GM: "I was really hoping to end tonight with downtime, but yet again you're being detained."
Brock: "By our ostensible allies."

[Eventually, we finish the scene and get to downtime. We review the situation.]
Julie: "Weirdly, it really isn't all about us. We just happen to keep finding out important information."
Brock: "And happen to know everyone involved."

So that's it for this week. Next week, it's finally the next day! And we're on the hit list again, by far more people than I care to think about! Yay!

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