Friday, March 30, 2012


The end of an era, or at least of a mission! Last night's session saw Our Heroes (tm) fight the Kolsons, fight a northern detail squad, and ultimately fight Mr. Bradwick, all while racing across (and occasionally under) a still-moving train, only to make a final daring escape by jumping off said moving train in newly-stolen Gears. Sounds like some thrilling heroics to me!

[A waiter comes to the PCs' room to deliver room service. Sadly, the room service in question turned out to be a flash/strobe bomb.]
Brock: "I have to say, that is not what I was expecting."

[The flash bomb stunned Lukas for a few rounds, while Lyta and Torgath were fine.]
Julie: "I think the waiter expected the flash-thing to be more effective."
Georges the GM: "I think he did."

[From the department of things you hear far too often from your fellow players...]
Brock: "Okay, I'm gonna do something completely reckless."

[Lyta and Lukas chase the supposed waiter through the cars of the train. He is slowed by a few people who are milling about in the hallways.]
Ariel: "They shouldn't be out in the halls."
Julie: "Technically, neither should we."

[Following the supposed waiter into his room, we come face-to-face with the guy Lyta knows is the leader of our Kolson tail and some of his team. Lukas takes out two of them with poisoned darts, Lyta takes out the last by hitting her very hard with her quarterstaff.]
Georges the GM: "It'll take about 45 minutes for the effect of the darts to wear off."
Julie: "One of them isn't knocked out with darts. One of them is knocked out with blunt-force trauma!"

[We wake up the woman, Carole Trebor, in order to question her. Lukas starts by setting some ground rules.]
Lukas: "If you scream, I'm gonna cut off your head. You can keep screaming while I do it."

[Carole Trebor explains that there's a 20,000-mark bounty for Lukas and Ennik, and 10,000 each for Lyta and Torgath.]
Lukas: "That's completely unfair! Ennik did all the hitting!"

[It's awfully convenient that our Kolson tails are on the same train as the guy that we ourselves are tailing.]
Torgath: "Do we think the Kolsons had anything to do with Bradwick?"
Lukas: "Generally I don't believe in coincidences, but..."

[Tatsugoro, our new friend, seems to know more than he's letting on. As Lyta and Lukas begin the slow trek across the train-car roofs, Torgath sits down to tea with Tatsugoro.]
Lukas: "Get what you can out of him. Play dumb."
Torgath: "That won't be a problem."

[Torgath, both excited and nervous, is his usual sterling self.]
Tatsugoro: "You are not the one who does the talking in the group."
Torgath: "...No."

[Tatsugoro now understands Torgath's role in the group is not to be the face man.]
Tatsugoro: "If I keep talking to you, you will continue to play the distracting idiot person?"
Torgath: "Um..."
Tatsugoro: "Yes. Very good."

[Torgath joins his siblings at the beginning of the freight cars.]
Brock: "We send Torgath in advance."
Julie: "You sure that's a good idea?"
Brock: "He's the most expendable."

[Moving towards the back of the train, we encounter a northern detail squad. Three of them advance on our position, one of them sets up a sniping position from the roof of a car further back.]
Ariel: "I miss my rifle."
Julie: "You've got your SMG. It's better than nothing."
Brock: "Actually, in these circumstances, it's exactly equivalent to nothing."

[Lukas comes up with the idea of using a smoke grenade to hide our progress, or at least distract our enemy. Sadly, smoke grenades weren't exactly designed for 80-kmph winds. Not much useful happens.]
Brock: "I throw it angrily in their direction."
Georges the GM: "That dream goes up in smoke."

[Discovering that we can't advance along the sides or tops of the cars without incurring heavy fire from the sniper, Lukas comes up with a grand plan.]
Georges the GM: (to Julie, incredulously) "So, you're crawling under the moving train?"

[Lyta's crawl under the train encounters a few near-misses, while Lukas and Todd distract the enemy above by engaging in gunfights.]
Julie: "I'm not dead yet, you're not dead yet... so far, so good."

[One of the detail squad members advances on Torgath and wounds him. Thankfully, he is no longer facing Lukas.]
Brock: "I shoot him in the back."
Georges the GM: "Like the coward you are."
Brock: "It's the safest way."

[The detail squad guy succeeds in throwing Torgath off the still-moving train. Ariel rolls moderately poorly.]
Georges the GM: "You managed to hold onto the railing."
Ariel: "Because you like my character?"
Georges the GM: "Yes."

[Lyta freezes up a few times while continuing to crawl under the moving train. Lukas gives her a surprisingly effective pep talk.]
Georges the GM: "That was a very motivational bit of demeaning he just did."

[Torgath is still clinging onto the railing for dear life.]
Georges the GM: "Roll your 'not fall off the train.'"

[Lyta finally makes it back behind the sniper and shoots him with a full burst from her SMG. His riddled with bullets.]
Georges: "Death by a thousand cuts."
Julie: "A thousand bullets, rather."

[There is a single detail squad guy left, the others having been taken out by the PCs.]
Georges the GM: "He's so screwed. What can he possibly do?"
Julie: "He can die."

[Having taken out the detail squad and put an uncooperative Bradwick into custody, we contemplate our next move. High on the list is stealing some Gears we saw further up the train. The problem: there are 9 Gears, and only 3 of us. Lukas offers the other 6 to Tatsugoro.]
Tatsugoro: "I am thinking perhaps these are not your Hunters to give."
Lukas: "That depends on your perspective."

[Meanwhile, we send Torgath to parley with Calvin Trebor, leader of the Kolson team, to let him know we're releasing his guys and there aren't any hard feelings.]
Calvin: "So what's the catch?"
Ariel: (to Brock) "...What was the catch?"

[We're going to steal three Gears, but we also need to ensure that Bradwick remains in our custody. There's only one way to do this.]
Lyta: "We're going to put Bradwick in a cargo net?"
Lukas: "Yeah. And we'll try not to land on him. And by we, I mean you."

And that's it for this week! Next week, Our Heroes (tm) lick their wounds and do some investigating... and try not to get killed. See you then!

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